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A better idea of what a few of the debug room options do:

-Oddly, the English (key) and (no key) options appear to have been mixed up.

No equivalent in the English files:

-Does anyone know if a -> Did not receive "(item name)". <- line is ever seen in the game?

What shall we call Aeris in the FFVII voice-over project?
(thanks to Tsetra for many of the arguments)


-The original game had Aeris

-We're not remaking the game, just adding voices

-エアリス (earisu) is her Japanese name, you can't write "th" in Japanese

-セフィロス (sefirosu) is Sephiroth's Japanese name, could be named after the Sephirot, Sephiroth, Sefiroth (singular: Sephirah,  Sefirah) of the Kabbalah. Could "Sephiroth" have been rendered incorrectly as well?

-Though some say Aeris is a mistranslation, Square surely saw the finished translation before it reached America and knew what their characters were named

-If Square was aiming for "Earth," why didn't they just call her Earth?

-Aeris can be said to roll off the tongue nicely, while Aerith might sound like one has a lisp...


-It's official

-According to Square, her name supposed to convey "Earth," thus "th" makes it closer to the spelling

-All Final Fantasy VII spin-offs credit her as Aerith


Vote and add arguments, please. I choose Aeris...

How easy/difficult would this be? The Japanese and English versions would be necessary for organizing and editing the script for the voice-over project. Would anyone be willing to do this? Or do they already exist?

General discussion / Does Qhimm have an IRC channel?
« on: 2008-05-28 18:34:10 »
Sorry if I've overlooked it, but I haven't heard of one.


Possibly already posted on this forum, but now compiled into one article. Videos and commentary courtesy of VanishedOne, some translations by GlitterBerri.

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