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FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (1.9)
« on: 2014-11-15 23:58:25 »
The link on first page works :)

Hmm I get the following.

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer - Ochu (1.9)
« on: 2014-11-15 17:53:01 »
Is there an updated link for this?

FF7 Tools / Re: Otyugh 1.3 (FF7 Trainer)
« on: 2013-08-05 21:18:05 »
Can this not edit the AP awarded after battle? I cannot seem to find that however a few posts up list it...

Very nice viral marketing. :-)

Fishing for referral points = very bad, though. :-(

EDIT: Also, if the puzzles are such that their solutions are possible to post in a forum, I would advice you against posting them. Make no mistake, person fishing for referral points and known for cybersquatting will have no qualms using solutions provided by you.

I'm surprised to see you trying to win stuff from MS, considering that you almost ended in a court with them. Apparently this has not made their stuff any less desirable. :P

Ah Jari.... the man/women who threw a temper tantrum to have all their posts removed from a forum... strange that you still come here.. Jari, Sad Jari, Monkey on my Back Jari, or whatever else your name is here or elsewhere.

Let's address a couple of things here. 1) Cybersquatting -

I had a website name that wasn't a trademark, I never tried to market in any way, I never tried to profit from it in any way (with the exception of Adsense, but I would hardly call earning less then the hosting fee profit), I never tried to produce anything that in anyway connected it with Microsoft. If you'd like to verify this I can give you MS's Lawyers numbers, as this is all agreed to by them. So how about you shut the hell up on it. Since if both myself and MS agree to that and in fact it's true it hardly matters what some disgruntled guy who like to argue on the internet thinks.

I actually didn't know who was running the contest as when I posted it I had hardly explored the site, let alone "won" any challenges. As for fishing for referrals, it also full permits that, and guess what you're also free to not do it. I said feel free, I thought it was implied that you could also feel free not to. At least here in Canada we have the freedom to "not do something" even when it's not explicitly spelled out. Maybe where you live it's different... wait do I hear the Gestapo knocking on your door?

Why on earth would I care who I could win something from. Gee Microsoft I had a disagreement with you a while back, I can't possibly accept this free trip on a sub-orbital plane. How about you just give it that retarded guy on Qhimm's forums.

As for forum solutions, well from the few I have tried and from the one I have beat I don't think many of them could be posted, but yes I'm sure most people would use the solutions that are posted. Notice I didn't ask for any, nor did I even imply people should post them. But wait.... how did you come up with that since I didn't implicitly say it? Didn't we establish you aren't allowed to think for yourself regarding the referral thing? How come you start now?
As for the viral marketing... I had to look up on wikipedia what that was -
Well Call it what you will. I found it to have challenging puzzles and you can win, but by all means ignore the link if you want to. It's not any skin off my back.

For crying out loud, I forgot how immature and petty you were Jari. I stumbled across this site again just the other day and already I remember why I left... you. Did you get picked on as a kid? Do you still? Here's an idea get off the freaking computer, have a shower and put some nice clothes on. Then go out and try to have "fun" interacting with real people in real life.

Completely unrelated / Logic Games - Win a Trip to Space
« on: 2007-01-09 19:42:59 »
Some of these are crazy hard...

I saw this site on the news.

Good Luck!

If you decide to sign up feel free to use my email as referal: oglsmmATgmailDOTcom.  :-D

Completely unrelated / Re: Do you read?
« on: 2007-01-08 02:06:19 »

I doubt any of you remember me however I've been away for quite a long time now... anyhow to the subject at hand:

I have recently read:

Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion

It's an interesting read, however I found it quite dry, and that given the subject it could have been a bit more engaging to the reader.

Completely unrelated / Corrupt-A-Wish
« on: 2006-03-19 02:39:43 »
Quote from: Midgar

I want to kill US President Bush (not former) without anyone knowing, and crush the Puritan hold on the US.

Granted, however d*ck Cheney automatically becomes president next, and starts shooting the rest of the US population.

I wish for A bottomless Mug of Sleeman's Cream Ale and to not get alcohol poisoning from it.

Archive / lines across the screen
« on: 2005-01-27 20:01:26 »
If its ATI try turning off Anti-Alasing in the drivers options. That worked for me.

If you don't know what you card is, I suggest you find out as it's very hard to help you troubleshoot it, when we don't know what we are dealing with.

And also just so you know, I have personally never ever had the Windows XP compatibility mode work for me on anything. I'm not saying it doesn't work, but if it does it's not that reliable, nor was it meant to be.

It also helps (at least it helps me) if you at least try to write in proper english. It's very hard to read your writing as it is.

General discussion / FF8 Bug/Crash?
« on: 2004-12-29 17:23:51 »
Also to fix your ugly lines in hardware mode try turning off AA and AF in your driver properties.

I just installed it and I got rid of it by disableing AA. But then again I am using a Radeon card.

Thats all I can suggest, AF works freat, but the Gridlines show up as soon as AA is enabled. I figure I didn't play it with AA the first time around, no need to this time.

General discussion / I need to know...
« on: 2004-11-24 12:57:24 »
Quote from: James Pond
Speaking of Suprnova, I take it I would get bannification if I posted a link to the torrent of it, once it comes out, Right?

Given that Square shutdown the remake of Crono Trigger, I am sure they watch this site given the Remake Project. I doubt Qhimm wants to start waving Illegal Torrents in Squares face.

Also If people can't figure out where to get a Torrent by now, they have no business using BT. It's not like it's some secret tool anymore..... it's as prevalent as Kazaa was at it's peak.

Announcements and site development / Signatures
« on: 2004-11-03 11:09:32 »
Quote from: mirex
I think sigs are bad. They are usually abused by "LOLOLOL Ownage Look how nice pic" pictures.

Thats why I said text, and they could have the same rules as the avatars.  You don't see many people breaking the avatar rules anymore.

Announcements and site development / Signatures
« on: 2004-11-02 18:27:06 »

Just having a thought I know that you had decided not to have signatures way back here but given the number of repeat questions that come up I was thinking that if you allowed text signatures only then people could "Sticky" some of the more common complaint solutions in there signatures.

Maybe make it a bit easier to find an answer to common questions. I know there is a search but for some reason some people don't seem to know what that word means...

Just a thought I had, I know it works well in other places.


General discussion / HEY QHIMM
« on: 2004-09-21 12:36:50 »

I'm sorry I can't even follow this conversation. I think he offered to produce your programs commercially through his dad, but I'm not sure why.

Also if TTG is closed-source I don't believe that you are allowed to edit it, as that would be reverse engineering.

General discussion / Qhimm !!!
« on: 2004-09-16 16:57:40 »
Quote from: mirex
Quote from: oglsmm
Wow, demanding someone to do something isn't usually a way to get off to a good start here.

Why not ? IMHO he asked politely, and its up to Qhimm's decision ...

Well I have just personally found that rightly or wrongly this forum isn't the most forgiving of new people.

IIRC this isn't the first time some one has requested that TTG be fixed/updated.

Also he didn't give very much info either.
Does it always crash under the same circumstances? What TSR's are running? What OS? Video Drivers? etc

I was just trying to make a point that if he re-phrased slightly he might get a more helpful response from Qhimm or someone else.

General discussion / Qhimm !!!
« on: 2004-09-16 11:13:17 »
Wow, demanding someone to do something isn't usually a way to get off to a good start here.

As far as I recall Qhimm isn't developing for TTG or any of the other FF programs atm.

I would suggest that if you are really desperate you could offer him quite a large paypal donation in paypack for all his time he has already spent on the TTG program.

General discussion / Slight change of location
« on: 2004-09-06 03:14:57 »

Moving for good, or just visiting? I wish I could visit Europe... so expensive though.

Good Luck and Have fun, don't cause to many incidents in Train Stations :p

PS - Shouldn't this be in Completely unrelated.... I'm kidding... just being a jerk.

Announcements and site development / Nice banner
« on: 2004-05-21 12:18:28 »
Hmmm 2 things that are sligtly off topic....

Was there an update thread on what happened with the Bannings that I missed? And Welcome Back Jari, glad to see you didn't leave on account of a few bad apples.

And 2 Qhimm have you noticed that the post here is abnormally wide? It is becasue of the images in it. I will PM you the fix for it. (If you want.... just it is kinda annoying...)


Announcements and site development / Nice banner
« on: 2004-05-20 18:13:27 »
I like the banner ^^


General discussion / Just a little heads up....
« on: 2004-05-11 19:28:43 »

General discussion / Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia
« on: 2004-05-04 12:45:19 »
I love this game...

So much fun.

Some people play it way too much though. I know people who are up to the Lvl 75 Cap already and I am still in the high 50's.

ah well for my first mmrpg it sure is a lot of fun.
Worth every penny I think


General discussion / A new version of TTG please :'(
« on: 2004-02-01 05:51:38 »
hehe... done and done.

I came, I saw, I donated.

I must say this is one of the few sites/communities that I have visited for a few years. I'm not rich by any means, but I hope my donation helps.


General discussion / Final fantasy XI Online, Offline?
« on: 2003-12-12 12:25:51 »
Quote from: The Skillster
dont u have to first register on playonline?
then that should reject u if ur euro, or if my billing address is euro?

I don't believe so. I hear a lot of people talking about playing from europe.... Square doesn't really care where you are from... they just need the time to traslate the language.... or so I  believe.


General discussion / Final fantasy XI Online, Offline?
« on: 2003-12-11 11:59:43 »
Quote from: The Skillster
would be interesting
as i have FF11, but im based in UK, i have it from the USA, now if i want to play I have to connect to USA servers, and maybe playonline wont like me as im english, with a UK address...

Actually I know several people who connect usa a US import copy in Europe.

Also there are not true "USA Servers" the servers all based in Japan with the 1 *possible* exception of the newest server they just added.

I live in Canada and the server I'm on is in Japan and I rarely if ever seen any kind of lag.


General discussion / Final fantasy XI Online, Offline?
« on: 2003-12-10 13:09:49 »
Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a server end program for the ffxi world so that people could connect to your machine for free instead of paying to connect to squares.

I know that the # of people etc would be very limited but still it would be neat.

IIRC didn't people do this with Ultima and NWN?


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