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so i just updated from 036 to 040. everything is running great but i have noticed one thing on many different cloud battle models. while running from a battle or any movement with his feet i notice his feet either disappera or the bottoms of them are transparent. anyone else have this issue.

And you still can! Just install Gjoerulz's Hardcore Mod as your standalone difficulty. I believe the 0039 release will fix it to be used with Mode Switching.
Installed normal vanilla game and it works fine cant wait for 0039 gunna go through again on hardcore

There was a talk about this when 0038 first released. It starts on page 42. Did you install Mode Switching - All Mods and try to play Hardcore Mode with Menu Overhaul?
Yes actually I take it that's the problem. I never tried hardcore til now figured it would be cool

Alright been a while since I was here last time I was on bootleg 0035 but I recently rebuilt and upgraded my computer and reinstalled this and downloaded the updated mods. Might have done something wrong cause its changed a lot but when I loaded my save in the northern cave I noticed the random encounters are messed up. I get in one fight its a behemoth king normal battle scene. Next fight is another behemoth king same scene. 3rd and 4th fights are alemange fights with wrong battle area usually the gold saucer arena. Deeper into the cave is a random fight with extreme life form hojo with the mako cannon scene which is completely whack. Final fight before I'm forced to reboot or quit game is a random encounter with bizarro sephiroth. Its this exact pattern every time too. I've reinstalled all twice with different settings anyone else getting this?

thanks for the release of 0037 been looking forward to it. now the long install process lol. 1 thing i noticed is that in the chocobo sage's house right above him there is a small white blotch that shouldnt be there. not sure if its corrected in 0037 or not but just thought i should let you know its there

just try downloading all of them i kno its a pain in the ass but if you have them all it wont ask for them

have you downloaded every file and pup all of them in the same folder as bootleg without extracting/renaming them? also if you installed remix then ran bootleg you can get this error its happened to me a few times but i did a few random tweaks i dont really remember and it worked just fine

awesome thanks

would it be possible to add an option to change certain mods out on the fly with bootleg. like say you dont really like the model you chose and want a different one without having to reinstall everything. or you want to change the soundtrack to a different remixed one just click a button and wait a few minutes to change it out. that would probly be the best feature

theyre all the same versions of the mod still right? downloading them all was a nightmare lmao

a couple of the mod links are dead or outdated now but pitbrat was nice enough to include them in with the newest bootleg so no worries just download that its only 100mb. not sure about the enhanced movies but if its missing a file i should jsut skip it altogether just make sure to let bootleg install everything on its own.

ahh ok try gettin all the mods cause i did the same thing just jumped in and started with the remix and had a few problems. just a not bootleg also installs the remix if you have it in the mods directory so if u ran bootleg after you installed the remix that might have caused problems

Hi again,

I've managed to piece together the patches and mods I'm after, which is superb! However, I'm suffering from pretty incredibles lag most of the time. What's odd is occassionally the game runs at a normal speed, such as up until Barret get's out of the train at the start of the game.

Any suggestions on where to start trying to address the issue?




Started over, fresh max install, tried to play but wouldn't load, assumingly due to the graphics fail without the official patch. Installed Remix 2.5.1, seem's fine initially except consistantly struggles whenever the Shirna guards use the "Machine Gun" attack - causes some lag. Also some lag occurs when Barret states "Ex-Solider, huh? Don't trust ya!", both before and after your confirm his name. Again, some lag whenever a guard uses Machine Gun, but the game recovers. I'm then able to get past where Barret joins your party, but the game suffers SEVERE lag around and about when you get Jesse to open the door for you.

I don't see much point trying any further on the Bootleg until I've managed to address this issue so early on. Anyone have a clue what to do?



2 things, 1 what are your system specs and 2 what is the resolution ur playing at. i learned that the game requires much more system resources after all the mods have been installed but running at a lower resolution should fix the problem


Which mods have you installed. did you go down the list and grab all of them or just a few. bootleg has a mods page under options that tells you all the required ones for the current settings you have chosen so if any are red get those too.

hopefully next release is soon im waiting to reinstall everything on this machine til then it just takes way too long lol

no problem. i installed the Milennia+mike swords option. Do you know of a way to turn down the music in game? i turn it down in the config menu but it doesnt change anything. the new musics good but i like to listen to my music while playing

alright heres the info you needed for the headless cloud tried to do a screen shot but it wouldnt work for some reason lol

INFO: Bootleg Version 2011.11.13 Version .0036
INFO: Sun 11/20/2011 21:08:02.57
INFO: Bootleg Options: /C1 /S0 /P2 /R0 /O1 /N1 /A1 /V1 /H0 /L7 /M6 /K0 /E3 /T2 /Z2 /B0 /J0 /U1 /W0 /Y0 /Q1
INFO: Brat Code: /@111000110100111000
INFO: Destination Location: "C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\"
INFO: Mod Path: "C:\Documents and Settings\Tapatos\Desktop\Games\ff7 mods\;C:\Documents and Settings\Tapatos\Downloads\;C:\Documents and Settings\Tapatos\Desktop\Games\ff7 mods\"
INFO: Temporary Files: "C:\DOCUME~1\Tapatos\LOCALS~1\Temp\Bootleg_Setup\"

sure thing i have to reinstall it on my main computer should take about an hour ill use all the settings i used. im playing it right now on my brothers laptop cause it runs better and having trouble finding that prick ultimate weapon. least i got something to do while it reinstalls

the classic one. i barely noticed it all you see is a thin black line for his head

just got the new bootleg and installed it with just a little bit of trouble but as soon as i started the game my jaw hit the floor. 1 problem one of the cloud models does not have a head in battle lol kind of scary. still great job on the new version

that sounds really good. thanks for clearing it up for me. im willing to go through the game hundreds of times to find all bugs too lol

ahh ok. i just finished going through the whole game with the current versions of all the mods installed and noticed a few broken points. 1 has to do with the fort condor battles when it gets to a certain point near the end of the battle the game crashes and says something very bad happened. the first few condor battles are fine but the later ones are the buggy ones. the second one is when you go into the sleeping mans cave to get the mithril the game crashes the same way. i uninstalled the fort condor mod and that works fine but i got no idea about the sleeping man crash. the last one is pretty funny but not really a big deal. at the part where cloud is in mideel in the hospital when you go in one of the npcs is not redone and still all blocky but the funny part is she is like 5x her normal size lol

sorry i meant to abbreviate bootleg configurator to save me time with this shitty keyboard on my phone lol. i had the same deglitching field textures problem when installing so i just unchecked the box and everything worked just fine. what exactly does deglitching field textures do anyways?

are you gunna release a beta to the new BFC? id like to see it

Ok, so I'm a little TL;DR on this, but have read enough posts (not sure where they originally are as every time I click a link it opens a new window and multiple windows can sometimes get confusing), I just want to make it clear for myself...

In order to use the Bootleg installer, it is my understanding that all of the red files form the list need to be downloaded, regardless of if they will be actually installed (depending on the switch used).  If that is the case, I have been slowly but surely downloading the files needed as I don't have a lot of time available to download.  I came across a 404 error when trying to download cr.rar.  I've stopped downloading for now because if all the red files are mandatory I don't want to be stuck if I can't get that file.  Is there another place to get that file from?  Google search was very not helpful for me.  Or is it really needed?


On page 1 it shows the mod order to do things in.  If I wanted to just have a few, would it work ok if I followed the directions in the order for any mods to install?  That way I can install the mods that I would prefer.


same thing happened with me i couldnt download cd.rar and a few other small files. if u get all the big and medium sized files u can just install those with bootleg the missing ones will be skipped. i installed it and everything worked fine. cr.rar is just a menu and credits mod not really important since there are like 5 more others out there

ive noticed a few of the links in the current bootleg are dead if there was a way you could include those files or something that would be amazing. just need approval from the authors which shouldnt take much.

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