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Ff7 in chinese language has already translated by fans.

Can you give us a link to your project ? May I include it in my topic ?

FF7 Tools / [PC98] PortableFF7
« on: 2016-01-01 20:32:45 »
this little useless thing will allow you to run the game without installation.

just throw in any folder you want with ff7.exe and a full data folder and run it! no need to worry about /data/movies folder, its optional to have :)

registry values and necessery codec for movies will added to your system when you start playing and when you finish, they will removed silently. also will reconfigure the keys and fix the numpad bug

now you are able to run the game from a usb drive, without installation

this tool requires the [Removed. Cracks are not allowed here. ~Covarr] otherwise it may have issues

happy 2016 guys!

hello! every logical people here in greece at our age are in the same situation.

to get out of any country you need time. the immediately immigration never was a good solution i think. stay where you are. get some good money amount (out of bank ofcourse) and meanwhile make a plan about a country you want to live. learn the language as good as you can and then leave from this madness who wants to called "country".

cyprus isnt a good solution. its a half part of greece. i suggest you a country out of eurozone.

just calm and MPES STO GOOGLE HANGOUT NA MOU TA PEIS! exw oreksi gia kouventa.. na mou peis an exeis kia kamia ekseliksi me to ff8 alla kirios ta provlimata sou man :mrgreen: im waiting inside

please can you give us a link from your projects?

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy III on steam
« on: 2014-05-18 20:35:45 »
for a moment i was thinking that you mean ff VI.....!

i am wondering if that version have the same graphics as the android version

FF8 Tools / Re: [0.7b] Deling - a FF8 field editor
« on: 2014-05-13 08:34:10 »
i cant find the "script editor". where it is?

now we have a greek font but i think the only way to show them ingame is to write english in if i write in deling "L", it would become "Λ" in game.

is there a way to change the table in deling? when i click "Λ" in deling, i want to show "Λ"¨but i want a hidden autoconvert to "L" (i dont know how to describe that :lol: my english iz poor)

anyone can help with that somehow?

sorry for necroposting but could anyone reupload the "mt. corel" pc demo ??


i think i successfully make a convertion from FF7 PC Japanese language (released 5/2013) into the FF7 STEAM Japanese language (unreleased)

i haven't tested yet cause i don't have steam version but i think it will works fine.

if anyone want to test it, please share with me the result!RAklADCZ!ettrsWDgQUjRAPGM8qicPGwLE3c9YSKu2j0GbuCqx40 (273mb)

since i have the offical release languages done for FF7tk translation (black chocobo) . should i make translations for the unoffical languages using  the item/location names and other in games strings need for the translation(s)?
sure :) but im not sure if all the translation projects are completed.

add a slash on the end of the url :S

EDIT: DLPB im trying to send you a pm but i can't. so i make it public ;D

hey man. i want to ask you something about japanese version.

the ff7_ja.exe is equal with the ff7_en.exe from the rerelease.

i want to create a new japanese ff7.exe (you know the old one from the 98).

since the ff7_ja.exe and the ff7_en.exe have common hex values with the old ff7.exe PLUS new values (that we don't need them), i thought that will be easy, but it isn't.

the result is a new ff7.exe who can't run.

do you interest to help with that?? i think that would be awesome if we could create a "japanese 98 version" based only on official files

japanese language was never released on steam. i have it from the standard japanese non-steam version if you want

i dont think the problem is the transparency loss  neither the missing palettes. when i was having font convertion issues in ff7 (transparency loss/missing palettes)i could start the game but the text was always white due to the missing palettes.

what i suggest: convert a new iconfl.tex to .bmp and resize it with photoshop (not with paint or other image editors cause they have different type of saving system and may compress the file and corrupt the bytes)

you can convert image to tex with a hex editor

1) flip vertical and save the image you want to convert
2) in hex editor, open the image you want to convert and the iconfl.tex
3) compare the two files and you see that they have almost the same bytes except the header
4) now you must delete the header of the bitmap and copy the header of the tex to the bitmap

i hope that helps

here are a hex-to-pixels converter for ff8 widths:

0 = 00px
1 = 01px
2 = 03px
3 = 05px
4 = 07px
5 = 09px
6 = 10px
7 = 12px
8 = 14px
9 = 15px
A = 17px
B = 19px
C = 20px
D = 22px
E = 24px
F = 25px

here are the places (in hex editor) of widths of almost every character of font:

08 = 0SPACE
09 = 21
0A = 43
0B = 65
0C = 87
0D = %9
0E = :/
0F = ?!
10 = + @
11 = - @
12 = @@
13 = @@
14 = )(
15 = . @
16 = @ ,
17 = "(I) @
18 = @ '(I)
19 = '(O) @
1A = A @
1B = CB
1C = ED
1D = GF
1E = IH
1F = KJ
20 = ML
21 = ON
22 = QP
23 = SR
24 = UT
25 = WV
26 = YX
27 = aZ
28 = cb
29 = ed
2A = gf
2B = ih
2C = kj
2D = ml
2E = on
2F = qp
30 = sr
31 = ut
32 = wv
33 = yx
34 = @z

@ means 'width for unknown character'
(I) mean IN
(O) means OUT

very usefull informations if anyone want to change widths

awesome Johnny_Doe ! great discovery! now FF8 will be translated into Russian AND Greek language (by LeonhartGR and me). THANX!!

can you please make a guide with pics?

General discussion / Re: FF8 width font ???
« on: 2013-09-02 17:57:39 »'s okay if the menu will be broken. at this moment we just need to change the width and nothing more. if any problem occurs, we will try to resolve it when it's come.

so please show me the way :)

General discussion / Re: FF8 width font ???
« on: 2013-09-02 11:47:13 »
you mean to fit the custom font characters with the default width?? aah i dont think it's easy neither a good solution.

Is it so hard to change the values of the width ?

General discussion / FF8 width font ???
« on: 2013-09-02 00:02:57 »
okay guys one more time i need your help.

me and leonhartGR decide to cooperate and translate the PC versions of FF7 and FF8 into Greek language.

so all i want is to change the damn widths of font characters. i already know that i need assembly but i'm not a programmer and i don't know this language yet

so please explain to me which of the FF8 files have the widths(menu.fs maybe?) and how i will changing them?

Info from an old topic i think it's helpful
FF8 use a table to indicate every font's width in dialog, I only found it in memory. I found the address by tracing the memory reading and writing the dialog data with SoftIce. I think you can search it in menu.fs.

the mem address is 01D2B900
every 4bits indicates a width of a font
the minimum is 00, the maximum is 0F
maybe someone can help us. Thanx in advance guys

FF7 PC has already been released with japanese text since 04/2013! you dont need to wait a steam rerelease of that

thanx a lot DLPB. my 0_ff7.exe.txt was empty and i was thinking it's normal but now i understand that's just a bad dump.

touphscript is a very useful tool

Here, in qhimm forum, the best universal forum about modding ff7/8 i just wondering how you guys not interest a lot about unofficial translating projects of ff7 :P

so here it is: a topic dedicated to all ff7 translating projects
-officials first

#Japanese - 2013
#English - 1998
#French - 1998
#Spanish - 1998
#Deutsch - 1998

-then the unofficials

#Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) - 2006 - link
#Czech - 2009 - link
#Italian - 2003 - link
#Portuguese - 2008 - link
#Portuguese - 2012 - link
#Russian - 2007 - link
#Hungarian - 2007 link
#Korean - 2011 link

so if i missed anything inform me and i will update this post.
i need to notice that almost every unofficial translating group get much help from qhimm forums in the past.

General discussion / change path for save folder??
« on: 2013-05-10 20:03:23 »
hellow! i want to change the path for save folder..

the current path is this: C:/program files/square soft, inc/final fantasy vii/save
and i want this path: C:/save

i already alter the ff7.exe but nothing happens

thanks for that krammer! now i can edit the width of chars.

now i can make a greek font. i will return if i have more questions

so..after some hours of searching in the forum:

1) i succeed to 'ungzip' the window.bin
2) answer to my question myself about the address. i must alter the memory of window.bin2. NOT with a hex editor i think.. but which program?

maybe cheat engine? but i dont know how to use it... and.. i dont want temporary results but stable

really sorry for unimportant questions... maybe someone with free time can help me

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