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Yeah that could work. I'll give it a go next time there's an update needing done.

Cool, glad I could help you narrow the problem down. :)

I have discovered an incompatibility with Menu Overhaul and your mod in one specific sequence when you encounter Sephiroth in the basement of Shinra Mansion during Cloud's flashback scene.  Menu Overhaul requires use of FF7_bc.exe or FF7_mo.exe in order to get the new high def menu's.  If you use either of those .exe files to launch your mod from 7H, when you get to Sephiroth in that scene his dialog boxes don't show up.  If you hit "A" they flash on the screen for a sec and disappear again.  This is the same whether I use the FF7_bc.exe or FF7_mo.exe you provide, or the one's generated automatically by the FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe.

The problem does not occur if I use the FF7.exe to run your mod, but that is incompatible with the menu overhaul in 7H.

The version of menu overhaul I am using in 7H is the R03E that comes prepackaged 7H from the iros://Url/http$ subscription.

Yeah I'll throw the ff7_mo.exe into the hextedit + add a file to the IRO hext for it.

Thank you very much.

I'm having an issue where the dialog boxes for Sephiroth in Shinra Mansion are not showing up when Cloud finds him in the basement.  It appears to be an incompatibility with the Reunion - Menu Overhaul and Beacause that comes prepackaged with 7H.  If I turn "Because" on, I don't get the issue, but then I don't get the dialog from NT either.  I like your dialog better than Beacause.

I feel like it's because in Reunion, using Menu Overhaul by itself is supposed to use the FF7_mo.exe, and the FF7_bc.exe is causing the issue when Beacause is off.  Could you include an FF7_mo.exe to be compatible with NT and MO?


I absolutely love this mod.  It is amazing when coupled with the Remako mod by CptRobau (and Menu Overhaul.)  Remako has all the field background in very high definition.  Both of your two mods together are a total game changer.  Check out remako:

I will never play FFVII again without both Avalanche Arisen and Remako in my mods.

I noticed in your description you were focusing on field backgrounds because the battle backgrounds are low res.  That's a very good thing, because the battle backgrounds have already been recreated by hand in high res with much love and attention by Uprisen in the Avalance Arisen mod. 

Check it out.  It is sooooo good when coupled with your mod, and the menu overhaul:

Hi I noticed some artifacts in Don Corneo's bedroom.  Faint rectangular seems running from the left side of the screen and down over his bed.  Not very noticeable, but they are there.  Sorry I can't figure out how to attach my screenshot on this forum :/

Thanks for the fast fix!  Works great.  I have the ChaOS Cloud IRO from 1.66 at the top of my load order with the newest Chaos IRO just under it and I have dynamic weapons, HQ weapons, prepare for battle, and no shadows all working perfectly.  The new bike music is really cool as well.  Thanks again!

I love your mod.  The new version has some really awesome new ideas.  Removing those ugly shadows and having Cloud prepare for battle are awesome.

Unfortunately, I still prefer your previous version 1.66 simply for the reason it allows for the HQ weapons.  I think those are the best, not that I do not like your weapons.  In fact, the only real thing I feel missing is not the weapons themselves, but that Dynamic HQ weapons allows Cloud to wear whatever weapon he wields.  If you could add that back into your new version, weather with your weapons or HQ weapons, it would be awesome.  Having Cloud prepare for battle holding the weapon he is wielding adds a lot of immersion, even more than preparing for battle in my opinion, but combining those two would be the best.  I want to prepare for battle with the weapon I'm fighting with.

Great mod all around despite my one request, and I wish all the best to you!

Edit:  I actually solved the problem of the dynamic HD weapons by using your ChaOS Cloud IRO from 1.66 just before your newest version in my load order.  Now I can have the newer models, no shadows, and the hq dynamic weapons.  Unfortunately, the prepare for battle models still don't work with the hq weapons so cloud always carries his sword even when hanging out at the inn.  Awesome mods, once again.

I love your New Threat mod so much.  I would really love to upgrade to version 1.5, but I use menu overhaul, and the ff7_mo.exe does not have some of the custom changes that you made to ff7.exe for this version.  Therefore, I have to have crappy menus to use your most recent version or go back to 1.4 with ff7_mo (which I have done.)

Is there any chance you could tweak ff7_mo.exe to be compatible with this newest version of 1.5 and include it in your download like you have with ff7 and ff7_en?


This is really awesome work.  It really should be included in the iros that come with Tifa's 7th Heaven.  I hope you complete your goal of making FFVII high res.  All you really need are the field textures now, in my opinion.  There is already good work done on the world, menus, magic, and such.  Hope you keep at it!  I will be using your mod, that's for sure!   :lol:

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