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I had already tried it did not change anything

I know for a fact that having hash1map will cause many collisions and be a huge problem (causing many of the same issues in the screenshots above -- especially because it contains all of the old hashcodes that have either been replaced or are the same as existing ones (which will cause problems))... also, you only get hash1map by having an outdated version of tonberry.  are you sure you've updated to tonberry 2.04?

me my files are placed in the right place and the problem is present
Can I see a screenshot of your /tonberry folder and your /tonberry/hashmaps folder, ff7maniac?


I installed the English SeedRebon 3.5 and then I deleted the hasmap file and installed the Italian hasmap with its textures. Until then, no problem, I installed the horizonpack and everything was still fine and then I installed the angelwing.

You have collisions.csv and hash2map.csv in the wrong location. they should NOT be in /tonberry/hashmap, and ONLY be in /tonberry/ -- this should fix your issues!

I must be doing something wrong...

I can't find any way to complete this step

"3. Open your Proper Language "FF8_GDSTConfig_" folder"

There is no FF8 folder in GeDoSaTo!

You have to download the config files from the main post!  Once you've installed GeDoSaTo, download my files, put them in C:/GeDoSaTo/config/ and you should be able to run the game.

This is my first post on the forum so first of all i wanted to say Hello to this great community!
I m writting in connection with "Lunatic Pandora Mods Pack" mod. I found at google:  and decided to buy this mod, especially because 25% of money goes to charity!
So I have purchased the mod and i recieved link to download the software. However, i got only 3 attemps to download the mod within 48h and, unfortunetley, i miss all attemps.

Please help :(
Mcindus is a very respected member of this forum. I am sure if you purchased it as you said he will be more than willing to get this sorted out.

Hey there!  I've emailed you and reinstated your link; and if you continue to have problems, I'll make sure I get the mod to you any way I can! :)

Thanks for the amazing vote of confidence, sl1982 - you're awesome :)

Hey silver, I want this question answered too.  If there's a way to move them around with some hexedit alterations, that would be ideal.  otherwise, there's a way to make it happen and still use the vanilla textures of the game but use tonberry to inject a different button order
let me know if you need this 'last resort'

Also, shunsq is awesome and uber busy.  Give him some time :)  He's our slothy genius.

Alright, so I'll add the following to the to-do list:

- Reduce the Haste speed multiplier from x2 to x1.5, also to be more in line with other entries in the series (like IX). I already feared that Auto-Haste might break the late-game to be honest.

- Reduce the Angel Wing damage multiplier to 3, or making it so that Rinoa's casts aren't limited to what she has in inventory.

- Removing Triple.. Not sure about it. Getting the spell is already more difficult than in vanilla (can't draw it from Cerberus or Odin). I guess I would prefer making it even harder to get, similarly to Aura, instead of removing it altogether.

- General adjustments to castle bosses, like giving Krysta some more HP. I think it's ok to let the final bosses have elemental weaknesses, as they have tons of HP. Auto-Haste and Meteor-spam is the bigger problem here I believe.

Trauma's Mega Pulse Cannon is rough and will likely lead to death, that's true, but that was intended and can be avoided by not killing both of the Dromas. The optimal strategy for this fight is: Killing off one Droma, outdamage Trauma's Auto-Heal until he begins draining HP from the remaining Droma (which means his HP is at 0), killing off the second Droma and then quickly give Trauma the rest before Mega Pulse Cannon gets off.

Anyway, congratulations and thank you for playing the mod until the end. Your feedback has been really helpful to make improvements for sure.

Is there any way to possibly nerf triple by only allowing it to be used once in battle, and then break?  This way you keep it for special healing or uber damage moments

Graphical Modding / Re: Carbuncle looks weird...
« on: 2018-10-07 01:54:58 »
But I do have Tonberry 2.04 installed...

What mods do you have installed?  Do you have the right hashmap for projecteden?  check the second post of the tonberry 2.04 thread and match your hashmaps against those.  also, make sure you don't have duplicate hashmaps.  i think this error might appear on carbuncle if you have lunar cry, but not project hellfire.  also, make sure that hash2map and collisions are in /tonberry and NOT in tonberry/hashmaps

I have a little problems with this mod, SquareSoft logo is cut and Exit font is disappear (Italian version)
PS: I installed the following mod for now: TonberryEnhanced2.04 + SeeDReborn v3.5 (and SeeDReborn v3.5_Italian), HorizonPack v3.0.

This sounds like an error with your hashmaps.  make sure you only have one seed reborn hashmap.  not both.  also, make sure you have hash2map.csv and collisions.csv in your main /tonberry folder, and not your /hashmaps folder

is there anyone that can fix this mod please

Zara, you need to realize that this modder put more work into that you ever will playing it.  Relax, he owes you nothing, and by asking for someone else other than the modder to finish this mod, you're being extremely rude to the creator.  learn some patience.

Ok, so....

This is from another post, but it's relevant:
There are some issues with texture count.
To exchange game models follow this tutorial:
See reply#72 by myself.

Shunsq - is there a way for me to import my own model as long as i use the same bones, etc. as the field file?  Instead of using the high poly model, what if we exported the low poly, I turned it into my own high poly model (using the same UV's, animations and bones so the texture problem doesn't exist) In theory, this would work, but I don't know about the poly count, etc...  Right now, i have a 13k poly squall that I made from the original battle model.  I need to rip the low poly .mch file and then modify it.

Graphical Modding / Re: Carbuncle looks weird...
« on: 2018-09-27 01:59:32 »
Ok, issue looks like you might have the old version of Tonberry.

Make sure you delete your /tonberry folder (backup your hashmaps folder, but get rid of hash2map and collisions along with everything else)

Then download 2.04 and put your hashmaps back in the folder.  This version of tonberry will come with NEW hash2map and collisions files -- no need to move anything around.

This should fix your project eden problem as well as your carbuncle issue.  i'm working on fixing the weird darkness that happens to the ground, but not sure 100 % how I'm going to go about doing that just yet.


I've been trying to do this for quite some time now... and i've been successful with Tonberry, which has a similar effect to this... I wonder... if you were to modify these tex files, would Tonberry then populate different hash codes? and if so, would these work better than the existing ones for my current magic mod? (hashcode collision issue like the blinking eyes)

I wish there was a way to tell the game that when it gets a textures with a color of 0,0,8 in the background, that it needs to convert that last 8 to alpha OR just to "0" black.  this is how the psx version works... so in theory, you could use cheatengine to look at what happens when a spell is cast on PSX vs. when it's cast on PC and see if you can find the RGB information in the HEX -- then we could use hexedit to make the proper modifications.

I have only had about 30m to look at this, but here is a starting point:

Code: [Select]
AF3DN.P+3DC78 | BYTE | HiSpeed
AF3DN.P+3DC79 | BYTE | Assist <- This is what you are interested in
AF3DN.P+3DC80 | BYTE | 9999

References (AF3DN.P):
Address  | Disassembly                 
569EC460 | cmp byte ptr ds:[56A1DC79],0
569EC857 | xor byte ptr ds:[56A1DC79],1 <- This toggles off/on
569ECA86 | cmp byte ptr ds:[56A1DC79],0

Unless someone gets to it before me, I will follow up when I get more time. To be clear, this does nothing. I still need to determine how it interacts with ATB, HP, and Limit Break.

Is there any way to turn the HiSpeed into a framelocked hi-speed?  For example, locking the game to 30fps?  right now it bounces back and forth between 15 (battles), 30 (overworld maps/fields), and 60 (menus)

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2018-09-15 06:50:13 »
I've been having fun....

This last image shows outer shell in Green and interior in Blue.

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2018-09-15 02:15:41 »
World of Final Fantasy has fully modelled Balamb hall (with some 'artistic' addons):

extremely good for reference purpouses and floor texture

Vista is also there:

Textured in UE4 if I didn't mess up some materials (the model has changed text [translated english to rubbish made-up language] and logo is different):

HOLY CARP.  Can you get these files to me???  I was working on remodeling Balamb Garden, and it looks like the pieces I was about to create are already here for the taking!
I'm putting placeholder assets in UE4 so that I can create the new Balamb continent - with Fire Cavern and all.  Will prob have to instance the fire cavern, but we'll see.  might just be able to create a nice curvy entrance so the world gets occluded when you're in the cavern.

will you have a french version 3.5?

Yes!  French, German, and Spanish!  There will also be some new title screen and 'skin' options!  I can only do so much (there's only one of me) but I'm working very hard!

news of the french version?

Working on it right now.  Should be ready by next week.  Maybe sooner.

General discussion / Re: FF8 Noob Question - Stock Magic
« on: 2018-09-10 06:37:46 »
Hello All,

Just started playing FF8 for the first time on PC. I noticed all of a sudden that my magic stock does not decrease when used in battle. Is this a bug or intended? Note that I am using the Master Tonberry mod list.

Just go to FINAL FANTASY VIII/HL_Files/DLL_in/ and remove Magic.dll if you don't want that mod.

^ Would be awesome to have this in-game when using the mod. Nice ;D

Here you go!  Just install Tonberry and SeeDReborn and then put this in /FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/ - just copy/merge/replace the files it prompts you about.

If you don't want ALL of SeeDReborn and just want the title screen, you will need to place the SeeDReborn_hm.csv hashmap in "/FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/hashmap/" but DO NOT copy over the textures from that mod!!  Simply move the 'sy' folder from this file to /textures/ as mentioned above.

Ragnarok Title Screen


This version is now fully compatible with Shunsq's FF8 Button mod!!!

This version should also have ALL OF THE FIXES REQUESTED OVER THE YEARS!!!
Hope this isn't a disaster!

Check the main post!

I don't get it, we have to download separate Xbox buttons but no PSX buttons? Do we have to use your buttons from the other thread, Mcindus?

SeedReborn works 'out-of-the-box' with the original PSX buttons.  All you have to do is install Tonberry and SeeDReborn and Shunsq's mod will direct to the better textures.  The files I provided are only for Xbox controllers, considering there is no xbox option in his mod.  I will be providing PSX, PS3 (SpcServer), PS4 (DS4), SNES, and these Xbox buttons with my main conroller mod in it's next release.

Hey mate, thanks a lot for this!
BTW, is there a way to switch the Circle button with the Triangle? In the EN version (at least in mine), Triangle cancels and Circle opens the Menu, but I prefer the traditional FF buttons layout.

Thanks in advance!

If there is no way for Shunsq to do it, we can always just change the icon order in the texture file if you're using SeeDReborn alongside this mod.

Very nice Mcindus!
I'll modify the first post once i understand how works RaW. I'll also cross link to your seedreborn topic.

Woohoo!  Thank you.  I will also be cross-linking your mod with my controller mods and with SeeDReborn.  I want more people to be using this fantastic mod!



See THIS post for the title screen release for Ragnarok (for use with Tonberry and SeeDReborn)

Hey everyone!!!

I wanted to drop this here, since it's for use JUST with this mod!

Here are the files for XBOX buttons for Shunsq's mod!  You just need to install Tonberry and SeeDReborn 3.2 or later! (If you don't want all of SeeDReborn, you can just use these files along with the proper SeedReborn hashmap for your language.)

Also, GREAT NEWS for this mod -- now that the new RaW (W07) is out, you can install it and then just place Shunsq's Hext file from the first page into /FINAL FANTASY VIII/RaW/GLOBAL/Hext/ instead of going through the headache of HextLaunch!

XBOX Buttons for Shunsq's Mod

Just put this in your FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/ folder once you've installed this mod and Tonberry!

One tiny visual glitch next to RB, but it's not in my seed reborn image file, so i'm not sure where that glitch is coming from.

I'll be adding this file to my new controller mod version that i'm releasing very soon!

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