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Hard Mode and Add-on's Launcher
Difficulty Mod and other Add-on's for FF8 on STEAM
Now All Languages Supported!
Mod Updated with easier process!

These mods use HextLaunch from DLPB's Tools
And they will until he finishes his new version of ddraw.dll for FF8 :)

I compiled some old mods for those of you using the STEAM version of FF8

Hard.dll: Makes the game generally more difficult:
-   Decreases the player's melee damage by a factor of 1.5
-   Increases the level of enemies by a factor of 1.1
-   Increases the melee damage of enemies by a factor of 1.1
    (this does not effect magic damage)
-   Max damage increased to 65k instead of 9999; affects your group and opponents too.
-   Max hp cap increased to 32k from 9999
-   You won't lose magic from your inventory when you cast it in battle.
    (Negates Double and Triple effects. I don't use this one.)
-   Removes the Square Enix splash logo on Startup

DOWNLOADS: Only pick one!
Hard Launcher (English)
Hard Launcher (Spanish)
Hard Launcher (French)
Hard Launcher (German)
Hard Launcher (Italian)



1.   Move "HL_Files" and "FF8_Hard_Launcher" into your parent FF8 directory.
     (steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII)
2.   Launch the game from the new "Hard" Launcher
3.   The command window will let you know if .dll injection was done correctly
     (there is also a HextLaunch.txt log file)

*If you're using RaW, you can move the RaW.dll into /HL_Files/DLL_in as well to resolve possible issues
**If you use any Tonberry mods, do not move any of the Tonberry .dll's into this location - it will render Tonberry useless.

If you choose, you may remove the Magic.dll and Publish.dll Add-On's with no glitches

Original thread for 2000 PC version:
Go HERE to use these Add-ons with Aali's Driver.

Thanks to JeMaCheHi for trying so hard to get the mod to work and helping me figure out where I went wrong!

Thanks to DLPB for his Hext Tools!  Go HERE to support him!

Going to be doing a huge test/overhaul with this mod -- for version 1.3!  Version 1.2 is simply 1.1 with the 1.2 hashmap fix, but as it seems to be confusing, and certain cards vanish during certain disks, I feel I need to do some bug-testing and come out with a 'better' version of this mod for all languages.

Here are some screenshots of a nearly completed SeeDReborn 4.0!
New icons, new font, better colors - a modern Final Fantasy interface for FF8!

Let me know what you think!

You can use Noesis to pose the NPCs, take a snapshot, and then drop them into the upscaled field image that exists without the NPC's in them.  OR you can dump them from Noesis into max or something, pose them, and then do the same. for other npcs, etc. you can always modify textures to get the different npcs in the parade shots due to the models being identical to other 'baseline' npc models in the game.

Thanks for the mod! I think I screwed something up and now I don't know how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone know how to help with this? I'm trying to get PS4 button prompts and it looks like I'm getting keyboard prompts (X,C,S,V) instead.

Thanks again!
PS I have the lunatic pandora pack and it works great. I just need the button prompts and I'll be good to go.

If you're using a mapper program, you will need to use the HID folder for your layout.  If you're using a default input control setup, just use the files in the /main folder.  You may need to use HID, from what I see.

I'm having some difficulty getting the Xbox 360 wireless controller buttons to show up in game, can you help?

I'm using the English Steam version of the game.

I have steam installed to my D:\ Drive, NOT my C:\ (OS) Drive, if this matters?

I payed for the Lunatic Pandora mods through the website.

I installed a clean/fresh version of FFVIII through Stream to D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII

I installed Lunatic Pandora mod to the following location: D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII

I can successfully launch the game in Administrator using FF8_Ultra_Launcher and I don't receive any errors so I assume its all good?

The Xbox 360 wireless controller works in game, however the button icons are mapped/displaying B1, B2 etc

I'm a little confused, I have downloaded FF8_ControllerButtons_v2.0 and copied over both:


And I'm still unable to see the button icons, I have screenshots of my folders attached.

Any help is appreciated.

move the sysfld00_17 and sysfld01_17 files UP one level... so pull them out of the xbox folder and move them into the folder with the same name, one level up the file hierarchy.  you will need to copy over the ones that are in the /sysfld00 and /sysfld01 folders with those.

Sorry I didn't catch this!  Removing all .dll files from /FINAL FANTASY VIII/HL_Files/DLL_in/  will ensure that the Lunatic Pandora mod does not have any conflicts with the Ragnarok Mod.  I use the UV Injector, Shunsq's buttons, and this mod flawlessly together.

If using Lunatic Pandora Mod Pack v1.0:
1. Delete the HL_Files/ folder.
2. Download THIS FILE to replace the UV Injector that comes with Lunatic Pandora
3. Place that file into RaW/GLOBAL/Hext along with the ragnarok mod and any other Hext files you have.
4. Run the game from the normal launcher.

Lunatic Pandora does not modify the game .exe and will never interfere with other mods as long as you don't use the HL_Files folder.
None of those mods will technically conflict, but you will not get the intended ragnarok experience.

I opened up the original textures I had already resized, put the new improved layer on top, used magic wand on original layer, selected the new layer and deleted it, any black pixels remaining was removed manually with eraser in photoshop. If you dont already have that to go on, you could dupe the new layer twice, move the black slider to the right in the blending options on the bottom layer, erase any remaining black pixels, then go to the layer on top and just delete the transparent areas using marquee or eraser tool, so the top layer covers any deleted pixels on the actual texture.

EDIT: Fixed transparency issues for Ifrits earrings

Nice manual work on the alpha layers!  The transparency issue you're talking about is actually inherent to all UVs in the game - they are 1/2 pixel off in the original DX9 conversion (solved with a manual shader 'fix' that I don't know how to implement), so they end up being 2 pixels offset in each UV direction when upscaled to 1024.  I used exactly your method when making my textures for the alpha layers for many instances, but I also separated the alpha layer manually and upscale it on its own.  This might be a good 'general use' method so as to not have to do so much manual work.

Using latest Raw.
FF8_CapBreak_EN does not work.
FF8_KeepMagic_EN works fine.

Have you tried to run the cap breaker with the hard.dll running?  I believe there is something in the hard.dll that the cap breaker 'points' to... but I don't know if it works yet myself.
RaW has issues running certain .dll's so you still have to use HextLaunch for the Hard.dll

I tried to install the hard mod for the german steam version of ff8 and my bitdefender anti virus software blocked it and recognized it (the hardlauncher.exe) as malware. Is this normal? Roses and whine and the controller buttons worked finde without messages from the AVS.

Hm.  It's probably due to the nature of the .exe and how it handles application injection etc. -- it's basically the same backend as RaW (and was created by DLPB as well) so you shouldn't have any issues running it.

Alright... here I go.


So, If you find some of this too noisey, you can always mask with 'project angelwing' and use Angelwing as a color base, with possible gaussian blurs manually done for skies and other gradients.  That would be the 'ultimate' Field Background mod.

there are no new textures in the french version. the bghall_7 folder is empty. there is that upscales original textures of bg_hall7a

why the other languages is entitled to new texture more beautiful redone from a to z but not French? I have the impression that French always stays last in all... we do not have the right to the same quality as the other languages?

Hm.  Weird... I thought I sent everything over, but it could be my mistake?
This one won't work unless swizzled/cut up properly, but there's proof a version exists ;)

Ah so that's my objcode trying to gobble up that mesh, huh?
That's why we've got to either have all objcodes or all hashcodes :/ -- objcodes work for the entire game unless overridden by other objcodes.  hashcodes are the same way, but they vary per scene/disk/language.  not sure if objcodes are the same for all languages, but lunar cry seems to have the least problems replacing textures out of the box, but because of it's determination to ALWAYS replace a mesh ID unless told otherwise, made it really hard to work with until this point.  I think if we had all objcodes mapped (characters, npcs, enemies/bosses) that we could reduce the amount of actual codes we use by a LOT, which will also make getting new codes easier when tonberry gets its update (i'm working on trying to get people involved).
Maybe it's time to get the objcodes working???? Message me on twitter or discord and let me know when you might have time to live/voice chat so that we can sort some of this stuff out.  I was even thinking of getting some documentation together.

Oh. Right. Hey guys! Totally not dead or anything. The mod has been updated and it's for (almost) all languages! Check it out if ya like, yeah?


And yet again, FatedCourage comes through with a huge update to knock us all off of our feet!

Troubleshooting / Re: FF8 small visual bugs
« on: 2018-11-23 21:41:07 »
@eXistenZe -- for the little gedo bugs to go away, you should make sure you have linear filtering disabled in the main game launcher.  also, using the anti-aliasing can remove some of these artifacts.  They -shouldn't- exist in the original, because i was very careful in my alignments - but there's a chance they could be tiny opacity lines that weren't caught in my testing process

Graphical Modding / Re: Carbuncle looks weird...
« on: 2018-11-23 21:36:00 »
SeeDReborn v3.5 (The Spanish version)
Rebirth Flame v1.3 (Mago)
I didn't know there is a hashmap for projecteden!

Ok. It works. I erased Lunar Cry mod and the issue with Carbuncle is gone. Shame. It does look good on the enemies. I won't use Hellfire because I don't like how Shiva looks with it...

Thank you very much  ;D

Alright, you don't have to use all of Hellfire if you don't want to -- you just need the hashcode fixes that it comes with.  You can either just put the hashmap in your folder, or install the whole mod and just delete the sum_shiva textures in the textures/su/ folder to get rid of shiva.
Also you might want to install Apocalypse for upscaled bosses, as it works well with lunar cry.

I just paid for the  MASSIVE FF8 ULTRA Lunatic Pandora Mods Pack and something happened to the cart and it glitched when completing the paypal purchase but the money went through how can I access the mod installer?

I recently donated for this mod pack but my download keeps failing. Is there a way for us to get a mirror link like a torrent or something like that? 2GB is really hard to download here  :'(

Email me if you haven't yet!  I can definitely get both of you set up.  I believe I've already helped nirrad, but let me know!
mcindusmods at gmail

Whoa!  Excellent!  Any chance this can be done for FF8? It uses PuPu as an interface for field file splicing, etc. -- I'm sure Fated Courage and others would appreciate it!

Well, I am using a laptop with a GTX1070 so I can't really remove that monitor even if I am extending to a 2nd screen so I hope that is not causing problems. I do have Full Screen and keep aspect ratio on in the FF8 launcher settings, however only with fullscreen disabled in the FF8 launcher, do I even reach near-fullscreen. I can get it to go fullscreen but with a border, which is reasonable. I played with the GeDoSaTo settings and tried different kinds of false/true for fullscreen and borderless fullscreen but I can't seem to get it working still. If Bordered fullscreen is the only kind of fullscreen compatible with the mods then it is a necessary evil and totally worth it, but I figured I'd ask the community here first, since I only recently read up on this stuff. But thanks for the info, If you have other things to try to potentially fix fullscreen then it would be appreciated, if not, I still greatly appreciate the help.

Edit: judging by videos I see on YouTube using these mods, I won't be surprised if bordered fullscreen is the only working way. It's likely out of most people's control anyway, considering the game is like 20 years old and released on Windows XP and I am now on Windows 10 with hardware that is way more advanced than required.

Edit 2: It seems the game goes into fullscreen fine without GeDoSaTo enabled/running. Hmm

Edit 3: So I figured, why not just avoid using GeDoSaTo all together if it isn't needed, so I installed ReShade and some of the mods no longer work. I assume its due to some dxgi or d3d9 dll being overwritten by ReShade. Is there a simple fix to get the mods working again or do I have to reinstall and edit config files all over again? Sorry for all the questions

Edit 4: Simply running the Lunatic Pandora installer for a few seconds for the d3d9.dll to extract and replacing it over the ReShade 3.0 generated d3d9.dll fixed the mods again.

1 - I know that I use two monitors, and the only way for me to get fullscreen with gedo is to only have it on my main monitor.  Also, I was able to force borderless fullscreen by having fullscreen disabled in the launcher, but borderless fullscreen forced in the gedo setup.  also, if you alt-tab while it's forced borderless, you'll get a crash.

2 - yep, gedo can be a bit of a pain, but it really improves the overall edge definition of the text and all characters, giving better than AA results.

3 - I don't always use it, but I do always have reshade enabled.

4 - ReShade will work -- especially the reshade mod config i provide, but you have to install the OpenGL version of the .dll's because it will overwrite the tonberry d3d9 file (which injects all textures) if you pick the dx version.  i suspect the opengl version merely works because the steam version is probably using some version of aali's driver on the backend

This happens when using two monitors I think?  But if you want to fix this, you can make sure you have 'fullscreen' selected in the normal game launcher, and then open your GeDoSaTo main config and force the fullscreen mode -- there are a few choices, so i'm sure a combination of these should fix your issue.  i think running things in fullscreen windowed might work?  what resolution are you trying to run the game in?  Have you selected your higher resolution in the FF8 launcher?

on KLITLIKA'S EPIC MOD i had a challenge back then, enemies and bosses attacked alot more faster, they had new spells and stuff and it made me think alot about what i should do about beating them

i just need a much more harder ff8 pc steam mod to play please

like callisto said, use colly's hardcore mod or use the requiem pc version mod.  those are ridiculously hard.

Bonsoir everyone,
For some controllers the icons don't match the actual buttons on the controller, even if you change the properties in steam.
So i updated the first post with a new tool to associate any icon to any button on your controller.  See here :
It is an additional hext instruction list that you put in the same folder as "FF8_Buttons_**.txt". You must not change the name of the file.

Wow, this is great!

Now everyone can use your mod unless they're using a HID interface mapper like xpadder - and then my mod is perfect for those occasions!

Quick question -- there's a 'bug' right now in your mod where if i hit anything other than a controller button, all of the buttons get replaced with the pointer hand with every push.  is there a way for this not to happen or to pull a different texture instead?

Also, for those of you using RaW, the mod became super easy to install!

1.  download the files you need from this mod
2.  put the .txt files into FINAL FANTASY VIII/RaW/GLOBAL/Hext/

no need for hextlaunch this way!  also, DLPB released RaW 'lite' which is just the hext injector without the hextlaunch cmd window -- this might be a better option to install your mod than actually using hextlaunch at all anymore!

Edit: The author of this mod released a fix for this. You can dl it here:


I found a bug. During the opening intro, there is a texture that appears off to the side. Here's a screenshot:

How can I fix this?

Whoa whoa whoa I don't think this file is good to use to fix the intro.  I would get rid of it if I were you, guys.  There are some issues with collisions for other languages, etc.

me the problem is always there and I tried everything -.-

I think you're the only one right now... message me in a pm or an email and we'll try to get this sorted out

I have had a similar problem in that I downloaded this mod a couple of weeks back after paying, then have ruined the install somehow and lost the original file.

Is there any chance of getting another link? I don't have access to private messaging on this forum and I regged this account with a temporary email. I ordered Sep 30th and the order number with e-junkie ends with 0120 if that helps?

Hey there!  OF course you can get your link!  Just email me with the email address you used to donate with and I can drop you a new link as soon as I get your info.  mcindusmods @ (no spaces)
I try to get people to contact me through those means or via Steam, mainly due to not wanting to clutter up the boards with the LP mods troubleshooting - but no worries!

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