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General discussion / Game Pop Quiz #2!
« on: 2002-04-29 14:19:00 »
Alright, a slightly different style this time.

Code: [Select]
 E L B I
E A 1 2 R E
N T 3 2 6 H
E I O N 1 T
  S I S 3

I have a secondary chiffre in store, in case no one gets it right. But really, you *should* get this one.

Announcements and site development / New design poll
« on: 2002-04-28 16:46:43 »
Ungh, some people want light colors, some want dark. What's it gonna be, then?

Announcements and site development / New forums!
« on: 2002-04-23 23:08:04 »
This new version of phpBB is still being adapted for the forums, but we'll have it up and running in no time. In the mean time, report bugs to this topic.

Known issues:
  • Time zones were lost during conversion, you will have to enter these manually in your profile.
  • Default avatars are not working. I'll be uploading the old ones soon.
  • Some smilies do not work. I will correct these soon.
  • MySQL server is extremely unstable. This is a problem with my host, and as such it is out of my hands. I have filed a complaint, that's all I can do about this problem at the moment.[/list:u]

General discussion / Server problems
« on: 2002-03-21 15:18:00 »
Apparently the server on which is located is having problems at the moment. According to my host, there's trouble with the main router, but it should be fixed now.

General discussion / Change of user names
« on: 2002-02-24 20:29:00 »
As some of you may have noticed, all members now have the power to change their user names. I do this to relieve some of the workload for me and SaiNt, but use it with moderation. Do NOT change your user name unless it's absolutely necessary, since people will find it hard to keep track of your identity. If I find that people use this service recklessly, I will disable it again.

General discussion / 15,000 posts
« on: 2002-01-20 14:41:00 »
Seems we passed 15,000 posts a while back and no one even noticed it   :)

Maybe I should add a toplist for this kind of thing...? Anyway, the 15,000th post was made by vvalentine, you can see it here.

General discussion / SPAM
« on: 2001-12-29 12:01:00 »
Moderators: Should you find topics like this (advertising your own site or whatever), please move them to the new Spam forum. People who want to discuss completely off-topic stuff can do so in that forum without contaminating the other forums.

Users who keep posting unrelated spam in the other forums will first be given a warning, then a one-week ban. After that, it's a lifetime ban. I really didn't want to inforce strong policies like this, but it's now necessary due to certain users.

General discussion / FORUM MOVE COMPLETE
« on: 2001-12-12 22:17:00 »
...well, almost at least. I notice the smilies have gone haywire in some pages, gotta fix that... oh well. ^^

The new host involves quite a lot of messing with the DNS settings and yelling obscenities at NameZero, so the domain (and thus might pop off-line within the next couple of days or so. I hope it'll be very temporary. Rather, I hope there'll be no disturbance at all ^^

...this time it's a bit more serious, though. I have grown tired of constant switches between servers, with an unsure existence of this forum. I also really need to shape up my web site (it's not been updated for a year or two, damn it).

Therefore, I'm placing considerable thought into signing up for professional web hosting myself, instead of "leeching" off others. This will, however, place additional strain on my already poor economy, so I will still have ads to help finance the project. I might think of more ways to get money in later on.

Comments? I really need your opinions ^^

General discussion / IMPORTANT: The final forum URL
« on: 2001-11-21 00:02:00 »
Final Fantasy... Final Forum... :razz: All right, I'll stop.

The URL you all should bookmark is

The reason you have to click even more to get here is to break you out of any existing framesets. There still doesn't seem to be a way to combine redirections and frame targets... Silly web standards. Of course, feel free to bookmark the board URL too, but remember that site if the forums suddenly disappear again...

General discussion / IMPORTANT: FORUM BACKUP
« on: 2001-11-09 16:12:00 »
I've just been informed that NextFF will move to another forum fairly soon, so I'm taking the liberty of backing up the forums. I'm not sure of the details, but for now, don't expect anything posted after this message to reappear after the server switch.

Either I or the SaiNt will let you know when it's safe to post again :wink:

General discussion / XP silliness v2.0
« on: 2001-10-16 16:18:00 »
Right, I've come across this small annoyance. Dunno if there's an option for it or not, but I haven't been able to find one.

Take a look at this picture: My Visual C++ projects folder.

See anything wrong with it? Indeed, the folders are slightly out of order. Take the two folders "FF9Viewer" and "FF73D". WinXP apparently sees "FF73" and considers it as greater than "FF9", since 73 indeed is greater than 9. Annoying as hell though, and it's messing up my view of things completely. Anyone know any way to revert to the old sorting algorithm found in ...well, any other OS?


General discussion / Progress report on the new design
« on: 2001-10-11 20:19:00 »
Oh well, you know what they say. Work is a good healer.

Anyway, I've completed most of the work on the topic display pages. This is one of the most important (and trickiest) parts of the board, but let me remind you: the real work is to convert the small bits, scattered through-out the board in raw, ugly HTML code. It could take a while, so I thought I'd create a poll for it. :razz:

And before y'all go making polls on your own, poll access is to be restricted to moderators&above only. Any "unauthorized" polls will be deleted on sight. This is partly cause I don't want the board cluttered up with unnecessary polls, and mainly because the poll system isn't exactly integrated into phpBB in a smooth way; to make it look good in the new design, a lot of stuff will have to be re-written. The less polls out there to convert, the better.

General discussion / Sumimasen...
« on: 2001-10-09 12:24:00 »
I'm sorry, but the new design won't be arriving for at least a while. My entire life has been turned into a complete mess, and right now I don't even see a way to begin to straighten things out. Virtually everything worth living for has vanished, or rather, I've realized most of it was never there to begin with.

Uni - mental strain, right now it seems impossible to handle.
Love - only leads to pain, I need to realize when to give up.
Home - home? I live in a skin-tight closet with no kitchen.
Music - the best way I had to flush out suppressed emotions, now the piano's tones are shallow and silent.
Drawing - once a good method to understand myself and my feelings, now it only brings out the pain once again.
Games - one of my primary sources for inspiration, now they all appear bleak.

I hope I can get out of this hell-hole I've gotten caught in, but my every source of strength now only remind me of what I've lost. I need time to sort this out, and I hope you all can understand and respect that.

~ The hollow, cracked outer shell of what was once Qhimm :sad:

General discussion / Bandwidth issues on the new design
« on: 2001-10-05 01:08:00 »
I'm making steady progress on the new design. I won't release details yet, except that it's clearly game-related. Also, quoting The SaiNt, it is "ultimately cool".

However, this has a prize as I discovered. Personally, I don't give a damn about bandwidth since I'm on a FAH connection (Fast As Hell). But since most of the users here seem to be on modem connections (slow ones on top of that), I feel I have to let you be a part of the decision-making process.

This is a comparison between pages on the boards, in this case it is a completely filled page of a topic. The same topic has been used in all three examples.

Code: [Select]

                 Size (html)   Size (gfx)   Size (total)
Old board        130kB         34kB         164kB
This board       130kB         42kB         172kB
New design       200-220kB     50kB         250-270kB

Note that this board's graphics are incomplete. Also, if more users use avatars this will increase the gfx size of this board and the new design.

Also note that these are early figures. And also also note that the topic pages are the most bandwidth-intensive of all the boards - other pages like forum listings are considerably smaller.

I am doing what I can to shrink the new design down in size, even considering radical ideas like client-side processing (javascript). I know you're thinking "large is bad", but instead of just saying so please bring constructive ideas, too.

And the final note: The new design will make use of some heavy html coding, and some older browsers (Netscape 4.x) can't cope with this fully. This is more related to the fact that older browsers are stupid and very little related to bad html coding (there shouldn't be any =) ).

General discussion / NOTICE -- NEW FORUMS
« on: 2001-09-27 21:22:00 »
These forums are a bit temporary, I've still to work out a design for the board. I hope it will prove sufficient for a while, at least.

What's there from the original forums?
- All user records, you log in with your normal user/password.
- All posts up until two days ago. Any posts later than that, tough luck.
- Proper authorizations for the private forums

What's not there?
- The design :razz:
- User ranks
- Email notification can be a bit buggy (and certainly not pretty). Have faith.

Also note that you can't log in directly to the private forums (I have no idea why this doesn't work, but it only produces garbage). You need to log in to the board first, then enter the private forum like normal.

Hmm... since I suspect I've left people out when authorizing for the private forum, here's a 'simple' way to get it.

First of all, you must be directly involved with the project, or feel that you have something to contribute. And I'm not talking beta-testing here. If you feel worthy, post a note in the Tech-related forum, telling us why we should authorize you.

Requests can be sent to me directly, although I'd prefer if you'd go through The SaiNt. I'm a bit too busy to authorize people one by one, tell SaiNt about it and he'll forward a list to me. Right SaiNt?  :)

Finally, we might choose to authorize you without you requesting it, I suspect there are a couple of talents in here who wouldn't request such a thing themselves...

On a side note: someone sent me a mail recently about this, but I lost it. Please contact SaiNt and he'll add you to the to-add list.

« on: 2001-09-26 21:48:00 »
I'm going to start transferring stuff to phpBB as soon as possible, and I thought it would be wise to evaluate the current style of the forums.

Anyone who feels important enough can answer =)
Also, comments and suggestions are very welcome.

[NOTE: I reserve all rights to make decisions waaay above all of your tiny little heads, meaning: don't cry if I do the opposite to what you want =) ]

1 - Distribution of forums
a) Should we have more forums or less forums?
b) Some forums today are heavily used to multi-purposes, should these be split into smaller (more managable) forums?
c) Some forums are hardly ever used (Feedback), should these be merged into larger forums?
d) Overall, is there any way to balance the load of the forums? Suggestions for new forum layouts are welcome.

2 - Message board design
a) How should the board's design be? Rate on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 = sweet-looking design (longer load times) and 1 = super-simple design (a bit faster).
Note that it's possible to make sweet-looking designs *and* keep them fast, but it's very tricky. Usually, it's the little things (like mouseovers) that take of a lot of space. Also note that it's the same little things that usually create a good "feel" to the board...
b) Rate the current board's design on the same scale.

3 - Formatting rules
a) Should we allow HTML in posts? (current: no, due to risk of abuse/mistakes)
b) Should we allow BBCode (similar to UBBCode) in posts? (current: yes)
c) Should we allow signatures in posts? (current: no, due to increased load times)
d) Should we use avatars (portraits identifying a user)? (current: no, the board looks cleaner without such)

4 - The little things
a) Should we use user rankings, i.e. different ranks depending on how many posts you've made? (current: yes)
b) Should we use personal messages, a feature to send private messages to users on the board? (current: n/a)

5 - Personal requests
- Please bring them to my attention, in this early stage of board design, a lot is possible =)

Announcements and site development / The end of this board
« on: 2001-09-11 22:26:00 » least as we know it.

I've been informed that due to high server stress I'm unable to keep this message board as a separate board on the server. This leaves me with two options:

1) Merge with, meaning we'll have our own cathegory with a couple of forums.
2) Find a PHP host for the msgboard and switch to phpBB (or something like it).

If no solution is found, this board will be closed as of Monday, September 24th.


General discussion / And now, the forecast for the summer
« on: 2001-06-18 14:27:00 »
This is sure to make some of you groan, but expect very little activity on my behalf for the near future. I know I said things would speed up after I graduated, but I feel I have to catch up on the time I couldn't spend with my girlfriend (due to school). It's a matter of priority, after all.

Thus, my part of the remake will also be in stasis for a while. I hope you all understand and respect this decision of mine.

~ Qhimm, signing off

Hmm... since I suspect I've left people out when authorizing for the private forum, here's a 'simple' way to get it.

First of all, you must be directly involved with the project, or feel that you have something to contribute. And I'm not talking beta-testing here. If you feel worthy, post a note in the Tech-related forum, telling us why we should authorize you.

Requests can be sent to me directly, although I'd prefer if you'd go through The SaiNt. I'm a bit too busy to authorize people one by one, tell SaiNt about it and he'll forward a list to me. Right SaiNt?  :)

Finally, we might choose to authorize you without you requesting it, I suspect there are a couple of talents in here who wouldn't request such a thing themselves...

On a side note: someone sent me a mail recently about this, but I lost it. Please contact SaiNt and he'll add you to the to-add list.

General discussion / What the...? (Take a look, everyone)
« on: 2001-04-02 22:12:00 »
I'm not the one to easily become annoyed, but this... see for yourselves.

I received a ...well, slightly disturbing mail today from a fellow calling himself Tuan Nhi. First of all, take a look on his" TARGET=_blank>site  , particularly the" TARGET=_blank>Final Fantasy Editor  , carefully taking in the layout of the page, the design on the actual program and the complete lack of links or crediting to a certain person. Feel free to download it and try it out, get the feel of it. The design, the control style, even the program icon. Check the About box, too. See which brave souls made this program possible.

Now, getting down to business and the hard facts of the case. From what I can tell, this editor was based on the Griever source code. I've traced my checksum routine, and it's very much intact in this FFEditor. Even some of the graphics are intact, like the icon and the character images, not to mention the owner-drawn control routines. The background-image in the main window/list has been removed/replaced, though the list code itself seems pretty much intact. I suspect large parts of the code are in fact entirely intact, like the checksum routine.

Now I'm not ranting about people using my source code; that's what it's there for. This person has even made some improvements over the old Griever program, adding limit break editing support. ...Or so I *think*, I can't actually test the editor since I don't have FF8 installed, and he removed the drag&drop support. Someone please fill me in on the changes in the program. The biggest improvement over Griever though, must be that this editor does not require MFC. Quite a feat, removing that (!)

No, what bothers me is that
1) He has removed any references to me and my site, in violation of what in the usage terms on my site. Regardless of whether he uses the code on it's own or just parts of it, this is standard netiquette.
2) He has not kept the project open-source, something I ask of everyone continuing my project. Programs like this are not meant to fuel some thief's ego.
3) He has blatantly stolen my web design; even the html style I use to code is mainly intact, he just messed around with the colors/fonts and changed the images on the left. This I would not tolerate even if he did credit me.
4) He's french, it's hard to read his site ^_^
5) He mailed me asking for help with the FF9 save files, is he completely stupid?! He steals my work, presents it as his own and expects me to help him?!

But it doesn't stop there, he has also asked me to link to his site. I am very tempted to do just that, it might reveal his theft to a broader public. But, before I reply or do anything, I thought I'd get your views and opinions on this. So...?

[This message has been edited by Qhimm (edited April 02, 2001).]

General discussion / Windows sucks. No really.
« on: 2001-02-28 11:41:00 »
I've recently fully realized Linux is the way to go, Windows is a sinking ship. If Microsoft gets away with their new program registration system, I hope they'll go bankrupt. It completely overweighs all of the advantages of Windows (ease-of-use, common platform, etc.).

For those of you who haven't heard of the new system (coming with Windows XP), it works like this: Everytime you install a product like Windows or Office, the installation programs scans your hardware and compiles this information into a 'hash' ID. This, together with the product code, is sent to for storage. Now, consider this: If you upgrade your PC (eg. new gfx card) or get a new PC altogether and want to (re-)install the program, the hash ID is different from the one stored at Microsoft, and installation is halted. Basically, Microsoft has locked the program to a specific PC, with a specific hardware configuration. The good news in all this? There are none, except that I doubt Microsoft will be able to get a way with such a stunt.

So whatever you do; don't upgrade above Windows 2000.

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