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I'll let Luksy and Charlie Beer decide that one.  It may not be plain sailing, so I'd like to see

a. If Lucrecia appears in the official Establishment document
b. If there are Japanese sources showing that exact kana spelling for Lucretia

There's Lucrezia as a kana spelling.

I believe this was fixed, yes :)

if not, it will be now.

Not sure what the bug is - though I do remember altering text there and script.

Marine is fine.

lol to the Marlene hahaha  - I'll correct.  Though this will have been picked up in the final play through for R07.

Assuming German grammatical rules are correct, I will amend.

I'll also look at Select tonight when home from work.

Your post has not been a waste of time.

Really cool stuff!

Did you find a stasis field or something haha?

Mine is july 18.   So perhaps it can be done.

I'm on it atm ;)  I'll have something soon.

Again, a formation is a shape.

If you want to be ultra specific then even the Japanese doesn't work - because one person can't be in a formation.  A formation is literally the shape of your army / infantry.  Its arrangement.  The option itself refers to your group as a whole - not one person. 

a group of people or things in a particular arrangement or pattern.
"they sat in orderly ranks in a circular formation"
synonyms:   configuration, arrangement, pattern, array, alignment, positioning, disposition, order, ordering, organization, design, marshalling, grouping, layout, format
"the aircraft were flying in tight formation"

It doesn't apply to one person.

an arrangement of people or things acting as a unit

There is nothing whatsoever wrong with the word Form - and I think most people know it means formation or position of the members in battle. 

Regardless, the alternatives to Form are worse.   

I'm moving on.

A formation is a shape (of your units/men as a group).  It's a form - hence the name.  We're arguing semantics here at this point.  The bottom line is that there is no better word that will fit that box other than Form - unless you want to cheat and use "row" - but I think that's less clear - and Position likely has the same problem as Formation.  Too long.

So we're stuck with Form - which is a word that means exactly what it should. 

It's bizarre that we're still even debating this one word in a menu - esp when you can just change it yourselves.

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.

Shakespeare says case closed.  8)

Order can't be used - it's used elsewhere.  And, yes, I am using it as a verb - or as a shortened noun.  You guys can use whatever you want with R06.

No matter what you use it is never going to do the Japanese justice -   Battle Formation

Come on, people.  A whole page dedicated to the word Form? This isn't Sesame Street.

Again, this is moot. You can change text manually in R06.   8)

Also, Form is a word - it is a synonym for formation and for order / arrangement.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Field IDs
« on: 2019-04-04 21:06:23 »

Hi, Salk.

Lineup works - but it's more related to starting members than to a formation.  It's not really a definite direct synonym (in football - starting lineup). Even if you can take it that way, it's no more than a preference over Form. It doesn't make any real difference.

This is moot regardless, because R06 let's you change exe text with notepad.  So people can do whatever they want.

Form is literally correct.

One last thing, then.  You should change the color on the "Form" entry from green to something that shows it's not up for discussion.

It's never been in green.  It's always been in White.

Additionally, it even tells you why it's been cut short:

たいけい   "Lit. Battle Formation
[Cut due to space limit]"   Form

There's no danger of that - but I think I am going to have to put a statement on main post explaining the reason why people may be being ignored.

I've got a lot of patience and dedication - but clearly diplomacy is long gone with certain queries.  R06 isn't too far away.   8)

Let's clear some things up

1. 9 years is a bit of a misnomer - as much of that time has been filled with long gaps of inactivity as Japanese speakers have lives to lead and thus it's been an on-going process.

2. The "Form v Formation" thing, as others have pointed out, is entirely due to space considerations (the menu looks CRAP having "Formation") .  The very idea you can't learn the odd new word or phrase in a menu is ridiculous.  Also, Order is used on another menu.  I have been very careful and consistent. Do you not imagine that in 9 years I haven't triple and quadruple checked this - and discussed it ad nauseam with the end user?

3. That query and every other query in the last 2 days has been raised before.  It's the reason I specifically do not accept any feedback on non dialogue (and even dialogue feedback is out of the question given I get feedback from Charlie Beer, Luksy, and Covarr - and we'd be here for 1000 years if I started allowing that).  With any professionally made game, you do not have a direct dial up to the author to air your gripes and demand things be changed.

This retranslation is going to be no different from this point on. The only people I will be accepting feedback from are Covarr, Luksy, Charlie Beer, Green Goblin, and Caledor. These people are directly associated with this project.  Although there are a few people on my own discord server that I'd happily discuss issues with.

This thread is not here to ask for changes, or demand changes, or air gripes.  It's here for things that are genuine mistakes.  Spelling mistakes would be considered a bug, for example - as it is factually a mistake - not a preference.

Items in Green (but especially red) in The Reunion Database are up for discussion - IF you have some evidence they are wrong.

tl;dr  This thread is not a wish list and I am long long past accepting requests.

On the plus side, R06 allows the executable (menu) text to be changed from a simple text document in realtime - along with box width changes - so you can do it yourself. I slaved away, so you can come here bitching.

Yes, it is accurate.

No, you haven't read the main post nor the Reunion Database.

No, I am not changing everything and superseding 2 Japanese speakers [actually, 4 when it comes to the retranslation of items] and myself just because you're unhappy with certain changes.

And, finally, Google Translate?  Honestly.  ;D  By your logic, Tifa still owns a shop.

I've told you what your option is.

And if anyone is wondering why I tackled this initially in the way I did - the answer is that I saw this endgame coming from the first sentence.

what exactly does a retranslation project entail? also i believe the use of form for sorting out the character positions is translated wrongly, also sadly i don't have the confidence to trial and error by myself so that i can fix the language translations.
First post.

There isn't an option. This is a retranslation project.

You'll have to use the tools on this forum to do it manually.

I'd say compare with and without Menu changes in R05 and you'll see the difference.  The graphics are the same - as that works with the original style of the game.  Updating it is silly, imho, as an updated font and GUI do not work with the engine or style.  I'd look into it again only if all backgrounds were remade.  Also, it takes a lot of effort to support two GUIs.

There is no ETA.

R means Reunion

06 means version 6.

60 fps patch is broken as it stands - R06 will address this and fix a lot of issues.  Best not to even add it at the moment.

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