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It's all being updated all the time.


 ;D ;D ;D

Reunion database prob has them listed.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2019-06-03 16:39:28 »
I'd say wait until R06... as usual. And use that to translate with along with ts.

Your problem there is changing text ts can access but that reunion /7h etc is also writing to memory. Probably.

The text def can be changed in default exe with ts.

The problem is R06 retranslation isn't finalized and half of the proof check isn't done.  So it will be a good idea to look at updating this mod again when R07 is out and everything is done.

It's best to wait til it's out or I'll just be repeating myself endlessly.

The audio replacement module is pretty much the only thing not optional - so Midi is a goner. Oh, and the frame limiter fix.

Most of it is optional.  When New Translation is used - MO is automatically used at that point and isn't standalone.  But you can place back your own translation because I've created a full modding solution.

When Weapon is selected, all bets are off - as I then force various bug fixes and options.

0 = No weapon
1 = Some fun script additions and minigame changes
2 = Full mod (not even started yet, really) - All bug fixes are non optional with this one.

7H will be able to use r06.  It allows for it. :)  Or should.

You'll likely need to alter cam data and I'm not sure if that would fix it.  Either way, that's hard and annoying to do.  See Makou reactor tool, walkmesh option.

R06 solves all this nonsense - no converter.  And should work with 7H though it's largely meant to be used on its own and for modders to arrange mods for it.

That's an awful lot of work.  I know... 'cause I replaced all the ff7 sfx - and that was tough on its own.


prob just better off waiting for someone to tell you or having  a look at script yourself with Makou Reactor.

I don't think all variations can be used.

Incidentally, this mini quest is better in the Japanese version.

both need scanline effect and they'll look great.  Which is what I do.

Imagine having that lack of logic as a writer hahahahaha


"Danny kinda forgot the Iron fleet"..... Really? But really?.....
rcsc716 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Every time I heard this sentence from one of the two donkeys, I just feel to downgrade the rating of this episode. Poor Daenerys! The two donkeys just transformed Danny in a silly and ingenuous girl, with no competent military advisers, behaving in a very dummy way (same as D&D) in her journey to Dragonstone riding Drogon.

I'm not going to talk about the other silly things in this episode, but "Danny forgot the Iron Fleet"... Danny forgot to scout the skies with her dragons... Danny lost the flying Rhaegal hit by three consecutive high precision GPS guided scorpion arrows... BRAVO!! Terrific writing skills!... George RR Martin couldn't have done better... I'm so disappointed and Mad with the weak, lazy, brainless writing of these two donkeys... I just used to love GoT. I watched all the seasons, I was completely addicted to it, read the books, had my expectations on the top, was counting the days, the minutes for the start of Season 8. And then this... "Danny kinda forgot the Iron fleet"... unfortunately, this sentence, like what happened in the previous episode, tells everything about what is going to be Season 8 of GoT, courtesy of Donkey and Donkey.

Is there anyway we can help with that?  You do so much, it seems like one of the few places the community can help share the load with you.

Sadly, no.  I have to test a ton of code and other stuff that people won't know where to begin.  The end user will indeed be the final tester anyway - and there WILL be issues.

Also, I've said New Threat merge is possible but only when both mods are complete or very near it.


I am not sure there was any falling out.  The bottom line is they ran out of the author's books and were found out as crap writers.  And then they got sick of the show and wanted to move on.  It takes a lot of effort to write a good story.  They didn't want to put in that level of effort and it shows.

Maybe if they'd stuck to Martin's novels it would have been easier, but the hardest part of a complicated story is ending it properly and making sure it all comes together in an organic way.  D&D aren't very good writers.  They couldn't do it, didn't want to do it, and clearly had too much ego to get more people involved to help.

They also took The Long Night as literal rather than poetic.  The Long Night is supposed to be over a long period of time... not one poxy battle, where a small girl armed with a dagger takes down the whole lot.  In fact, even the actress herself has made comment about how silly that is.

It all comes down to the fact that d&d wanted it all to end. As soon as possible.

I appreciated Firefly a lot for its adherence to physics and common sense.

IMDB review:

Don't bother whinging at the 1 star ratings - use your brain
20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
(If you want to watch a great show that ended properly, seek out Babylon 5 and Breaking Bad).

Anyone else tired of seeing

"I don't get it!? Why are so many people rating this 1 star??" "Ignore the haters!" "Ignore the trolls!"


Well, rather than calling people names or "not getting it", perhaps it's time to get an IQ and see what is absolutely obvious:

Half of season 6 - and all of season 7 and 8 - have been shockingly bad. The writing has fallen off a cliff because they didn't have GRRM's novels to extend this to another 5 seasons of glorious writing that made sense.

We got, instead, a mad queen out of thin air - and a stupid, contrived ending to go with it. I mean, honestly, BRAN as the king! I don't know whether to laugh or weep. None of this makes any sense and even more annoying is the fact Sansa ended up ruling the North.

Jon Snow's arc thrown away. Why bother bringing him back to life if the prophecy and all the lead up was going to abandoned? Dany's arc destroyed in the most monstrous way imaginable. Bran didn't even get a proper arc - he just looked cryptic all the time for no reason. Jaime's arc thrown away. Arya's arc went nowhere and Bravos was a load of tosh. We still don't even know what Varys heard in the flames. Who cares, right? Sansa's entire story line after season 4 was horse manure and this episode just puts the final steam on the turd.

Also, I can't stand Sophie Turner - she's playing herself - Rich and in love with herself. She's no longer portraying her character.

And just when you felt it couldn't get any sillier, Sam does a Lord of the Rings by creating the book A Song of Ice and Fire.

GRRM deserved better than the garbage D&D have churned out. They are utterly clueless.

Get lost!!

It's OK, it's over now! I loved it. Have fun waiting for your books :D

I suggest you check out the final episode's rating on imdb and elsewhere. Might make you understand that you're actually in the minority. As I'm intelligent, I certainly will enjoy the books.  So will every other proper fan of A Song of Ice and Fire ;)

You loved it because you have no sense or critical thinking. Don't kid yourself there's any alternate reason.  :-D

Wow.  That was a painful ending. So so bad.  Worthless writers.

Game of Thrones: No One (2016)
Season 6, Episode 8
The Waif - aka the T-1000 - and how D&D are crap writers
16 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this episode, I was dumbfounded by its utter stupidity. And, then, it hit me: 'We have Dumb and Dumber at the helm - not GRRM. It's going to get worse.'

And it did. Look at what became of Game of Thrones. This episode is a massive clue as to the utter stink of those two inept writers. They haven't a clue what real life is about or what believable fiction is about. They do EVERYTHING for shock value without one ounce of understanding to the logic of it.

They actually think it's fine to show a character in medieval times stabbed multiple times in the stomach, who then goes for a non stop sprint after it without a care in the world. Arya would be DEAD. It's that simple.

People who accepted this episode at the time should reflect long and hard on the fact they were partly responsible for the utter DRECK we got in Season 7 and 8.

D&D are a menace. They should never, ever be allowed to write another TV show or film.

Also, who's bright idea was it to make the Waif (who remained totally unexplained and without character development) into the T-1000????

I went back and reviewed where the suck truly started.

Completely unrelated / Re: Locking threads
« on: 2019-05-17 22:35:16 »
It's not a big deal anyway, is it, really ;)

Completely unrelated / Re: Locking threads
« on: 2019-05-17 22:19:10 »

A little walk down memory lane where Ric is concerned.  A few more posts besides that one.

I doubt anything will come of it, sadly.  But one day GRRM will actually release WoW.

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