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7thHeaven / Re: FF VII (Original) Controller Problem [DS4]
« on: 2018-08-25 21:18:44 »
No FF7 Only support up to 10 button and two axes. if you have more then that it just ignores them.

In order to make it work you would need to some thing use a joypad to keyboard program  and then you would just map your controller buttons to keyboard buttons..

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2018-08-24 13:58:52 »
AV softwares are notorious for flagging ANY software that they haven't reviewed personally as a virus.  It's a simplistic approach and annoying for any developer trying to build small homebrew tools like this.
That is not true Av software doesn't flag any software they dont review as a virus. Read Covarr explanation as to why this is often flaged as a virus. Don't Spread FUD.

Also, this version of Anxious Heart has numerous bad looping points.

Bad looping points are still better then the old midis or songs with completely incorrect (or no) looping. I really don't see why you even removed it without a replacement to begin with. Its been forever since you removed it and the replacement you said was coming soon has not been released. I'm glad we have someone who had a copy so its not completely lost without a replacement.

Wow Thanks I was just looking for this for a reinstall! Went looking for it and it was gone :(. It would be also nice to be able to get parts of reunion with out needing to download the whole thing, But I guess that is a topic for another thread.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2018-08-06 11:44:10 »
I am sure most Antivirus software would flag this as a possible virus,  its doing memory injection and that is often used by viruses.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-08-01 13:07:57 »
Direct3D should be available now. Just don't expect to play anything like Metal Gear Solid V though.

Metal Gear Solid V uses DX11. You have NO chance of running it on Windows XP Since Xp doesn't support Dx11 at. It does however work in wine using dxvk (if your card has vulkan support) . MGSV AppDb

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-31 20:37:55 »
I have heard only bad things when I ask how a deb is made
Debs are not really that 'hard' to make the documentation is intimidating but the process itself is not really all to bad. Arch Linux with its PKGBUILD system is really easy and the documentation is so short you will wonder where the rest of it is.

Currently package systems are a hot topic with several cross platform formats being talked about. There is Flatpak and Snap that allow for simple install of applications in a cross distro way by providing a common base system their packages are built from. Now to me that seams kinda silly since its creating a shadow system on your system. For example the flatpak of my current project needs several other flatpaks as dependencies. It ends up needing alot more space then just my application because it also needs to have bundles for all the run times it needs and such. If this is sounding similar to the current package system on your current linux that would be because it is. The main difference is that the flatpak come from flathub (or another flatpak "repo") not your distros servers. Snap is similar to flatpak. Then there is Appimage; Appimages are a self contained format that is akin to the mac os "App Bundle" where all of an applications dependencies are contained with in the appimage. Chances are that at some point in the future that unmaintained application deployed as a flatpak, snap or appimage will continue to work long after the libraries its using have been changed.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-30 13:21:29 »
I really wasn't going to even say anything in this thread until someone dragged me here ..

It's funny you would say that because with windows you have a longer post install, you get to do a half dozen reboots while you install all your drivers. Then some other ungodly amount of time to install all the other software that the machine needs. Windows has no package management so you get todo it all one at a time and then more update time. In the amount of time windows it takes to set up I can have a dozen Linux machines working. The post install for Linux is to use the machine since everything is FOSS it comes with most of the software for daily use out of the box and the hardware support on linux is superb no drivers to install most hardware will "just work" . Granted some hardware doesn't work out of the box or have drivers yet but its less common then needing to install drivers on windows.

tldr: Windows may work with less problems for you but I suspect you spend as much it not more time then setting up linux to that same point.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-27 18:30:08 »
Also, what is the best free video editing software to use with Linux?

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-27 18:28:34 »
For example, the Linux version of ePSXe doesn't come in a Debian package, and is a hot mess to install. And even when I did install it, it would crash and never let me even play the game. So I pretty much just avoid anything that isn't in a Debian package since it will probably fail because it's missing "library/program A" which is dependent on "library/program B" which is dependent on "library/program A" (again) and I just wind up going around in circles. Even when everything is installed it probably doesn't even work right. If program installations were all Debian packages like how Windows installations are all ".exe" or ".msi" files that conveniently install after double clicking, Linux wouldn't be so overwhelming, and maybe more people would switch over (and screw over Microsoft).
Dont run unmaintianed programs and you wont have that issue.. Do you think that in 2 years since the last epsxe release none of the libs that epsxe use have been updated and some have released newer versions . sometimes rebuilding is enough but if those new libs drop old calls then you have a problem.

I think the best you could do it upload a save(s) of nothing. Use the "Clear Slot" option (Alt+Delete). Do this to all the slots and you will have a blank savefile.

Team Avalanche / Re: JuseteĀ“s field scenes
« on: 2018-07-06 13:09:18 »
that new grass looks weird.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-06 13:07:44 »
Random thoughts...

If the OP was serious they should be asking for help in the distros forum or IRC channel. I think I maybe one of the few with any knowledge of Linux. This is a Forum for Final Fantasy modding not linux use.

If you want to be successful with moving to a new OS the first thing you need to stop and realize that your previous OS is not like your new OS and there will be some learning todo. The main issue from what I see is new users do not understand this and just buttercup about how Their new Os is not the same as the old OS.

The Group of people saying that using Linux is not user friendly is either ill informed, lying to you for their own reasons, or do not know what the term they are using means. Using a Linux distro is not harder then using a Windows machine or Mac Os.  Place a New user without preconseption of how things work and you will find they can use any of them equally.  Most things on linux are much easier then other OSes.

Using wine to install your windows applications so you can ease your way in to linux is just asking to be fustrated when something in wine is not working right. Wine is far from perfect and you kinda need to know how to set it up correctly for somethings. Successful use of wine requires knowing both windows and linux well. If you must use wine maybe stick to something like Play On Linux its just a wrapper around wine that will help you set up you prefixes and install applications. Truely Worry about these later.

If your trying to learn Linux you should use it and its native applications.

Not ready to Switch the OS try using the Programs you will be using on linux. Your not using the os your using applications they are using the os.  Firefox,  VLC, Libre Office, and other are common  cross platform Open source applications using them will help you greatly when you change the OS. Not only will you be given time to moveany needed documents to new formats while still having access to your old applications.

Read the manual or help files. You would be amazed how often the answer is there.

Use the package manager to install programs if your not then you are doing it wrong and asking for problems.

Learn how to ask questions while also providing information that helps people answer them.

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-05 11:07:40 »
Xp is past end of life you really shouldn't be using it.

It's the version that Dell pre-installed in this computer.
Do your self a favor and use current releases .

Completely unrelated / Re: Linux n00b. Please gentle.
« on: 2018-07-03 18:31:05 »
Why are you installing 16.04 when the current version is 18.04?

is there anyway you guys could add in ps4 saves support on this ff7 save editor please
On the playstation 4 version there is alot of encryption that needs to be stripped away before you can edit the save. Since unlike the ps3 release this uses the standard ps4 save format there is much higher hope that this will one day be possible.

Haven't had the time to make the required files.
When I select a character that has the enemy skills materia installed and then select the command materia and then select the enemy skills, all of the enemy skills show up with no way to tell which ones have already been learned. There is also no way to learn new enemy skills with 1.9.90. Also in the materia edit screen, there is no way to select the number of the materia you are going to edit. I have 3 Enemy Skills Materia right now, so it makes a difference which of the 3 I am editing. Unless there is something I am missing. :'(.
Yes you are doing that completely wrong. Select the materia from the equipment or from the list to edit it. If you use the Combo boxes your making new materia in that slot.

check the user guide for how it works

Yes I am aware i need screen shot updates.

EDIT:: Windows continuous build should be working again

Team Avalanche / Re: JuseteĀ“s field scenes
« on: 2018-05-10 15:12:01 »
Bad news, I've had a hard drive error and I lost all my data... :'( :cry: :cry: I need to start again so will take a while to have the field :-(
That is quite unfortunate I hope you are backing your work up somewhere.

7thHeaven / Re: All Creation causes game to freeze
« on: 2018-04-20 18:31:41 »
All creation is a limit.. so try again after removing your limit mods.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 on PC runs too fast!
« on: 2018-04-20 18:30:31 »
If you want help you have got to provide us with info we can use to help

What version of FF7 .
How did u install ?
mods or not?
what mods?
what hardware...

Other Modding / Re: ff7 android modding?
« on: 2018-04-11 12:32:50 »
If I'm not mistaken, the Android version is pretty much the PC version wrapped up in an emulator of sorts. Most, if not all, mods should work on it, but actual setup might be tricky.
This is also my understanding.

SL48, you are a genuine bonfide hero!

I'm no hero.... never was.
Im just a penguin with a mustache.

elsava made a save compliation look for that and edit the save closest to where you were.

I've done alot of testing to make Black chocobo as safe as possible but when you mess with the progress stuff. The game can get a little crazy due to how the fields tend to reuse random progression bits.

I'm using the latest version. Sorry i thought that would be a given. It's 1.7.2
Ahh for some reason i thought we had CI builds for windows .. ill add that to my todo list..

master branch looks a little dusty, what is going on in develop?

edit: now I remember why I'm a nodejs dev   :?

Myst does not like to work on master he likes to work on the develop branch. Looks like the last merge was a PR i made in december to generate an appimage. Seams that is not working correctly I should lookin to fixing that.

Is there a particular reason as to why when i step on a new walkmesh i make the game crashes instantly?
No one can help you unless you say what version your runing?

try the last stable release..  if that works and you were using master consider making in an issue on github if one does not alreay exsist.

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