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Re: Menu Reconstruction [WIP]
« Reply #125 on: 2010-08-07 02:54:57 »
This thread now needs locking.  The project is complete  8) and a new thread for main release will be created tomorrow.

Translated version will come as a mandatory part of the Re-translation Project installer.

Non Translated version will get its own thread and installer.  There are a few things which we could not correct but 98% has been, and I am pretty damn happy with the overall change.  I will allow a period of testing before I release 002.  After that I will look at it one last time in 3 months.

It has been great working with Kranmer on this, and I will hopefully be able to suggest a few improvements to him when it comes to correcting alignment in the battle menu.

Thankyou :)

[number of changes from original exe:  around 7300 bytes.  i.e. 7300 changes in the hex editor.  I'd say manually altering one by one, probably around 2000-4000 ]
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