Author Topic: Final Fantasy VIII, weird problem.  (Read 11448 times)


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Re: Final Fantasy VIII, weird problem.
« Reply #25 on: 2010-10-01 18:28:32 »
Yeah, like black lines surrounding weapons and trees, but I can live with it. Since the problem only persist with Wishing Star, Ending and Eden I decided to continue playing with Launcher and switch to the patch once I need to screencapture Rinoa's Limit Break and Squall at the end. *giggle*

The launcher gives me the opportunity to screencapture images the size of my resolution *1680x1050* instead of the regurelar 640*448

I'm happy about the fix and I like to thank you so much for the help. *smile* Now I can continue working on my SquallxRinoa tribute. *happy*
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