Author Topic: [WIP] Need BETA testing for new TA installer  (Read 1547 times)


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[WIP] Need BETA testing for new TA installer
« on: 2010-11-12 02:12:31 »
I am putting the finishing touches on the new TA install system, but i would like some feedback to test functionality. The installer is totally empty, so no files are written to your harddrive. the exception is the fanfare music at the end, but it goes into a TEMP folder which deletes upon a restart.

i would like the following to be tested:
  • The FF7 registry check: rename your main FF7 registry key to fool this check
  • Aali Driver Check: rename FF7_opengl.cfg to fool this one, then make sure the link system works when you click OK
  • Default install directory: change both prior settings back to normal, and run through the installer. Make sure it is pointing to the correct directory.
Any suggestions are welcome, as well as criticisms. Be rough with it and try to find issues with it, i want to make sure i get this 100% right the first time since we will most likely be using it exclusively in the future. Please include your operating system in your feedback.