Author Topic: [FF8PC/PSX SLES-02080] Battle Hardcore Patch (2010-11-14)  (Read 49166 times)


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Re: [FF8PC/PSX SLES-02080] Battle Hardcore Patch (2010-11-14)
« Reply #50 on: 2019-04-13 13:34:15 »
Hi guys,

I just added installer for Steam version (link in the first post). You have to paste correct link to "lang-en" folder. I haven't changed anything except adjusting to Steam version.


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Re: [FF8PC/PSX SLES-02080] Battle Hardcore Patch (2010-11-14)
« Reply #51 on: 2019-07-06 08:21:21 »
hi, i played this game on Omega Extreme and i finished it yesterday.
The First Boss, Ifrit was not easy, El Viole was also not easy, but the first challenge was for me to destroy complete the X-ATM092. I needed a few tries and i had, when i destroyed him, only 1 minute left to go to the beach. It was very close to reached the beach before the time is over. After this boss, the most enemies was easy and some bosses was maybe average. The next challange was for me omega weapon. It was also an interesting fight and I thought he would not die anymore^^. I needed 3 tries to beat him and (of course) i don't use methods to make my chars immortal, like the hero flasks or rinoas ability to make the chars immortal. I never used selphies tombola either. I think i needed round about 30 minutes to beat him. Thanks for the mod :)
How much HP have Omega Weapon on Omega Extreme?


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Re: [FF8PC/PSX SLES-02080] Battle Hardcore Patch (2010-11-14)
« Reply #52 on: 2019-07-07 18:58:48 »
I found this mod easy so I made up an additional challenge, years ago.
Sadly I got bored after the second disc.
It's not an interesting mod since it only changes enemies stats. Other difficulty mods also change the behavior of the enemies and their attacks, and more.