Author Topic: Why was my account Banned  (Read 1733 times)

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Why was my account Banned
« on: 2011-09-04 09:23:08 »
Hi I recently Registered for an account called Dark Matt but it has now been banned because apparently I have created multiple accounts, I'm currently using a VPN because of privacy concerns, is using a VPN against the forums rules? And is this why the site admins think I've been using multiple accounts?


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Re: Why was my account Banned
« Reply #1 on: 2011-09-04 16:37:36 »
Your Dark Matt account was banned because you are machinimatt... who is also Sauntam/Matt2Tees.  Who is also the guy who has been around these forums long enough to know we don't condone releasing models ripped from other games and put into FF7.   You made a "machinimatt" account for the lone purpose of distributing ripped models, thereby breaking 2 of our rules: No multiple accounts and distributing copyrighted material.

To think we are stupid enough to believe you aren't who you clearly are is an insult, which makes 3 reasons why you are banned.