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Re: Scene Redux question
« on: 2011-12-18 16:23:41 »

first of all, I'd like to thank you and your collaborators for sharing your work with the community.  ;)

My question is: I have created my own mod (Scene Redux) some years ago which requires the overwriting of the files kernel.bin and scene.bin.

Does this mean that my mod and the Menu Overhaul Project won't be compatible? Or have I simply misunderstood your 22nd Sep. post?


I have a question about this patch. I have been using it, and while I like the increased success of stealing, it seems to have altered what a lot of enemies have to offer. For example, I'm on the cargo ship right now, trying to get the Shinra Beta armor from the Marines, and all I am getting is Eye Drops.

Is there a way to strictly increase the steal rate, without changing what is available to steal? I liked that in the original game, certain items were only attainable by stealing; I just didn't like that it sometimes takes 30 tries. Please let me know if this is possible, and maybe how you actually edited those files so I can do something similar. The only thing I want to do is increase the steal rate. Preferably, I would like everything else to stay the same.

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