Author Topic: Final Fantasy IX PC Complete Sounds Fix  (Read 59 times)


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Final Fantasy IX PC Complete Sounds Fix
« on: 2019-04-19 05:29:07 »

This re-release of the sounds fix mod fixes all the sounds and audio compression in Final Fantasy IX (PC).

Among the fixes are:

Sound Effects:
-Every sound effect is physically replaced with their correct, PSX counterpart.
Audio compression
-Sets the Audio Sampling Rate to 44100hz and removes the compression on BGM.
Enemy Death SFX:
-Returns every enemy's death sfxs battle cry as it was in PSX.

Some cosmetic fixes such as:
-Reflect sfx
-Jump and Summon Sfxs.
-Swd Art Spell: Shock and Tetra Master SFX fixes.

It is compatible with any and all mods (and modding tools [Hades Workshop]) for FF9 including: Alternate Fantasy, Memoria, and FF9 Ascension.

(It is not compatible with FF9 Type-0, however).