Author Topic: Is it possible to outright replace the music in FF7 Steam with new tracks?  (Read 1406 times)


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Hey guys,
I'm sure this is a total newb question and I apologize if its been answered before. I tried the search function but couldnt find what I was looking for. I wanted to create a mod of FF7 Steam Edition where I replace all of the music with my favorite tracks from other video games. Is this possible to do? I'm not talking about switching out the soundfont for the psx tracks. I'm interested in completely replacing the in game tracks for my own.

If there are any guides that can ELI5 this for me I'd be so grateful. Thanks again.


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It's very possible. In the game's install folder, look for /data/music_ogg/ (or something similar? I may be misremembering the folder name) and all the games' music is in there in OGG format. Replacements also need to be in the same format.

It's a little trickier if you want it to loop nicely, but this tutorial should help.