Author Topic: [FF8 STEAM] New Translation - Recruiting Technical Help  (Read 1245 times)


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I have never been satisfied with the English "localization" (as opposed to translation) of FF8, and know I can do be better. I already have a second set of eyes willing to help on the translation side, but neither of us have the more technical hacking skills for the project. Help is needed with:

-Dumping the Japanese script.
-Making a patch to put the new script into the Steam version of the game at a minimum, PSX and other PC versions would be nice options as well.
-Extra sets of eyes to look four stupid and easily correctable mistakes like that one that can be missed when you stare at the screen too long.

A similar post will go up for the FFX trilogy. While not promising to do all four games, we'll start on whichever one gets the technical help first. 


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Re: [FF8 STEAM] New Translation - Recruiting Technical Help
« Reply #1 on: 2017-11-26 14:26:09 »
Is Deling insufficient for you? It has all the needed translation features including Japanese fonts.


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Re: [FF8 STEAM] New Translation - Recruiting Technical Help
« Reply #2 on: 2018-06-14 20:01:05 »
keen to help out, i just started fixing some end game field text that has bugged me since i first played it, i am fluent in both english + french...
but also grabbed German + Espanol (spanish) + Italian parts of script to check for the best versions... / differences...
in this case i feel like the original JPN / French ones seem to be the best... IMO

for eg, the JPN Script during the final battles include something like "[...I will summon the one you believe is most powerful. The stronger you believe he is, the stronger he becomes.
That will surely make you suffer. Muahahahaha...]
i've modded my version to include this just before the fights start (Page2of text11 for eg),
since i'm not sure how to change the in-combat text prompts yet...

EG i used a translator on part of the french script
(it's very similiar to italian / spanish one for this part)
+ fixed errors swapped a few words for synonyms
+ fixed the sentence order for 1 part :)

Room 573 - Ultimecia's Castle - Master's Room

---------------------------FRENCH ->>> ENGLISH ----------------------
Be cursed!

Your wholesomeness morality and the
extent of your naivety disgust me!

The world would've finally sunk into
this unique space-time grave!

Pitiful creatures ...
Do you finally understand
the extent of my powers?

Punishment for your vain
Crusade will be worse than death.

You will know Hell!

Your flesh and blood will be mine for eternity!
You'll be able to... WORSHIP ME FOR ALL ETERNITY !!!
Your overconfidence is laughable!

Even together, you don't possess even a shadow of (a?) chance!"

-------------------GERMAN - > ENGLISH ---------------------

"Why are they getting in my way !?
  Why are they stopping me? "
"Soon will be a perfect one
  Time compression ... "
"I will not tolerate it ......"
"...... that prevents me from doing so.
  You are swallowed up in it !! "
"Your thoughts are being torn apart,
  your hopes mercilessly smashed. "
"Feelings and memories are torn up!
  I send you into the world of emptiness!
  There's nothing you can do about it ...... "
"......No. You can do one thing.
  Worship me as the only true existence !! "
"Well, who wants to be the first !?
  Who dares to challenge me? "
"Heh ... no matter who!
  I will make the choice! "

-------------------SPANISH - > ENGLISH ---------------------
─ Annoying moles ...
Why do you confront me?
Why do not you leave me alone?
─It's not long ... Soon I'll have
finished compressing time.
I will not let you intrude!
─ Your very existence will dissolve
in the algorithm of temporal compression.
In the midst of intense pain, your
thoughts and memories will be diluted ...              (LOL DILUTED... LMAO)
─ I will send you to a world where you do not
you can move, not even think,
remember! There you can do only one thing ...
AAdorar me, Artemis,
the only eternal existence!
and Who will be the first?
Who will face me?
What matters ... The result;
it will be the same. I will choose!

-------------------ITALIAN - > ENGLISH ---------------------

"I do not like it ......"
"Why do you bother the witch?
  Why are you always getting in the way? "
"Time compression
  it was almost over. "
"Insolent kids!
  Your lives will be assimilated into
  temporal compression algorithm! "
"I will send you in a dimension that
  it surpasses your imagination. "
"You will suffer excruciatingly yours
  Memories will fade away little by little. "
"You will forget friends, family,
"In your new eternal existence
  the only gift given will be to worship me! "
"So, who comes forward?
  Who fights against the witch? "
"Well ......
  I'll choose!