Author Topic: FF 8 PSX Hacking possible?  (Read 503 times)


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FF 8 PSX Hacking possible?
« on: 2018-08-24 19:18:53 »

So I wanted to try and create a hack of FF8 and am having trouble with the process. Specifically I tried Doomtrain, it says it needs the kernel.bin, I opened my FF 8 (Final Fantasy VIII [SLUS-00892]) in CDMage like I did with FF7, it only shows the Disc .img so it was not like my FF 7 mod.

Tried deling-0.9.1b to look for the main.fs or something that was said in the forums, but Deling will not open anything in regards to what I have. It seems to only look at the textures and the Import/Export tab is greyed out completely.

Is Deling only for PC? Am I missing something with Deling? I opened the FF8 .bin, didn't work, tried the .img, didn't wokr. Is there a reason anyone can think of that the Import/Export tab would not work?

Thanks for any responses. I made hacks of FF7(WallMarket) and FF9(Hades) and just wanted to round out the PSX collection. Thanks