Author Topic: FF8 XP Patch?  (Read 1749 times)


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FF8 XP Patch?
« on: 2010-06-24 10:04:54 »
I tried asking around the ffshrine forums and was redirected here by a user who mentioned that I might find an answer sooner >.>

Anyways, here's a quote of my problem:
I decided to blow the dust off my CDs and play FF8 again!
Thing is, I can't remember how I got FF8 to work on my PC last time =/

Right now, it keeps crashing at the same part of the game, over and over.
When Squall and Quistis walk down a path and have a conversation at the very beginning of the game.

You know, where Quistis laughs because she's finally understanding her 'student' >.>

I googled for patches, but only got the 1.2 patch and used it, no go.
I also tried running it in Windows 98 compatibility mode, no luck <.<

I use an XP.

Lookin' for help or an XP patch =x


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Re: FF8 XP Patch?
« Reply #1 on: 2010-06-24 11:47:29 »
Are you using the correct patch?


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Re: FF8 XP Patch?
« Reply #2 on: 2010-06-24 12:43:12 »
Try using Aali's custom driver to run it with opengl if your card supports it. You can also try using ff8configurator but I don't use it so I'm not sure if it has no problems on some parts of the game. Also the official patch for ff8 has two versions(geforce and non geforce). If you have a nvidia card using the geforce patch if you don't use the non geforce.