Author Topic: [FF7PC] Remixed Looped Final Fantasy 7 Music (2014-02-11)  (Read 6383 times)


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These are just some well known FFVII music looped

Also I'm taking request to loop songs as well =D
Granted you can tell me what music is it being used for and you have a HIGH QUALITY copy of the file. Also I need to like the song too or it will be a pain for me to listen to it over and over again trying to find a looping track  :|

Here's my custom track so far

FF Re means FinalFanTim's Re mastered Album
VotLS means Voice of the Life Stream
Anything that's ***.ogg means its using a default or FinalFanTim's music
   aseri - VotLS: Adrenalyne Kyck
   aseri2 - VotLS: Omnislash(Hurry Up!)
   Ayasi - FF Re: Lurking in The Darkness
   Bat - VotLS: Full Frontal Assault
   bee - FF Re: Honeybee Manor
   boo - FF Re: The Flow Of Life / Lifestream
   bokujo - VotLS: Golden Field (Farm Boy)
   canyon - OcRemix: Ascension to the Cosmo Canyon
   cannon - FF Re: The Makou Cannon Is Fired
   cephiros - FF AC: Divinity I
   chu - FF AC: Those Who Fight Further
   chu2 - FF AC: J-E-N-O-V-A
   chase - FF AC: The Chase of Highway
   cinco - FF Re: Cinco De Chocobo
   cintro - FF Re: Those Chosen By The Planet
   condor - BitSymphony: Fortress Of The Condor
   costa - SongeLeReveur: Coast of the Sun (Quartet)
   comical - FF Re:Comical
   corel- VotLS: Midnight at Club Corel (Mining Town)
   corneo - FF Re: Don of the Slums
   crwin - FF Re: A Great Success
   crlost - FF Re: Tango of Tears
   date - OcRemix: Acoustic FireWorks
   dokubo - VotLS:Materia Junkie
   dun2 - FF Re: Chasing the Black Caped Man
   earislo - FF Crisis Core: A Flower Blooming in the Slums3
   earis - Reunion Track: Aerith's Theme Orchestrated
   elec - VotLS: Kweh!
   fanfare - BitSymphony: Fanfare - Remake
   fan2 - FF Re: Fanfare
Unorganized listing beyond here... Deal with later

   gun=FFVII - Shinra Wages a Full Scale Attack - Remake.mp3
   hen=03 Sign - ACC Long Version.mp3
   hiku=FFVII - Highwind Takes to the Skies - BitSymphony.mp3
   horror=2-10 Tweek - Sephiroth's Wake (Trail of Blood).mp3
   isek i- VotLS:Fading Entity (didn't like it) May use either SongeLeReveur You Can Hear the Cry of the Lifestream (Quintet Version or DinosaurDevice You Can Hear the Cry of the Lifestream
   jukai=FFVII - Forested Temple - BitSymphony.mp3
   kita=FFVII AC - Kita no Daikudo.mp3
   kurai=205 A Closed Off Village (from FFVII ''Anxious Heart'').mp3
   lb1=FFVII - Birth Of a God - Remake.mp3
   lb2=04 Advent - One-Winged Angel - ACC Long Version.mp3
   ld=FFVII - Judgement Day - BitSymphony.mp3
   makoro=Artificial Fear - FF- Metal - 02 Mako Reactor.mp3
   mekyu=FFVII AC - For the Reunion.mp3
   mura1=FFVII - Parochial Town - Remake.mp3
   oa=224 to be continued (from FFVII ''Opening ~ Bombing Mission'').mp3
   odds=3-05 Another Soundscape - Golden Feathers (Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets!).mp3
   rhythm=118 The Clandestine Dark Suits (from FFVII ''Turk's Theme'').mp3
   sadbar=2-12 Hy Bound - Mark of the Beatsmith (Mark of a Traitor).mp3
   seto=3-02 Shnabubula - Stone Eyes (The Great Warrior).mp3
   sea=FFVII - A Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea - Remake.mp3
   sinraslo=Crisis Core: The Mako-Controlling Organization (from FFVII ''Shinra Company'') not sneaky enough Chaffxgrenade: Infiltrating Shinra Tower (Arranged Ver.)
   sinra=1-10 Xaleph - Son of Chaos (Shinra Company).mp3
   snow=3-11 Tweek - Frozen Landscape (Buried in Snow).mp3
   tender=FFVII - Holding My Thoughts In My Heart - Remake.mp3
   tm=2-06 Sixto Sounds, Suzumebachi, zircon - Scenes from a Memory (On That Day, Five Years Ago...).mp3
   weapon=FFVII - Weapon Raid - BitSymphony.mp3
   lb2_awe=04 Advent - One-Winged Angel - ACC Long Version.mp3
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Re: [Released] Remixed Looped Final Fantasy 7 Music
« Reply #1 on: 2014-02-10 08:45:26 »
You are awesome! Finally we can use this with the new version of Aali's driver! And much better than the mp3s that wouldn't loop at all! Thank you so much!