Author Topic: Missing all rendered backgrounds - Aali's driver installed  (Read 1457 times)


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I've recently done a fresh install of FFVII and installed Aali's driver.

Now when I run the game I get (at least) the opening FMV and all active objects on the field(potions, materia, NPCs, etc.) but I have no backgrounds to speak of, and the colouring is terrible in the menus and battle; there is no white text, it's grey instead and the bars(limit and ATB) are pink and blue.

Now, I haven't yet installed the Team Avalanche mod yet, but I was thinking I should get everything working first and then upgrade to the next stage.

Thanks in advance.


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If you havn't installed the avalanche mod why is this posted in the avalanche forum? Moved to Tech Support.


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You're running the D3D driver. Did you install the 1.02 patch?