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Final Fantasy IX FanDub Episode 6 Casting Call
« on: 2010-10-17 00:40:16 »
Final Fantasy IX FanDub HD

Final Fantasy IX takes place primarily on the four continents of a world named Gaia (homonymous with Final Fantasy VII's Gaia, but not the same world). Most of Gaia's population reside on the Mist Continent, named so because the entire continent is blanketed in thick Mist. Lands outside the Mist Continent—the Outer, Lost and Forgotten continents—are uncharted territories not explored until midway through the game. Several locations on the parallel world of Terra and the dream land of Memoria round out the game's areas.

The Mist Continent features four factions: Alexandria, Lindblum, Burmecia, and Cleyra. Each country is separated by mountain ranges; the isolated Cleyran civilization, nestled in a giant tree in the desert, is protected by a sandstorm summoned by the village elders.

If you wish to watch additional Episodes, simply click on the Video URL to be taken directly to YouTube. Follow-up Episodes have been posted as a Video Response. Remember to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep informed on the latest in our Final Fantasy IX FanDub! :)

We are also accepting applications from individuals who wish to lend their voice to this FanDub. We will send out E-mails each time there is an unclaimed role for the Episode at hand. (We are no longer sending out E-mails when an Episode is released. If you want to be informed of the Episode being released, please subscribe to the YouTube Channel.)

If you wish to lend your voice to this FanDub, send your Demo to [email protected], including your First and Last Name, your Stage Name, as well as possible characters you may be interested in. Your First and Last Name will be used when the video credits appear at the beginning of the Episode, while your Stage Name will appear in the video description.

Deadline: October 25th, 2010

Record 3 Takes per Line of Dialogue in 44100Hz.
Save as MP3 Format
E-mail your Recordings to [email protected]
(Include your Stage Name, First/Last Name, and Character(s) interested in.)
Indicate whether you want to be left on the Mailing List to be informed of upcoming or available FanDub roles.

This Guard is introduced when the Princess and her companions first arrive in Lindblum.

Line 1: That's a really old airship... (Monotonous, but Comical)
Line 2: You must be kidding! No member of the royal family, let alone a princess, would EVER ride in such a shabby airship. And look at the company you're keeping!
Line 3: This pendant... Is it a Falcon Claw!? No... The shape is a little different.

(British Accent) -- Minister Artania speaks on behalf of Regent Cid. He is an older-aged adult with a royal tone. North American accents will be considered, but a British Accent is preferred.

Line 1: What is going on? ...Hmm..? You are dismissed! I'll take care of this.
Line 2: Lindblum Castle has three levels, all connected by this lift. From the Base Level, which lies below the Mist, you can take a trolley to the harbor and the back gate. Ships hardly arrive at the harbor anymore since travel by air has become so popular. The Mist poses great danger, so we've sealed off everything.
Line 3: Please, settle down! You ARE before the regent!
Line 4: Allow me to explain. About six months ago, someone snuck into the castle and attacked the regent in his sleep. Unfortunately, we were too late. The regent had been transformed into an oglop, and his wife, Lady Hilda, was abducted.

Regent Cid is the ruler of Lindblum. He is a senior-aged individual who has been transformed into an oglop. He must sound comical and knowledgeable. Note, do not pronounce the "Gwok" lines as they appear. This is where you need to make some sort of sound effect with your voice which sounds similar. (Looking for an Orvus-style voice from Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time)

Line 1: I may be a bug, but I am still the ruler of Lindblum.
Line 2: The play was the perfect cover to enter Alexandria and get you out. No one would suspect Lindblum was behind it. We were <gwok> forced to take action, because we knew Alexandria would never seek our help. I'm relieved we were able to get you here.
Line 3: We won't let that happen. Even if she were to command an army of black mages, she won't make a move as long as we have our airship fleet. Don't worry <gwok-gwok>. Everything will be fine.

Bobo is a mid-aged adult who shares a professional friendship with Zidane.

Line 1: Take it outside!
Line 2: Have a seat. Your soup'll be ready in a minute.

Lilian is a young, seductive, and attractive maid at the Bar.

Line 1: Do you mind? You're standing in everyone's way.
Line 2: Yeah? Do you want a drink?

Moggy is a Moogle and Mogster's little brother. They commonly appear to teach Tutorials throughout the Game.

Line 1: Hey, Bro. What are you gonna teach me today?
Line 2: Gosh, Bro. You sure know a lot!

Mogster is a Moogle and Moggy's big brother. They commonly appear to teach Tutorials throughout the Game.

Line 1: Today, I'm gonna talk about the Synthesis Shop.
Line 2: In addition to regular shops where you can buy and sell items, there are synthesis shops, where you can synthesize items to create new items. All you need are two items to server as the base and a few Gil to cover labor. The items you need and the amount of money you pay vary for each synthesized item.

Moodon is a Save Point Moogle.

Line 1: Can I help you, kupo?
Line 2: There's a letter for Zidane!
Line 3: Your friend is starting a mini-theater? Sounds like fun, kupo!
Line 4: Bye!

This young woman bumps into Steiner in the Lindblum Market. She should sound somewhat southern, like some of the characters from King of the Hill.

Line 1: You're dressed awful funny.
Line 2: Ha ha ha! That's a new one! Nice try, but I don't date bums. You should really scrape that rust off. It's disgusting!

This woman talks to Steiner after he is rejected by the Female Red Mage.

Line 1: Do you always strike out that badly? I think you need a new line. A little shine wouldn't hurt either.
Line 2: Oh my. Even the locals don't eat them in one bite.

Alice is a young Shopkeeper who convinces Vivi to join the Festival of the Hunt.

Line 1: Oh, are you friends with the Moogles?
Line 2: That item is called a Kupo Nut. Kupo Nuts are Moogles' favorite good.
Line 3: I think that's the last one. Go ahead, honey. It's on me.
Line 4: Well, we let a bunch of animals loose, and..
Line 5: What's so fun about fighting savage beasts. Wait a minute! Did I say 'animals' again!?

This elderly man bumps into Steiner near the Airship Dock in Lindblum.

Line 1: What, you're lost? Gee... You're a soldier for crying out loud. This is the bridge that connects the castle and the airship docks. That big building in front of us houses the docks.
Line 2: What cave did you just crawl out of!? This is the age of steam power!

This Guard is a bit more intrusive with people on a personal level in comparison to Elite Guard #1.

Line 1: Is there anything you need, Your Highness?
Line 2: I'm sorry, Your Highness, but we cannot grant this request. Right now, there are many people coming to Lindblum for the Festival of the Hunt. Therefore, things are quite chaotic in town, making security rather difficult. Also, very few people know of your presence here. It's for your own safety. Please understand.

A Junior Member, or young boy from Tantalus.

Line 1: There he is! Why didn't you tell us that you were back? We're in Tantalus too, you know.

A Junior Member, or young girl from Tantalus.

Line 1: Uncle Baku said if we find some treasure, we can be in Tantalus too!

Obssessed Fan of Lindblum Actor Lowell. She goes koo-koo over seeing him in-person.

Line 1: Go away! Stop bothering us!
Line 2: LOWELL! I love you! Kiss me! Hold my hand!

Obssessed Fan of Lindblum Actor Lowell. She goes koo-koo over seeing him in-person.

Line 1: Where's Lowell!?
Line 2: LOWELL! I love you! Kiss me! Hold my hand!

Obssessed Fan of Lindblum Actor Lowell. She goes koo-koo over seeing him in-person.

Line 1: How much longer do we have to wait!?
Line 2: LOWELL! I love you! Kiss me! Hold my hand!

A man who has the pleasure of being bombarded by angry Lowell fans.

Line 1: Please! He'll be here in a minute.

Famous Actor in Lindblum who dresses up as a Moogle to clear the crowd.

Line 1: Hi, everyone. I love you guys! See you all again!
Line 2: You were at the theater! Oh, please! Don't tell anyone about this! Please! I'll give you this!
Line 3: Thanks as always, Michael.
Line 4: Come on. Forget about the painting. Let's work together. You can express your artistic talents on-stage too.

Aspiring Artist annoyed by Lowell's constant pressure against him.

Line 1: Geez. I can't finish my painting with you bothering me everyday!
Line 2: Don't ever compare your acting with my art! If you're done with your business, get out of here.

Blocks the way into the restricted area where Dagger is.

Line 1: Sorry. Only authorized personnel can use the lift.

A lazy Soldier who gets beat up by Zidane when Zidane needs a disguise.

Line 1: (Just waking up...) Huh!? Wh-What!? Where!!
Line 2: Alright you bastard! Show yourself! Hey, what are you doing!?

This Guard would be the supervisor of Elite Guards. He needs to be able to stand out.

Line 1: You! What do you think your doing!!!? (In the sense that he just spotted Zidane in the restricted area...)
Line 2: Wake up! How dare you sleep on duty!?

(Upper-British) Bumps into Steiner in the Armor Store.

Line 1: Who knows when that Brahne will start another war...
Line 2: Who the hell are you?
Line 3: Oh, well in that case, can you recommend some good armor?

A sensitive, somewhat speech-impaired kid from the Lindblum Residential District. Bumps into Vivi.

Line 1: GO, Knights of Pluto! YEAH!!! HEY, cut it out! YOU BROKE MY KNIGHT! I'm gonna go tell your mom!!!

A snotty kid from the Lindblum Residential District. Bumps into Vivi.

Line 1: I'm gonna take Cid's airships and destroy them!
Line 2: No, come on!

Works with Cid on the Hilda Garde 2

Line 1: We can't stabilize the engine system. It can't run for more than 10 minutes!
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Re: Final Fantasy IX FanDub Episode 6 Casting Call
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Whoooops! Apparently I had something marked to keep E-mail messages on the web server so that was full and so I couldn't receive any E-mails. If you tried to send me a demo, you should be able to send one now.