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Re: Civilian Cloud
« Reply #25 on: 2011-05-11 05:02:37 »
1 to 2 months anyway.

we want to have some resting periods between events.

as for 2 contests, i'm going to say no.

field models are ridiculously easy to do if we do the lego models.
CRP style field models rely on the battle models, but brought down to the most basic colour, therefore we also need a battle model.
PRP models ARE the battle models.

so, I'm going to say that each entry needs both a field and battle model.


this is why I don't really want lego models as field models;

its impossible for them to have any real level of detail, therefore it'll be almost impossible to get a decent ranking, but if it had a battle model to go with it, it has a much better chance of winning.

and this is an example of the limitations a lego field model has, when compared to the CRP field model style.

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