Author Topic: Speed hacks and Final Fantasy being frame limited.  (Read 1500 times)


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        Hi,  I'm new to this community so first off I would like to say hello.  Also I would like to thank you to the VERY talented
modders/programmers who have taken their personal time to make this epic game even better.  Now introductions are out of
the way, I was wondering if FF7 is frame limited during game play like in battles and in the field.  I'm using Aali's graphic driver
(newest release) of course and Team Avalanches' GO (beta9).  My frame rate during fight scenes is 15 fps steadily... absolutely no fluctuations, my fps during while running in the field is 33 fps steady also.  Seeing as there is no fluctuations it leads me to think that its frame limited but since I'm new to the inner workings of this game I thought that you guy could give me a definitive answer.  If it is frame limited is there any way to impose a higher threshold?  I only want to increase it to 25 fps during battle to give it a more fluid apperance.  So that leads to my other question, I've found some speed hacks online but having no experience with them I wanted to see if there was a way to do it in Aalis' driver config.  If you guys do have any experience speed hacks could you tell me it just goes all out, or if its configurable.  Thanks in advance for your time and if this frequently asked question I would like to say in my defense I searched for my topics but none addressed my concerns, that I could find.  Oh yeah I should list my spec to see if my PC is just lacking oomph.

Amd Athlon II X4 640 @ 3.4Ghz
3 gigs of DDR 2 Ram @ 760mhz
Radeon Hd 6850 1GB Vram
Amd 770 Mobo
Pata - 133 WD Caviar Black 160GB (bleh I know)

I know that this program is single threaded but I would hope my PC is strong enough.  But, with the new driver and extra upgrades maybe it might not be enough.  I figured you guys would know better than me.  Thanks you for your time again.


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Re: Speed hacks and Final Fantasy being frame limited.
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There is actually a thread somewhere on the subject and even some work was done on speeding and smoothing things up.

May give you some insight.


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Re: Speed hacks and Final Fantasy being frame limited.
« Reply #2 on: 2011-05-03 00:55:38 »
Thanks for the link. :) It really did clarify some things for me.  I should have known that it was gonna be more complicated than a speed hack mod.  At least now I know that my game is not running slow.
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Re: Speed hacks and Final Fantasy being frame limited.
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