Author Topic: [IDEA] universal music fix for Final Fantasy 7 PC.  (Read 3862 times)


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Lately a new system midi driver has shown up that is very good and takes soundfonts perfectly.

It is called BASSMIDI driver. (top link)

It supports soundfonts even better than the awe32 itself does. it even supports portmenteau controller (needed for iseki.mid) and filter control (needed for aseri.mid) though not the same way that awe32 does (i'm trying to get that fixed. lol)

Yes, this means perfect midi.

Here's what needs to be done.

1) make new ff7.sf2 file. clean up the existing wasteful samples. Add the missing instruments by hand. there are a few of them. Merge in the OWA file, and include the choir. it will all probably fit in 4 megs.  Redo all instruments that use ROM samples. Add a free GM bank, so it will play normal GM as well. optionally, add GS support as well (this will require more renumbering, though)
2) correct the errors in the awe midi files. correct instrument errors.  Correct sequencing errors. Add missing portmenteau to iseki.mid and elec.mid (get it from XG versions). Add missing filter sweep in aseri.mid (you will have to do this by hand)
3) edit one winged angel so it uses the new instrument path numbers.
4) write patcher to convert ff7+lba.sf2 to new ff7.sf2.
5) make installer.

I have done some work on fixing midi errors, but i simply don't have golden ears, or the skill to fix it all.  I am happy to make my work available.

For people who actually have awes and the soundfont router working, the fixing would be a bit different.

Until ffmusic supports fades for psfs and is 100% stable, i believe this is the best option.

Anyone care?


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Re: [IDEA] universal music fix for Final Fantasy 7 PC.
« Reply #1 on: 2011-04-28 19:23:11 »
This is a really nice idea. My chief concern is that the included sf2 sucks, not just in terms of being poorly made and missing instruments, but not a single damn instrument in there sounds like it does on the PSX. It would pretty much need done from scratch.