Author Topic: SOLVED: My own version of the opening Video. (with some Tech Demo scenes)  (Read 1414 times)


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Hello Everybody  ;D

I just started to play ffvii and I decided to try to make a new version of FFVII intro using some scenes from the Tech demo and then share whith you but I have a problem..

I can't find an HQ version of the Tech demo for ps3.. someone got that video in HD? 720p or higher quality for example?

and even i saw some videos whith cloud on a train in CG but I don't know where they come from.. (;13753102;/fileinfo.html )
I'd like to find the original scene in HD..

I hope someone can help me ^^

I'll use After Effects for the editing and i read somewhere that the video should be 1280x960 and 15 fps according to the (Aali's?) patch for hd movies.. if not right or incomplete plz tell me (I'm not sure about codec..)  :roll:
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    • View Profile That is where they came from :P

There is no longer a 15fps limit on movies.  Best of luck


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Closed as solved.