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Can't get to New Game/Continue screen
« on: 2011-05-20 21:09:10 »
I recently found the PC version of FFVII sitting amongst my lesser-used discs. Then I figured, hey, it's a PC game, so there ought to be mods for it. That's when I found out that there were. All went well, installing mods to get it to run on my Windows 7 x64 PC. Well, I got tired of the sound cutting out from time to time, and decided to uninstall it and use a Playstation instead. It looked like crap in comparison, and so I decided to reinstall using the exact same setup as I had used previously.

I got most of my information here, at CustomPC. I followed the order mentioned there, and then followed instructions on my other mods to the letter, but this time, I can't get to the New Game/Continue screen. Any button I hit gives me a little 'ping' before FFVII closes and returns to the desktop. I've been trying to reinstall all day, but to no avail.

Here's the order in which I did it:
1. Install the game
2. Install the 1.02 patch
3. Install Aali's Custom Graphics 0.7.10b (the first time, I used 0.7.8b)
4. Install Phoenix Rejuvenation Project (and transferred the files to the Program Files (x86) since I have 64-bit Windows)
5. Install Team Avalanche's Graphic Overhaul (Hi Res)

I did this both times in this exact order, but this time it's not working. I understand that it could be because I used 0.7.10b instead of 0.7.8b, but it worked without PRP and Avalanche with 0.7.10b.