Author Topic: Problem with playable characters during battle [FF7]  (Read 987 times)


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Hi everyone,
I have a problem during battle, my characters appear in white, here you can see an example of what i mean:

When it's my turn, if i have to choose what will do Cloud, both characters appear correctly,
 when it's Barret's turn just him appears fine.

I'm at windows 7 64-bits. The FF7 installation is from CD, English version.
Here the patches I've installed in chronological order:
-FFVII Remix 2.5.1
-FF7 opengl 0.7.9b
-Avalanche GUI 2.0.8
-Avalanche High Res
-FF7 Music
-FMV Res

I installed the last version of openGL but it causes me a lot of trouble... the game couldn't even start

I've uninstalled all and tried every patch, the problem comes with FF7 opengl 0.7.9b

Now i'm lookig at the forums if the bug in the new version can be fixed...
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