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Battle animation little trouble
« on: 2011-06-02 20:09:41 »
Hi people, this is about playable characters AI.

So in my game I have cloud & vincent battle AI swapped, all animation seem work good, except for the death animation for my Rufus (vincent) in his fiends forms, he died and morph into the character that I swapped with the three vincents lgp files. So I wonder if this come from the battle lgp animations files, or some AI scripts from the kernel bin. Anyway I haven't seen on the forum if we can merge battle animations (lgp) files into one for a model, for example merge all the **da files for barret to use only one model instead of three in three models.

Then if this is the battle lgp files, I know that I must swap the files with my rufus(cloud) to have proper animation, but as we have three model for vincent battle model, what is the one I must keep to have my vincent model (with cloud AI so just one **da file fortunately).

Can you help me please ?

Or if this was already seen anywhere in the forum (I have searched), just indicate me the helpfull post.