Author Topic: Some missing battle effects using Aali's driver and PRP  (Read 990 times)


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Hi everyone,

I'm using the latest versions of the above two mods (just downloaded and re-copied over the files of Aali's mod version 0.7.11b to make sure the problem was still there). I've noticed that there are a few battle effects that are missing. One example is the Grunts' beam gun in the No. 1 Reactor in the first bombing mission. Here is what it should look like:

And here is what it is on my computer. Notice conspicuous absence of beam:

The shooting effect and effect where it hits the character are showing, but the beams themselves (those blocky things) are not. I could come up with other examples of missing battle effects if you like, though spotting them relies on my memory of what should be there. Most effects are working. I'm using the default ff7_opengl.cfg file, having only changed the resolution. There seems to be nothing interesting or alarming in my APP.LOG but I can post it if it's useful.

What else should I say? Graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 6570M/5700, I'm running Windows 7 x64. I've tried various combinations of running the exe as admin or not (I have UAC disabled) with various different compatibility modes or none, to no avail. I've tried older versions of Aali's driver (I assume it is Aali's driver that is causing this) back to version 0.7.8b, also to no avail. I know I have played FF7 on the PC with Aali's driver in the past (like a few months ago, on a different machine) and seen the beams of Grunts' beam guns. What could the problem be?

I appreciate all the fantastic work you folks do here, and thanks in advance for any advice, thoughts or suggestions!