Author Topic: Any mods released with improved pre-rendered backgrounds ?  (Read 1615 times)


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Thanks to this great site my ff7 is looking better then ever. The only thing I need to make this game complete is some new updated pre-rendered backgrounds (if any exist) but I have searched all over the site and havnt found any. There's been several times ive used the search feature and didn't quite find it through there so I was hoping theres a hidden old thread somewhere with someone whos done this. Thanks in advance !


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I hate to say to but you didn't search quite hard enough, but I'm nice guy so here's 2 of the projects.

sl1982's field enhancement
Upscaled and cleaned up, only a small portion of the game though.

yarLson's Project Blackfan
Again, only upscaled and cleaned up but does contain a good amount of updated backgrounds.

There is another project to do them from scratch but that's a long way off for now.


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Don't forget Keystone  :-D