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FF8 Configurator and soundfonts
« on: 2011-08-25 10:28:32 »
I can't find any documentation on this part of the configurator.

There's a tab to add multiple DLSes, and FFaddons.  But they don't seem to work when previewed.  I've added the DLS to 3 soundfonts, in the one column, and added their Addons in the other column.

The one file I've been testing with is the Garden music in orchestral version.  Putting it in the configurator just seems to play a rapid tap sound.  But if I overwrite the DLS & sgt files of the core game, it plays properly in the configurator.

I can't even find instructions on this anywhere.  Can someone tell me what I'm missing?

Edit:  I see now that the preview only plays right if you highlight the matching DLS in the left column while making sure the Addon in the right column is checked (and nothing playing that song is checked above it).

But I still wonder, does the game use ALL of those DLSes or does it only use the one I highlighted?  What I'd like is it to use whatever is in the top addon, then any others in the next addon, then any not included in the first two would be used from the third addon.  If music isn't in any of the addons, then it uses the standard music.  Is that how it works?
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