Author Topic: Official Bulldozer Bench Scores- BD beats 2500k in MT Bench(No source, read why)  (Read 1322 times)


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As you guys know Im an avid member of and follow hardware news there routinely.
In the past few days Bulldozer Chips have been showing up in very odd ways(before the NDA lift) on many websites.

Shortly after this, we got our first look at the leaked press kit. A day later, we have leaked Benches from PCM, although they were clearly not run under ideal conditions, as indicated by the material in the original source article.

When this information was discovered, it took about 2 hours for PCM to pull it down, apparently threatened by the attention they were getting, and afraid of what action AMD may take for them breaching the terms of the NDA.

Here is the thread describing what we all saw.

Since the source was pulled, many people can not get the benches that were shown, but a member of, Olivion,  compiled this list so that others can see for themselves.

This is the SAME list that was posted earlier today, it is unedited, and a fair look at BD;s performance.
Quote from: Olivion
Cinebench 10 ST
FX-8150 : 4074
2500k/2600K : 5800
i7-965 : 4900

Cinebench 10 MT
FX-8150 : 20615
2500k : 18615
2600k : 22615

Cinebench 11.5 MT
FX-8150 : 6.01
2500k : 5.37
2600K : 6.75
i7-965 : 5.73

3DMark Vantage CPU Score :
FX-8150 : 19119
2600K : 22500

3DMark Vantage Total Score :
FX-8150 : 21949
2600K : 25500

3DMark 11 Total Score :
FX-8150 : 6616
2600K/i7 965 : 7385

Dirt 3
FX-8150 : 105avg/75min
i7-965 : 93avg/71min

Mafia II
FX-8150 : 68.3 avg
i7-965 : 76 avg

Far Cry II
FX-8150 : 111avg/23min
i7-965 : 126avg/75min

I wanted BD to be a real competitor more than anyone, but you have to admit, AMD has made STRIDES since the Phenom. Hopefully we will get some serious competition between the two camps in 1-2 more generations of chips, because AMD's next move will only slightly increase the performance of Bulldozer, much Like Ivy Bridge will for Sandy.

Please let me know what you think of these scores, and what you think about the bulldozer chip.