Author Topic: SOLVED: Please Help! Trouble Downloading!  (Read 1336 times)


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SOLVED: Please Help! Trouble Downloading!
« on: 2012-01-04 17:13:52 »
Hey everybody, let me start off by saying some things.
I first got final fantasy 7 when i was very young, i think it was when it first came out. I had a really troubled childhood, and my first playstation and copy of final fantasy 7 was my only game i had, and it became my escape from my home life and my fathers drug abuse. I fell in love with the game, ive been its number 1 fan my entire life. my baby sister got ahold of my disk 3 and i was never able to beat it until years and years later, when i discovered ps emulation, it was, humerously enough, almost an emotional experience for me. Now, years more later, i have come across the original disks for the PC version of Final Fantasy 7.  I made .ISOs of them in case i ever lost them (which i did). the disks and the isos are both working, as i have downloaded with them both many times, to get a working game. but then i discovered people like you, who took ff7 and wanted to improve on it, make it better, interesting, different. so i wound up installing and uninstalling repeatedly to try to get mods to work. at one point, i wiped my harddrive, and installed a newer version of the os i had (windows xp black pirate edition), and i tried to reinstall ff7. during the instalation where it shows vincent on the rooftop, the instalation stops at 65%, and the window that brags about how advanced the 3d graphics are pops up and the instalation continues like normal, but when i try to play the game, its a black screen and doesnt work. it does the same thing on other computers ive tried it on, can ANYONE please help me
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Re: Please Help! Trouble Downloading!
« Reply #1 on: 2012-01-04 18:33:42 »
From the rules:

We Do Not Condone Software Piracy
Asking where to get illegal software or cracks will not be tolerated. Asking for support for the Ultima Edition or any other pirated version of the game will not be tolerated. Any discussion regarding pirated software is an immediate warning. Assisting people that use pirated software is also forbidden.

Even though your FF7 seems to be legit, we will not provide support running it on a pirated copy of Windows. Not to mention, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the cause of the problem; even unmodded, the game works fine on a stock WinXP install.