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World map model
« on: 2012-01-25 01:00:52 »
Hello everyone! I have a question about the world map model.
I am currently using a number of mods like Team avalanche's graphical overhaul, Phoenix rejuvenation project, menu overhaul  and so on..
One thing I have not been able to change is the world map model of cloud. I still get the blocky chibi model. Are there any models available? If not what are the steps to convert a field model into a world map model? And then where do I put it in the "direct\" directory?

EDIT: I found the solution. I was assuming that PRP was installing correctly but apparently it wasn't because I have 64-bit windows. So I found the installation directory and extracted 00.lpg (which contains the field models) and 01.lpg (which contains the world map models) and placed them in the correct location and now it all works fine! You can delete this thread if you want...
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