Author Topic: [FF7PSX PAL-G] Cloud carries Buster Sword (2013-10-17)  (Read 1590 times)


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This mod equips the Buster Sword on Clouds back in the Fields.

The mod is available in two colors: Standard and the one you see in the screenshot. The colored version changes Clouds Model the same way as my Field model mod. Also my eyecolor mod is applied in this Screenshot this mod however will only put the Buster Sword on Clouds back.
Unfortunately this mod will only work properly if you have my 16 parts patch installed which is currently only available for the German version:

Im working on a solution for the other Discs and NTSC version! Still you can apply this to an Iso and extract the Cloud.BCX to get your hands on the model. Unfortunately because of copyrights I cant supply the Cloud.BCX myself.

If you wanna use this along with my Field model patch use the "No Cloud version". If you already patched your ISO with my or any other mod that changes Cloud.BCX make sure you flush that file by inserting a standard Cloud.BCX (you get from a fresh iso) using a program like cdmage or cdprog BEFORE using this patch. A ppf applies changes so if your Cloud.BCX is different than mine when I created the patch Cloud.BCX will get destroyed.

The supplied ppf can be applied to all 3 discs.

Download PPF here:
[PAL German]
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