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FF7 Movies - Can't get it to work right
« on: 2012-05-14 23:58:57 »
Hi there.  I've been coming here on and off for a couple years, but this is my first time posting.  /wave

Anyway, to my problem...

First, I have the Platinum Edition of FF7 (  and I'm trying to play through Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.  It's the US NTSC version of FF7 in which everything seems to be in proper order.  No CD's are scratched, installations go just fine and the game itself works just fine.

Basically, the opening movie ('nor any movie) doesn't work, but I'll press enter on the numpad and it skips to the New Game/Continue screen.  I have some old saves from near the beginning of the game which I used to test the game itself, which works just fine.  Since the opening Squaresoft logo screen with the chocobos is the only movie that it allows you to skip, it's the only one I can actually get through.  If any movie starts at any other point, I cannot proceed due to the game not allowing you to actually skip them.  Waiting for the movies to finish doesn't work either.

If I run the movies outside the game on the actual CD (or if I copy any to my desktop), I get sound, but no video (I get neither in-game).  I can skip through the video to later audio points, but at no point does the video work.

I've been working with/building computers etc. for 15 years now, so I'm fairly tech-savvy, and have tried a number of things suggested by various threads through this forum. 

I'm not looking to improve the music or the graphics of the game (I like playing games how they were intended to be played), so I'm not into any new models, music and whatnot.  I'm just trying to get the movies to play properly.  I have Virtual PC installed with my old copy of Windows 98 and installed it through there, and it works just fine... a bit slow, and the music is crap, but it works.

What I have tried through Windows 7:

True motion 2 codec - multiple attempts at misc. tm20decSetup's I have found on the net.  After installing that, I get to where I am now.  Music, but no actual video.

I have tried the duck codec.  Doesn't appear to do anything whatsoever.

K-Light Codec pack with the proper options enabled/disabled -  Crashes, no sound or video.  Messing around with it further, I can get the first frame of a video to show up, but it still doesn't run through FF7, and if you try to skip any video outside of FF7, it crashes.  Uninstalling the codecs reverts back to the True Motion 2 codec... sound, but no video.

I think that's about it... if I'm missing anything, please let me know.  I don't think video card/sound card/processor really matters in this case since it appears to just be a incompatibility between the codec FF7 uses for it's videos and Windows 7.

Thank you for any input/help you can give, I really do appreciate it.


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Re: FF7 Movies - Can't get it to work right
« Reply #1 on: 2012-05-15 01:05:40 »
Install Aali's custom graphics driver and the movies will play just fine.  No need for ancient codecs to be installed on your computer


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Re: FF7 Movies - Can't get it to work right
« Reply #2 on: 2012-05-15 21:33:08 »
Thank you kind sir.  Seems to have fixed the problem.  I really appreciate it... too good of a game to not play.  Heh.