Author Topic: [FF8] Break Damage Limit for GF & Ultimate Weapons bonuses  (Read 951 times)


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Hello everyone,

I recently resumed work on my balancing mod for FF8 (English Steam version). It is actually in a near complete state, thanks to the efforts of some users here, making things like Vit0 resistance for enemies or Draw Point adjustments possible. However, there are still a few ideas I would like to implement before coming up with an initial release:

1. Break Damage Limit for GF as an Ability
I know you can allow a GF to universally break the damage limit of its attack by altering kernel.bin. But, is it actually possible to make the Break Damage Limit effect conditional? My idea is tying the effect to an Ability that a GF needs to learn first. For the ease of implementation, I would be willing to sacrifice the Boost ability which I think could be rewritten into something like "if a GF has this Ability, allow it to exceed the damage limit", so changes to the save game file should not be necessary.

2. Ultimate Weapon bonuses
In order to make the best weapons stand out more, I would like to have some of them unlock certain effects that the respective character benefits from:

Quistis: all of her Blue Magic can break the damage limit, not just Shockwave Pulsar
Zell: My Final Heaven can break the damage limit
Rinoa: Angelo Cannon, Angelo Strike and all spells cast under Angel Wing status can break the damage limit (probably beyond possible, but asking can't hurt, right? ;D)

3. Disable Boost Mode & vehicle speed
Not sure about this, but it seems that using Boost Mode (the one that was introduced with the Steam version, enabled by pressing F1), messes up in-game timers and their consequences when they reach 0. For example, you apparently don't get a Game Over when the timer during the Ifrit battle reaches 0 if you have used Boost Mode before. Or Odin no longer uses Zantetsuken after the timer runs out. Therefore, I'm looking for way to disable Boost Mode altogether. As a compensation, I would like to increase the vehicle speed of Balamb Garden and Ragnarok on the world map, which I think is the most common scenario in which players make use of that feature.

As my modding skills aren't particularly broad, I can't put anything of the above into effect alone. So any help would be much appreciated.