Author Topic: [PSX/PC] batch file sorts battle lgp (2012-10-26)  (Read 6860 times)

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put together a batch file. run it inside the folder with all you battle lgp files and it will sort them like this
...\sorted\rtaa cloud\files
only run it in a folder that has battle files or it may end up moving some of your files.

to use it. copy all below into notepad.
save it as 1.bat.
put it in the folder with the files you dumped from your battle lgp.
double click 1.bat and it will sort the files.
Code: [Select]
mkdir sorted\"aaaa test pyramid"
move aa* sorted\"aaaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"abaa test pyramid"
move ab* sorted\"abaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"acaa test pyramid"
move ac* sorted\"acaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"adaa test pyramid"
move ad* sorted\"adaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"aeaa test pyramid"
move ae* sorted\"aeaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"afaa test pyramid"
move af* sorted\"afaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"agaa test pyramid"
move ag* sorted\"agaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ahaa test pyramid"
move ah* sorted\"ahaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"aiaa test pyramid"
move ai* sorted\"aiaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ajaa test pyramid"
move aj* sorted\"ajaa test pyramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"akaa diamond weapon"
move ak* sorted\"akaa diamond weapon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"alaa ruby weapon"
move al* sorted\"alaa ruby weapon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"amaa ruby tentacle"
move am* sorted\"amaa ruby tentacle"\ 
mkdir sorted\"anaa emerald top"
move an* sorted\"anaa emerald top"\ 
mkdir sorted\"aoaa emerald bottom"
move ao* sorted\"aoaa emerald bottom"\ 
mkdir sorted\"apaa idk"
move ap* sorted\"apaa idk"\ 
mkdir sorted\"aqaa mp"
move aq* sorted\"aqaa mp"\ 
mkdir sorted\"araa guard hound"
move ar* sorted\"guard hound"\ 
mkdir sorted\"asaa monodrive"
move as* sorted\"asaa mono drive"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ataa grunt"
move at* sorted\"ataa grunt"\ 
mkdir sorted\"auaa 1st ray"
move au* sorted\"auaa 1st ray"\ 
mkdir sorted\"avaa sweeper"
move av* sorted\"avaa sweeper"\ 
mkdir sorted\"awaa guard scorpian"
move aw* sorted\"awaa guard scorpian"\ 
mkdir sorted\"axaa grashstrike"
move ax* sorted\"axaa grashstrike"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ayaa rocket launcher"
move ay* sorted\"ayaa rocket launcher"\ 
mkdir sorted\"azaa whole eater"
move az* sorted\"azaa whole eater"\ 
mkdir sorted\"baaa chuse tank"
move ba* sorted\"baaa chuse tank"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bbaa blugu"
move bb* sorted\"bbaa blugu"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bcaa hedgehog pie"
move bc* sorted\"bcaa hedgehog pie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bdaa smogger"
move bd* sorted\"bdaa smogger"\ 
mkdir sorted\"beaa special combat"
move be* sorted\"beaa special combat"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bfaa blood taste"
move bf* sorted\"bfaa blood taste"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bgaa protomachinegun"
move bg* sorted\"bgaa protomachinegun"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bhaa airbuster"
move bh* sorted\"bhaa airbuster"\ 
mkdir sorted\"biaa vice"
move bi* sorted\"biaa vice"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bjaa corneos lacke"
move bj* sorted\"bjaa corneos lacke"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bkaa scotch"
move bk* sorted\"bkaa scotch"\ 
mkdir sorted\"blaa aps"
move bl* sorted\"blaa aps"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bmaa sahagin"
move bm* sorted\"bmaa sahagin"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bnaa ceasar"
move bn* sorted\"bnaa ceasar"\ 
mkdir sorted\"boaa eligor"
move bo* sorted\"boaa eligor"\ 
mkdir sorted\"boaa eligor"
move bo* sorted\"boaa eligor"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bpaa ghost"
move bp* sorted\"bpaa ghost"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bqaa cripshay"
move bq* sorted\"bqaa cripshay"\ 
mkdir sorted\"braa deenglow"
move br* sorted\"braa deenglow"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bsaa hell house calm"
move bs* sorted\"bsaa hell house calm"\ 
mkdir sorted\"btaa hell house angry"
move bt* sorted\"btaa hell house angry"\ 
mkdir sorted\"buaa aero combatant fly"
move bu* sorted\"buaa aero combatant fly"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bvaa aero combatant stand"
move bv* sorted\"bvaa aero combatant stand"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bwaa reno"
move bw* sorted\"bwaa reno"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bxaa renos pramid"
move bx* sorted\"bxaa renos pramid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"byaa warning board"
move by* sorted\"byaa warning board"\ 
mkdir sorted\"bzaa w board machine gun"
move bz* sorted\"bzaa w board machine gun"\ 
mkdir sorted\"caaa idk turret"
move ca* sorted\"caaa idk turret"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cbaa hamer blaster"
move cb* sorted\"cbaa hamer blaster"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ccaa blasters pod"
move cc* sorted\"ccaa blasters pod"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cdaa sword dance"
move cd* sorted\"cdaa sword dance"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ceaa soldier 3rd"
move ce* sorted\"ceaa soldier 3rd"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cfaa might grunt strong"
move cf* sorted\"cfaa might grunt strong"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cgaa mighty grunt weak"
move cg* sorted\"cgaa mighty grunt weak"\ 
mkdir sorted\"chaa moth slasher"
move ch* sorted\"chaa moth slasher"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ciaa grenade combatant"
move ci* sorted\"ciaa grenade combatant"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cjaa brain pod"
move cj* sorted\"cjaa brain pod"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ckaa vargid police"
move ck* sorted\"ckaa vargid police"\ 
mkdir sorted\"claa zenene"
move cl* sorted\"claa zenene"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cmaa sample ho512"
move cm* sorted\"cmaa sample ho512"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cnaa ho512 small"
move cn* sorted\"cnaa ho512 small"\ 
mkdir sorted\"coaa hundred gunner"
move co* sorted\"coaa hundred gunner"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cpaa heligunner"
move cp* sorted\"cpaa heligunner"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cqaa rufus"
move cq* sorted\"cqaa rufus"\ 
mkdir sorted\"craa darknation"
move cr* sorted\"craa darknation"\ 
mkdir sorted\"csaa heli"
move cs* sorted\"csaa heli"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ctaa motorball"
move ct* sorted\"ctaa motorball"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cuaa devil ride"
move cu* sorted\"cuaa devil ride"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cvaa custom sweeper"
move cv* sorted\"cvaa custom sweeper"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cwaa kalm fang"
move cw* sorted\"cwaa kalm fang"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cxaa prowler"
move cx* sorted\"cxaa prowler"\ 
mkdir sorted\"cyaa elfadunk"
move cy* sorted\"cyaa elfadunk"\ 
mkdir sorted\"czaa mu"
move cz* sorted\"czaa mu"\ 
mkdir sorted\"daaa mu attack"
move da* sorted\"daaa mu attack"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dbaa mandragora"
move db* sorted\"dbaa mandragora"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dcaa levricon"
move dc* sorted\"dcaa levricon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ddaa midgar zolom"
move dd* sorted\"ddaa midgar zolom"\ 
mkdir sorted\"deaa madouge"
move de* sorted\"deaa madouge"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dfaa crowler"
move df* sorted\"dfaa crowler"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dgaa ark dragon"
move dg* sorted\"dgaa ark dragon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dhaa castanets"
move dh* sorted\"dhaa castanets"\ 
mkdir sorted\"diaa zemzelett"
move di* sorted\"diaa zemzelett"\ 
mkdir sorted\"djaa nerosuferoth"
move dj* sorted\"djaa nerosuferoth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dkaa hell rider vr2"
move dk* sorted\"dkaa hell rider vr2"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dlaa formula"
move dl* sorted\"dlaa formula"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dmaa capperwire"
move dm* sorted\"dmaa capperwire"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dnaa bottomswell"
move dn* sorted\"dnaa bottomswell"\ 
mkdir sorted\"doaa bswell waterpolo"
move do* sorted\"doaa bswell waterpolo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dpaa scurtin"
move dp* sorted\"dpaa scurtin"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dqaa marine"
move dq* sorted\"dqaa marine"\ 
mkdir sorted\"draa jenova birth"
move dr* sorted\"draa jenova birth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dsaa grangalan"
move ds* sorted\"dsaa grangalan"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dtaa drangalan jr"
move dt* sorted\"dtaa drangalan jr"\ 
mkdir sorted\"duaa garangalan jr. jr."
move du* sorted\"duaa garangalan jr. jr."\ 
mkdir sorted\"dvaa beachplug"
move dv* sorted\"dvaa beachplug"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dwaa search crown"
move dw* sorted\"dwaa search crown"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dxaa needle kiss"
move dx* sorted\"dxaa needle kiss"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dyaa bloat float"
move dy* sorted\"dyaa bloat float"\ 
mkdir sorted\"dzaa dandragana"
move dz* sorted\"dzaa dandragana"\ 
mkdir sorted\"eaaa cokatolis"
move ea* sorted\"eaaa cokatolis"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ebaa bomb"
move eb* sorted\"ebaa bomb"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ecaa death claw"
move ec* sorted\"ecaa death claw"\ 
mkdir sorted\"edaa 2faced"
move ed* sorted\"edaa 2faced"\ 
mkdir sorted\"eeaa bandit"
move ee* sorted\"eeaa bandit"\ 
mkdir sorted\"efaa bullmotor"
move ef* sorted\"efaa bullmotor"\ 
mkdir sorted\"egaa landwork"
move eg* sorted\"egaa landwork"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ehaa dyne"
move eh* sorted\"ehaa dyne"\ 
mkdir sorted\"eiaa bullmotor mi"
move ei* sorted\"eiaa bullmotor mi"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ejaa spencer"
move ej* sorted\"ejaa spencer"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ekaa joker"
move ek* sorted\"ekaa joker"\ 
mkdir sorted\"elaa flapbeat"
move el* sorted\"elaa flapbeat"\ 
mkdir sorted\"emaa chimera"
move em* sorted\"emaa chimera"\ 
mkdir sorted\"enaa grand horn"
move en* sorted\"enaa grand horn"\ 
mkdir sorted\"eoaa gagighandi"
move eo* sorted\"eoaa gagighandi"\ 
mkdir sorted\"epaa touch me"
move ep* sorted\"epaa touch me"\ 
mkdir sorted\"eqaa crown lance"
move eq* sorted\"eqaa crown lance"\ 
mkdir sorted\"eraa flower prong small"
move er* sorted\"eraa flower prong small"\ 
mkdir sorted\"esaa flower prong medium"
move es* sorted\"esaa flower prong medium"\ 
mkdir sorted\"etaa flower prong big"
move et* sorted\"etaa flower prong big"\ 
mkdir sorted\"euaa slaps"
move eu* sorted\"euaa slaps"\ 
mkdir sorted\"evaa kimara bug"
move ev* sorted\"evaa kimara bug"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ewaa heavy tank"
move ew* sorted\"ewaa heavy tank"\ 
mkdir sorted\"exaa reno"
move ex* sorted\"exaa reno"\ 
mkdir sorted\"eyaa rude"
move ey* sorted\"eyaa rude"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ezaa skeeskee"
move ez* sorted\"ezaa skeeskee"\ 
mkdir sorted\"faaa griffin"
move fa* sorted\"faaa griffin"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fbaa golem"
move fb* sorted\"fbaa golem"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fcaa amano"
move fc* sorted\"fcaa amano"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fdaa desert sahagin"
move fd* sorted\"fdaa desert sahagin"\ 
mkdir sorted\"feaa gi spector"
move fe* sorted\"feaa gi spector"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ffaa sneaky step"
move ff* sorted\"ffaa sneaky step"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fgaa heg"
move fg* sorted\"fgaa heg"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fhaa stinger"
move fh* sorted\"fhaa stinger"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fiaa nattaks soul fire"
move fi* sorted\"fiaa nattaks soul fire"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fjaa gi nattak"
move fj* sorted\"fjaa gi nattak"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fkaa nibel wolf"
move fk* sorted\"fkaa nibel wolf"\ 
mkdir sorted\"flaa welcher task"
move fl* sorted\"flaa welcher task"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fmaa babha velamyu"
move fm* sorted\"fmaa babha velamyu"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fnaa valron"
move fn* sorted\"fnaa valron"\ 
mkdir sorted\"foaa battery cap"
move fo* sorted\"foaa battery cap"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fpaa mirage"
move fp* sorted\"fpaa mirage"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fqaa dorky face"
move fq* sorted\"fqaa dorky face"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fraa jersey"
move fr* sorted\"fraa jersey"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fsaa black bat"
move fs* sorted\"fsaa black bat"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ftaa ghirofelgo"
move ft* sorted\"ftaa ghirofelgo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fuaa ghirofelgos chain"
move fu* sorted\"fuaa ghirofelgos chain"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fvaa ying"
move fv* sorted\"fvaa ying"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fwaa yang"
move fw* sorted\"fwaa yang"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fxaa ying yang body"
move fx* sorted\"fxaa ying yang body"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fyaa lost number"
move fy* sorted\"fyaa lost number"\ 
mkdir sorted\"fzaa lost number"
move fz* sorted\"fzaa lost number"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gaaa lost number"
move ga* sorted\"gaaa lost number"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gbaa dragon"
move gb* sorted\"gbaa dragon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gcaa sonic speed"
move gc* sorted\"gcaa sonic speed"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gdaa twin brain"
move gd* sorted\"gdaa twin brain"\ 
mkdir sorted\"geaa zuu"
move ge* sorted\"geaa zuu"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gfaa kyuvilduns"
move gf* sorted\"gfaa kyuvilduns"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ggaa screamer"
move gg* sorted\"ggaa screamer"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ghaa materia keeper"
move gh* sorted\"ghaa materia keeper"\ 
mkdir sorted\"giaa palmer"
move gi* sorted\"giaa palmer"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gjaa tiny bronco"
move gj* sorted\"gjaa tiny bronco"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gkaa shinra truck"
move gk* sorted\"gkaa shinra truck"\ 
mkdir sorted\"glaa thunderbird"
move gl* sorted\"glaa thunderbird"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gmaa razor weed"
move gm* sorted\"gmaa razor weed"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gnaa edge head"
move gn* sorted\"gnaa edge head"\ 
mkdir sorted\"goaa bizzare bug"
move go* sorted\"goaa bizzare bug"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gpaa tail bault"
move gp* sorted\"gpaa tail bault"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gqaa adamantaimai"
move gq* sorted\"gqaa adamantaimai"\ 
mkdir sorted\"graa attack squad"
move gr* sorted\"graa attack squad"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gsaa foulander"
move gs* sorted\"gsaa foulander"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gtaa garuda"
move gt* sorted\"gtaa garuda"\ 
mkdir sorted\"guaa jayjujayme"
move gu* sorted\"guaa jayjujayme"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gvaa rapps"
move gv* sorted\"gvaa rapps"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gwaa gorkhii"
move gw* sorted\"gwaa gorkhii"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gxaa shake"
move gx* sorted\"gxaa shake"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gyaa chekhov"
move gy* sorted\"gyaa chekhov"\ 
mkdir sorted\"gzaa staniv"
move gz* sorted\"gzaa staniv"\ 
mkdir sorted\"haaa godo"
move ha* sorted\"haaa godo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hbaa big toxic frog"
move hb* sorted\"hbaa big toxic frog"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hcaa big toxic frog"
move hc* sorted\"hcaa big toxic frog"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hdaa under lizard"
move hd* sorted\"hdaa under lizard"\ 
mkdir sorted\"heaa kalzmelzer"
move he* sorted\"heaa kalzmelzer"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hfaa dual horn"
move hf* sorted\"hfaa dual horn"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hgaa tonadu"
move hg* sorted\"hgaa tonadu"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hhaa toxic frog"
move hh* sorted\"hhaa toxic frog"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hiaa jemnezmy"
move hi* sorted\"hiaa jemnezmy"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hjaa doorbull"
move hj* sorted\"hjaa doorbull"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hkaa ancient dragan"
move hk* sorted\"hkaa ancient dragan"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hlaa red dragon"
move hl* sorted\"hlaa red dragon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hmaa 8eye"
move hm* sorted\"hmaa 8eye"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hnaa demons gate"
move hn* sorted\"hnaa demons gate"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hoaa jenova life"
move ho* sorted\"hoaa jenova life"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hpaa vlakorados"
move hp* sorted\"hpaa vlakorados"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hqaa trickplay"
move hq* sorted\"hqaa trickplay"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hraa trick play attack"
move hr* sorted\"hraa trick play attack"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hsaa bound fat"
move hs* sorted\"hsaa bound fat"\ 
mkdir sorted\"htaa mall dancer"
move ht* sorted\"htaa mall dancer"\ 
mkdir sorted\"huaa grim guard"
move hu* sorted\"huaa grim guard"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hvaa hungry"
move hv* sorted\"hvaa hungry"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hwaa acrophies"
move hw* sorted\"hwaa acrophies"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hxaa ice golem"
move hx* sorted\"hxaa ice golem"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hyaa shred"
move hy* sorted\"hyaa shred"\ 
mkdir sorted\"hzaa lessaloploth"
move hz* sorted\"hzaa lessaloploth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"iaaa frozen nail"
move ia* sorted\"iaaa frozen nail"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ibaa jumping"
move ib* sorted\"ibaa jumping"\ 
mkdir sorted\"icaa snow"
move ic* sorted\"icaa snow"\ 
mkdir sorted\"idaa bandersnatch"
move id* sorted\"idaa bandersnatch"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ieaa maganade"
move ie* sorted\"ieaa maganade"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ifaa magnade shield"
move if* sorted\"ifaa magnade shield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"igaa magnade shield"
move ig* sorted\"igaa magnade shield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ihaa malboro"
move ih* sorted\"ihaa malboro"\ 
mkdir sorted\"iiaa blue dragon"
move ii* sorted\"iiaa blue dragon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ijaa icycle"
move ij* sorted\"ijaa icycle"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ikaa headbomber"
move ik* sorted\"ikaa headbomber"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ilaa stilva"
move il* sorted\"ilaa stilva"\ 
mkdir sorted\"imaa zolokalter"
move im* sorted\"imaa zolokalter"\ 
mkdir sorted\"inaa evil head"
move in* sorted\"inaa evil head"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ioaa cuahl"
move io* sorted\"ioaa cuahl"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ipaa gigas"
move ip* sorted\"ipaa gigas"\ 
mkdir sorted\"iqaa grenade"
move iq* sorted\"iqaa grenade"\ 
mkdir sorted\"iraa gremlin"
move ir* sorted\"iraa gremlin"\ 
mkdir sorted\"isaa ironite"
move is* sorted\"isaa ironite"\ 
mkdir sorted\"itaa sculpture"
move it* sorted\"itaa sculpture"\ 
mkdir sorted\"iuaa schizo"
move iu* sorted\"iuaa schizo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ivaa schozos head"
move iv* sorted\"ivaa schozos head"\ 
mkdir sorted\"iwaa wind wing"
move iw* sorted\"iwaa wind wing"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ixaa dragon rider"
move ix* sorted\"ixaa dragon rider"\ 
mkdir sorted\"iyaa idk"
move iy* sorted\"iyaa idk"\ 
mkdir sorted\"izaa tonberry"
move iz* sorted\"izaa tonberry"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jaaa jenova death"
move ja* sorted\"jaaa jenova death"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jbaa roulette cannon"
move jb* sorted\"jbaa roulette cannon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jcaa cannon under"
move jc* sorted\"jcaa cannon under"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jdaa soldier 2nd"
move jd* sorted\"jdaa soldier 2nd"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jeaa death machine"
move je* sorted\"jeaa death machine"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jfaa slalom"
move jf* sorted\"jfaa slalom"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jgaa scissors"
move jg* sorted\"jgaa scissors"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jhaa scissors top"
move jh* sorted\"jhaa scissors top"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jiaa scissors bottom"
move ji* sorted\"jiaa scissors bottom"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jjaa guard sstem"
move jj* sorted\"jjaa guard sstem"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jkaa sys quick machinegun"
move jk* sorted\"jkaa sys quick machinegun"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jlaa sys rocket launcher"
move jl* sorted\"jlaa sys rocket launcher"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jmaa ghost ship"
move jm* sorted\"jmaa ghost ship"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jnaa corvette"
move jn* sorted\"jnaa corvette"\ 
mkdir sorted\"joaa diver nest"
move jo* sorted\"joaa diver nest"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jpaa submarine crew"
move jp* sorted\"jpaa submarine crew"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jqaa submarine captain"
move jq* sorted\"jqaa submarine captain"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jraa underwater mp"
move jr* sorted\"jraa underwater mp"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jsaa senior grunt"
move js* sorted\"jsaa senior grunt"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jtaa hard attacker"
move jt* sorted\"jtaa hard attacker"\ 
mkdir sorted\"juaa guardian"
move ju* sorted\"juaa guardian"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jvaa guardian hand"
move jv* sorted\"jvaa guardian hand"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jwaa guardian hand"
move jw* sorted\"jwaa guardian hand"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jxaa gun carrier"
move jx* sorted\"jxaa gun carrier"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jyaa carry armor"
move jy* sorted\"jyaa carry armor"\ 
mkdir sorted\"jzaa carrys left arm"
move jz* sorted\"jzaa carrys left arm"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kaaa carrys right arm"
move ka* sorted\"kaaa carrys right arm"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kbaa rilfsak"
move kb* sorted\"kbaa rilfsak"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kcaa diablo"
move kc* sorted\"kcaa diablo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kdaa epilonis"
move kd* sorted\"kdaa epilonis"\ 
mkdir sorted\"keaa hochu"
move ke* sorted\"keaa hochu"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kfaa gas ducter"
move kf* sorted\"kfaa gas ducter"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kgaa wolf meister"
move kg* sorted\"kgaa wolf meister"\ 
mkdir sorted\"khaa eagle gun"
move kh* sorted\"khaa eagle gun"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kiaa serpent"
move ki* sorted\"kiaa serpent"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kjaa poodler"
move kj* sorted\"kjaa poodler"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kkaa bad rap"
move kk* sorted\"kkaa bad rap"\ 
mkdir sorted\"klaa tongue"
move kl* sorted\"klaa tongue"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kmaa creep"
move km* sorted\"kmaa creep"\ 
mkdir sorted\"knaa needle"
move kn* sorted\"knaa needle"\ 
mkdir sorted\"koaa reno"
move ko* sorted\"koaa reno"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kpaa rude"
move kp* sorted\"kpaa rude"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kqaa hippogriff"
move kq* sorted\"kqaa hippogriff"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kraa head hunter"
move kr* sorted\"kraa head hunter"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ksaa spiral"
move ks* sorted\"ksaa spiral"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ktaa crysales"
move kt* sorted\"ktaa crysales"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kuaa sea worm"
move ku* sorted\"kuaa sea worm"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kvaa rude"
move kv* sorted\"kvaa rude"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kwaa commander"
move kw* sorted\"kwaa commander"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kxaa commander"
move kx* sorted\"kxaa commander"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kyaa commander"
move ky* sorted\"kyaa commander"\ 
mkdir sorted\"kzaa behemoth"
move kz* sorted\"kzaa behemoth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"laaa cromwell"
move la* sorted\"laaa cromwell"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lbaa manhole"
move lb* sorted\"lbaa manhole"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lcaa manhole cover"
move lc* sorted\"lcaa manhole cover"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ldaa crazy saw"
move ld* sorted\"ldaa crazy saw"\ 
mkdir sorted\"leaa shadowmaker"
move le* sorted\"leaa shadowmaker"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lfaa grosspanzer big"
move lf* sorted\"lfaa grosspanzer big"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lgaa grosspanzer small"
move lg* sorted\"lgaa grosspanzer small"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lhaa gross panzer mobile"
move lh* sorted\"lhaa gross panzer mobile"\ 
mkdir sorted\"liaa gargole stoned"
move li* sorted\"liaa gargole stoned"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ljaa gargoyle"
move lj* sorted\"ljaa gargoyle"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lkaa elena"
move lk* sorted\"lkaa elena"\ 
mkdir sorted\"llaa reno"
move ll* sorted\"llaa reno"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lmaa rude"
move lm* sorted\"lmaa rude"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lnaa proud clod"
move ln* sorted\"lnaa proud clod"\ 
mkdir sorted\"loaa jamar armor"
move lo* sorted\"loaa jamar armor"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lpaa soldier 1st"
move lp* sorted\"lpaa soldier 1st"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lqaa xcannon"
move lq* sorted\"lqaa xcannon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lraa bubble"
move lr* sorted\"lraa bubble"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lsaa maximum kimaira"
move ls* sorted\"lsaa maximum kimaira"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ltaa hojo"
move lt* sorted\"ltaa hojo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"luaa helectic hojo head"
move lu* sorted\"luaa helectic hojo head"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lvaa hojos left arm"
move lv* sorted\"lvaa hojos left arm"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lwaa hojos right arm"
move lw* sorted\"lwaa hojos right arm"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lxaa lifeform hojo"
move lx* sorted\"lxaa lifeform hojo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lyaa magic pot"
move ly* sorted\"lyaa magic pot"\ 
mkdir sorted\"lzaa christopehr"
move lz* sorted\"lzaa christopehr"\ 
mkdir sorted\"maaa gighee"
move ma* sorted\"maaa gighee"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mbaa king behemoth"
move mb* sorted\"mbaa king behemoth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mcaa allemagne"
move mc* sorted\"mcaa allemagne"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mdaa dragon zombie"
move md* sorted\"mdaa dragon zombie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"meaa armored golem"
move me* sorted\"meaa armored golem"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mfaa master tonberri"
move mf* sorted\"mfaa master tonberri"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mgaa pollensalta"
move mg* sorted\"mgaa pollensalta"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mhaa mover"
move mh* sorted\"mhaa mover"\ 
mkdir sorted\"miaa ironman"
move mi* sorted\"miaa ironman"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mjaa parasite"
move mj* sorted\"mjaa parasite"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mkaa dark dragon"
move mk* sorted\"mkaa dark dragon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mlaa death dealer"
move ml* sorted\"mlaa death dealer"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mmaa jenova snthesis"
move mm* sorted\"mmaa jenova snthesis"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mnaa bizzaro sephiroth"
move mn* sorted\"mnaa bizzaro sephiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"moaa bizzaro sephiroth"
move mo* sorted\"moaa bizzaro sephiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mpaa bizzaro sephiroth"
move mp* sorted\"mpaa bizzaro sephiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mqaa bizzaro sephiroth"
move mq* sorted\"mqaa bizzaro sephiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mraa bizzaro serpiroth"
move mr* sorted\"mraa bizzaro serpiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"msaa bizzaro sephiroth"
move ms* sorted\"msaa bizzaro sephiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mtaa safer sephiroth"
move mt* sorted\"mtaa safer sephiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"muaa sephiroth"
move mu* sorted\"muaa sephiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mvaa ultima weapon"
move mv* sorted\"mvaa ultima weapon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mwaa ultima weapon"
move mw* sorted\"mwaa ultima weapon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mxaa ultima weapon"
move mx* sorted\"mxaa ultima weapon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"myaa ultima weapon"
move my* sorted\"myaa ultima weapon"\ 
mkdir sorted\"mzaa cactuar"
move mz* sorted\"mzaa cactuar"\ 
mkdir sorted\"naaa goblin"
move na* sorted\"naaa goblin"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nbaa chocobo"
move nb* sorted\"nbaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ncaa chocobo"
move nc* sorted\"ncaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ndaa chocobo"
move nd* sorted\"ndaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"neaa chocobo"
move ne* sorted\"neaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nfaa chocobo"
move nf* sorted\"nfaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ngaa chocobo"
move ng* sorted\"ngaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nhaa chocobo"
move nh* sorted\"nhaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"niaa chocobo"
move ni* sorted\"niaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"njaa chocobo"
move nj* sorted\"njaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nkaa chocobo"
move nk* sorted\"nkaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nlaa chocobo"
move nl* sorted\"nlaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nmaa chocobo"
move nm* sorted\"nmaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nnaa chocobo"
move nn* sorted\"nnaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"noaa chocobo"
move no* sorted\"noaa chocobo"\ 
mkdir sorted\"npaa yuffie"
move np* sorted\"npaa yuffie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nqaa yuffie"
move nq* sorted\"nqaa yuffie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nraa yuffie"
move nr* sorted\"nraa yuffie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nsaa yuffie"
move ns* sorted\"nsaa yuffie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ntaa yuffie"
move nt* sorted\"ntaa yuffie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nuaa yuffie"
move nu* sorted\"nuaa yuffie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nvaa corneos lacky"
move nv* sorted\"nvaa corneos lacky"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nwaa corneos lacky"
move nw* sorted\"nwaa corneos lacky"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nxaa corneos lacky"
move nx* sorted\"nxaa corneos lacky"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nyaa bad rap smpl"
move ny* sorted\"nyaa bad rap smpl"\ 
mkdir sorted\"nzaa poodler smpl"
move nz* sorted\"nzaa poodler smpl"\ 
mkdir sorted\"oaaa cactuer"
move oa* sorted\"oaaa cactuer"\ 
mkdir sorted\"obaa shinra trooper"
move ob* sorted\"obaa shinra trooper"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ocaa shinra trooper"
move oc* sorted\"ocaa shinra trooper"\ 
mkdir sorted\"odaa shinra trooper"
move od* sorted\"odaa shinra trooper"\ 
mkdir sorted\"oeaa shinra trooper"
move oe* sorted\"oeaa shinra trooper"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ofaa shinra trooper"
move of* sorted\"ofaa shinra trooper"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ogaa battlefield"
move og* sorted\"ogaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ohaa battlefield"
move oh* sorted\"ohaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"oiaa battlefield"
move oi* sorted\"oiaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ojaa battlefield"
move oj* sorted\"ojaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"okaa battlefield"
move ok* sorted\"okaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"olaa battlefield"
move ol* sorted\"olaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"omaa battlefield"
move om* sorted\"omaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"onaa battlefield"
move on* sorted\"onaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ooaa battlefield"
move oo* sorted\"ooaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"opaa battlefield"
move op* sorted\"opaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"oqaa battlefield"
move oq* sorted\"oqaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"oraa battlefield"
move or* sorted\"oraa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"osaa battlefield"
move os* sorted\"osaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"otaa battlefield"
move ot* sorted\"otaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ouaa battlefield"
move ou* sorted\"ouaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ovaa battlefield"
move ov* sorted\"ovaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"owaa battlefield"
move ow* sorted\"owaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"oxaa battlefield"
move ox* sorted\"oxaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"oyaa battlefield"
move oy* sorted\"oyaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ozaa battlefield"
move oz* sorted\"ozaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"paaa battlefield"
move pa* sorted\"paaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pbaa battlefield"
move pb* sorted\"pbaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pcaa battlefield"
move pc* sorted\"pcaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pdaa battlefield"
move pd* sorted\"pdaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"peaa battlefield"
move pe* sorted\"peaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pfaa battlefield"
move pf* sorted\"pfaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pgaa battlefield"
move pg* sorted\"pgaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"phaa battlefield"
move ph* sorted\"phaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"piaa battlefield"
move pi* sorted\"piaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pjaa battlefield"
move pj* sorted\"pjaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pkaa battlefield"
move pk* sorted\"pkaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"plaa battle field"
move pl* sorted\"plaa battle field"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pmaa battlefield"
move pm* sorted\"pmaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pnaa battlefield"
move pn* sorted\"pnaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"poaa battlefield"
move po* sorted\"poaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ppaa battlefield"
move pp* sorted\"ppaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pqaa battlefield"
move pq* sorted\"pqaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"praa battlefield"
move pr* sorted\"praa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"psaa battlefield"
move ps* sorted\"psaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ptaa battlefield"
move pt* sorted\"ptaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"puaa battlefield"
move pu* sorted\"puaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pvaa battlefield"
move pv* sorted\"pvaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pwaa battlefield"
move pw* sorted\"pwaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pxaa battlefield"
move px* sorted\"pxaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pyaa battlefield"
move py* sorted\"pyaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"pzaa battlefield"
move pz* sorted\"pzaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qaaa battlefield"
move qa* sorted\"qaaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qbaa battlefield"
move qb* sorted\"qbaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qcaa battlefield"
move qc* sorted\"qcaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qdaa battlefield"
move qd* sorted\"qdaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qeaa battlefield"
move qe* sorted\"qeaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qfaa battlefield"
move qf* sorted\"qfaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qgaa battlefield"
move qg* sorted\"qgaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qhaa battlefield"
move qh* sorted\"qhaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qiaa battlefield"
move qi* sorted\"qiaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qjaa battlefield"
move qj* sorted\"qjaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qkaa battlefield"
move qk* sorted\"qkaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qlaa battlefield"
move ql* sorted\"qlaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qmaa battlefield"
move qm* sorted\"qmaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qnaa battlefield"
move qn* sorted\"qnaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qoaa battlefield"
move qo* sorted\"qoaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qpaa battlefield"
move qp* sorted\"qpaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qqaa battlefield"
move qq* sorted\"qqaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qraa battlefield"
move qr* sorted\"qraa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qsaa battlefield"
move qs* sorted\"qsaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qtaa battlefield"
move qt* sorted\"qtaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"quaa battlefield"
move qu* sorted\"quaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qvaa battlefield"
move qv* sorted\"qvaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qwaa battlefield"
move qw* sorted\"qwaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qxaa battlefield"
move qx* sorted\"qxaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qyaa battlefield"
move qy* sorted\"qyaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"qzaa battlefield"
move qz* sorted\"qzaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"raaa battlefield"
move ra* sorted\"raaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rbaa battlefield"
move rb* sorted\"rbaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rcaa battlefield"
move rc* sorted\"rcaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rdaa battlefield"
move rd* sorted\"rdaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"reaa battlefield"
move re* sorted\"reaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rfaa battlefield"
move rf* sorted\"rfaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rgaa battlefield"
move rg* sorted\"rgaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rhaa battlefield"
move rh* sorted\"rhaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"riaa battlefield"
move ri* sorted\"riaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rjaa battlefield"
move rj* sorted\"rjaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rkaa battlefield"
move rk* sorted\"rkaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rlaa battlefield"
move rl* sorted\"rlaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rmaa battlefield"
move rm* sorted\"rmaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rnaa battfield"
move rn* sorted\"rnaa battfield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"roaa battlefield"
move ro* sorted\"roaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rpaa battlefield"
move rp* sorted\"rpaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rqaa battlefield"
move rq* sorted\"rqaa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rraa battlefield"
move rr* sorted\"rraa battlefield"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rsaa frog"
move rs* sorted\"rsaa frog"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rtaa cloud"
move rt* sorted\"rtaa cloud"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ruaa tifa"
move ru* sorted\"ruaa tifa"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rvaa aeris"
move rv* sorted\"rvaa aeris"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rwaa red xiii"
move rw* sorted\"rwaa red xiii"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rxaa yuffie"
move rx* sorted\"rxaa yuffie"\ 
mkdir sorted\"ryaa caitsith"
move ry* sorted\"ryaa caitsith"\ 
mkdir sorted\"rzaa cid"
move rz* sorted\"rzaa cid"\ 
mkdir sorted\"saaa sephiroth"
move sa* sorted\"saaa sephiroth"\ 
mkdir sorted\"sbaa barret"
move sb* sorted\"sbaa barret"\ 
mkdir sorted\"scaa barret"
move sc* sorted\"scaa barret"\ 
mkdir sorted\"sdaa barret"
move sd* sorted\"sdaa barret"\ 
mkdir sorted\"seaa barret"
move se* sorted\"seaa barret"\ 
mkdir sorted\"sfaa vincent"
move sf* sorted\"sfaa vincent"\ 
mkdir sorted\"sgaa vincent"
move sg* sorted\"sgaa vincent"\ 
mkdir sorted\"shaa vincent"
move sh* sorted\"shaa vincent"\ 
mkdir sorted\"siaa cloud"
move si* sorted\"siaa cloud"\ 
mkdir sorted\"sjaa gallian beast"
move sj* sorted\"sjaa gallian beast"\ 
mkdir sorted\"skaa deathgigas"
move sk* sorted\"skaa deathgigas"\ 
mkdir sorted\"slaa hellmasker"
move sl* sorted\"slaa hellmasker"\ 
mkdir sorted\"smaa chaos"
move sm* sorted\"smaa chaos"\ 
echo off
echo thank you for using this batch file
echo visit and see the latest ff7 mods
echo dont forget to contribute
echo bat file created by Omega res novae
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Re: useful batch file sorts battle lgp
« Reply #1 on: 2012-10-24 21:35:06 »
Batch <3 That's how I learned to program, I can help you out if you wish.


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Re: useful batch file sorts battle lgp
« Reply #2 on: 2012-10-25 05:47:02 »
Thanks for this.. Just used your tool.. it helps a lot on organizing my database.. LoL I have multiple Battle Lgp Folders, PRP, Vanilla, UMI installed and my current battle files.. So this helped me a lot when I'm looking for specific files in those folders.. Thanks for your hard work..

Is it possible to sort the files further like separating the battle field files Main Characters files,and enemies files..

Also after I used it the ar** and as** files were not sorted..
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Re: useful batch file sorts battle lgp
« Reply #3 on: 2012-10-25 09:38:40 »
Thanks for pointing it out. Ill fix that. Right now im working on sorting it further based on model and if they are together in battle. Problem is there are just so many things.


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Re: useful batch file sorts battle lgp
« Reply #4 on: 2012-10-25 11:16:03 »
yep I know.. there are just to many files.. that's why I appreciate your effort on this..  just take it slowly step by step.. you'll get it done soon..

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Re: useful batch file sorts battle lgp
« Reply #5 on: 2012-10-25 11:31:07 »
right now i have a batch file creating a batchfile lol. its just finding the actual files that are similar.

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Re: useful batch file sorts battle lgp
« Reply #6 on: 2012-10-26 10:29:18 »
final edit. the batch file is fixed in the op. the problem was i had the commands to create the folder but i had the wrong folder name in the move commands. if any other issues come up with it feel free to let me know.

im making a batch that further sorts the files in the battle lgp.

i may continue this for most of the lgp files containing models.

if the above happens i may set up a program with inno that will let you decide the directory where the files are and also the type of lgp file you are sorting. and possibly even dumping an lgp file then sorting it
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Re: [FF7] batch file sorts battle lgp (2012-10-26)
« Reply #7 on: 2015-07-25 17:57:40 »
anyone got a version of this for the Field characters?