Author Topic: FF7.exe has stopped working.. any help??  (Read 1801 times)


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FF7.exe has stopped working.. any help??
« on: 2012-11-25 04:04:53 »
Windows 7, 2012 US ff7 version, followed all of tifas bootleg guide and everything went perfect. ran bfe and ran the bootleg. Then after it was complete i ran bootloader and hit the blue button "Play ff7" and a black screen pops up likes its going to load then it just says "FF7.exe has stopped working...etc etc...Any ideas would be appreciated.!  Note:: Don't know if this helps or not but i noticed when running the bootleg It never popped up a Config tab for Enable graphics card, then select sound so I manually had to go into ff7config or whatever and then changed it that way. I then ran bootleg and thats when it installed flawlessly, but now having a problem running the game...