Author Topic: Regarding Supernova, Heartless Angel and Swirling Heavens BG  (Read 1227 times)


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Hi guys, i've been recently modifying my FF7 scene.bin and kernel.bin etc etc, i've switched materia keepers battle background to swirling heavens(safer sephiroth battle) and switched the animation id of the enemy skill "Laser" to that of the Supernova ID, I went onto test my modifications and to my surprise, the game broke.

Now if I do this on the actual Safer Sephiroth battle, it works. Have I screwed up somewhere along the way?

For some strange reason it's working now.

Edit :

HeartlessAngel continues to be-devil me:
Animation ID -> DE -> F0 -> A8 -> 7E -> 90 All fail to work, some are different animations and some crash the game, even with the swirling heavens background these animations fail :(

Edit 2 :

AnimationID 07 seems to work for heartlessangel but only on a group of enemies does it look like Bizarro&Safer's heartlessangel, 07 is the Life AnimationID which is Red and explodes when cast on all allies/opponents. However HeartlessAngel is Purple and explodes reguardless of Single/All, have I missed an animationid?
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