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Kleyon's APZ Cloud Field Model
« on: 2013-01-02 09:08:20 »
Hi everyone,

I'm making this topic for sharing pics (and maybe model if I can) of my revised APZ Cloud battle to field model. In fact this converted model is not brand new, I made this one during previous year, so this is based on old APZ Cloud model but using new textures ! So there's no problem concerning face texture, and old 24Bit Textures are now new 32Bit Textures.

I have to thanks many modders, starting by APZ of course, but also many others that helped me with a lot of great advices, not especially on that model but on modding.

I have to thanks elfinea too, it's because of her converted APZ Cloud that I decided to improve mine.

Old                                            New

Added Black Suit & Dark Cloud textures :

I will not share without explicit permission from APZ and any Qhimm staff member. But since there are new textures, I think there's no problem for releasing it !

Edit : New one isn't smaller than old one, this is just an effect from Kimera screenshots...
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Re: [WAIT-REL] Kleyon's APZ Cloud Field Model
« Reply #1 on: 2013-01-02 13:00:05 »
I think there's something similar to this that is already released:

apz freak

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Re: [WAIT-REL] Kleyon's APZ Cloud Field Model
« Reply #2 on: 2013-01-03 03:44:00 »
Yall have every right to do these kinds of things, but I'd prefer not to see various continuations of my model  :-\

I'll calmly ask folks to try making their own. But I will do nothing to stop what you're doing.

edit: If you want to make a field model I'll approve, I encourage you to export the model pieces into a modeling programs and manipulate the verticies yourself into something that looks like this:

I do not like the prp style of mods, it could be great, but in the end it just ends up making the game look awkward in a different way than it's original awkwardness. No better, no worse. But if someone were to practice modeling, and grow their skills in a way that can be used out in the real world... Those are the things that I would encourage.

I'm not above learning and growing, it's what makes art fun. APZ Cloud was the first character model I ever made, and I based it on Kingdom Heart's style of painted on shadows. I studied how they look and made a facsimile in my own style, APZ Cloud is the result. And I had constructive help here on this board to get the details right. It's okay to ask for help, but I'm not  the guy to ask  :) because I have too much responsibility to pay attention to this place too often. I'm not trying to be mean, just honest bro.
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Re: [WAIT-REL] Kleyon's APZ Cloud Field Model
« Reply #3 on: 2013-01-03 07:55:36 »
Thanks for your answer APZ. I understand what you mean but I'm really far away from a real modder ! In fact converting battle models to field on FF7 is where I started using 3D programs...

So there's not really creativity in it I agree, this is just your model but I changed some ratio. I don't know why you are showing me chibbi screens (I don't like chibbi lol) but that's not the deal anyway.

But you made something I was searching to do... Face with closed eyes... But I think I got it. 2 Faces ? Open and closed eyes ?!

Anyway e1sunz is right, there is another APZ Cloud field released ! Excuse me didn't saw that one ! But it seems complicated to use (so many textures stories !?). Well I will keep my field model for my personal use. I understand you APZ when you said you don't want to see too many versions of your model wich may denature it ! So I keep it for me.

Be sure APZ if someday I become capable to create something I will let you know like some other modders... But I'm not dupe, I know it requieres a lot of time, many and many hours...

Well conclusion, thanks for your answer APZ and e1sunz you're right ^^ Just forget about it :P  I was happy thinking my model was not bad, but I forgot there's many best modders here and I'm only making things already done :/

EDIT : In fact I have made a thing... HQ Barret Canon, but using Timu's 3D model and Millenia's textures ^^ So that's not really creativity too :/

EDIT2 : Well well well many thanks e1sunz ! You don't know how much I like you for pointing me released Cloud field ! I have done only 3 field models concerning Cloud : No sword, sword and parachute. But I was searching for others Cloud files !
This released Cloud field contains world model too I can now convert my field to world regarding files list :) But parachute Cloud field is missing :P

EDIT3 : I was sleeping ^^ I understand now why you show me chibi screens ! To show me you completely changed style of model by manipulating vertices ! But to be honest, I don't really want to make it in an "artist" way, models released are just wonderful for me, that's what I want on my game and I'm only do this in hope of having matching HQ characters on battle, field and world. Recently released TA's Cloud model is great but to be honest I kept APZ Cloud...
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