Author Topic: [PSX/PC] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.40b)  (Read 279903 times)


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Re: [PSX/PC] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.40b)
« Reply #1400 on: 2018-11-07 18:15:12 »
1- Ah, so photoshop does not feature multi-layer tiffs...
You can use Gimp (it's a free image tool) to open the tiff layers and export them in another format, but I don't know which one would be suitable for it.
I don't understand what you want to do with the backgrounds... You can, in the "Manage Background" window, untick all the tilesets except for the main one (usually the last) and export it using the option "Export Selected Only" (the two other options are not important in this situation).

5- In command lines, you need to write the paths inside quotes when there are spaces, so it would be something like this:
Code: [Select]
ffix_img_extr.exe "C:\Users\PC\Desktop\Nouveau dossier\ff9.img" "C:\Users\SonyNintendo\Desktop\Nouveau dossier"If you don't have a ff9.img file but only a .bin, you need to use a tool (like CDmage) to extract the .img out of the .bin (Zidane_2's tools is always using the .img).


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Re: [PSX/PC] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.40b)
« Reply #1401 on: 2018-11-07 20:37:30 »
I thank you very much for your help

1- Is this the maximum for extraction?

here that I also wish to detach it is underlined in red

I hide this box only "Sort Tileset by Depth"

2-I have the file FF9.img I have already extracted

I thank you for the correction of the command here now

Code: [Select]
ffix_img_extr.exe <C:\Users\PC\Desktop\Nouveau dossier/to/> <C:\Users\PC\Desktop\Nouveau dossier\Nouveau dossier/to/extract>
The command works but

and the "exact" folder is completely empty and no file is created why?

edit: but I saw a folder created under my desk with these files

but I do not know how to use them?

I have the impression that it is files like the cases that I modify the extention for the "unity asset viewer" of Hades Workshop (for sound files and sprites)

is that the case? I do not know exactly their true extension?

and here is a log created at the end in this folder

Code: [Select]
Normal Dir
0     Flag:0     Start Sector:   fda9     End Sector:  fe15
1     Flag:1     Start Sector:   fe15     End Sector:  fe82
2     Flag:2     Start Sector:   fe82     End Sector:  feee
3     Flag:3     Start Sector:   feee     End Sector:  ff5a
4     Flag:4     Start Sector:   ff5a     End Sector:  ffc6
5     Flag:5     Start Sector:   ffc6     End Sector:  10030
6     Flag:6     Start Sector:   10030     End Sector:  1009b
7     Flag:7     Start Sector:   1009b     End Sector:  10108
8     Flag:8     Start Sector:   10108     End Sector:  10176
9     Flag:9     Start Sector:   10176     End Sector:  101e2
10     Flag:a     Start Sector:   101e2     End Sector:  1024e
11     Flag:b     Start Sector:   1024e     End Sector:  102bb
12     Flag:c     Start Sector:   102bb     End Sector:  10327
13     Flag:d     Start Sector:   10327     End Sector:  10393
14     Flag:e     Start Sector:   10393     End Sector:  103ff
15     Flag:f     Start Sector:   103ff     End Sector:  1046b
16     Flag:10     Start Sector:   1046b     End Sector:  104d8
17     Flag:11     Start Sector:   104d8     End Sector:  10545
18     Flag:12     Start Sector:   10545     End Sector:  105b1
19     Flag:13     Start Sector:   105b1     End Sector:  1061e
20     Flag:14     Start Sector:   1061e     End Sector:  1068a
21     Flag:15     Start Sector:   1068a     End Sector:  106f7
22     Flag:16     Start Sector:   106f7     End Sector:  10765
23     Flag:17     Start Sector:   10765     End Sector:  107d2
24     Flag:18     Start Sector:   107d2     End Sector:  1083f
25     Flag:19     Start Sector:   1083f     End Sector:  108ad
26     Flag:1a     Start Sector:   108ad     End Sector:  1091a
27     Flag:1b     Start Sector:   1091a     End Sector:  10989
28     Flag:1c     Start Sector:   10989     End Sector:  109f7
29     Flag:1d     Start Sector:   109f7     End Sector:  10a64
30     Flag:1e     Start Sector:   10a64     End Sector:  10ad1
31     Flag:1f     Start Sector:   10ad1     End Sector:  10b3e
32     Flag:20     Start Sector:   10b3e     End Sector:  10bab
33     Flag:21     Start Sector:   10bab     End Sector:  10c18
34     Flag:22     Start Sector:   10c18     End Sector:  10c85
35     Flag:23     Start Sector:   10c85     End Sector:  10cf1
36     Flag:24     Start Sector:   10cf1     End Sector:  10d5f
37     Flag:25     Start Sector:   10d5f     End Sector:  10dce
38     Flag:26     Start Sector:   10dce     End Sector:  10e3a
39     Flag:27     Start Sector:   10e3a     End Sector:  10ea6
40     Flag:28     Start Sector:   10ea6     End Sector:  10f13
41     Flag:29     Start Sector:   10f13     End Sector:  10f80
42     Flag:2a     Start Sector:   10f80     End Sector:  10fee
43     Flag:2b     Start Sector:   10fee     End Sector:  1105b
44     Flag:2c     Start Sector:   1105b     End Sector:  110c9
45     Flag:2d     Start Sector:   110c9     End Sector:  11135
46     Flag:2e     Start Sector:   11135     End Sector:  111a2
47     Flag:2f     Start Sector:   111a2     End Sector:  1120e
48     Flag:30     Start Sector:   1120e     End Sector:  1127b
49     Flag:31     Start Sector:   1127b     End Sector:  112e8
50     Flag:32     Start Sector:   112e8     End Sector:  11356
51     Flag:33     Start Sector:   11356     End Sector:  113c3
52     Flag:34     Start Sector:   113c3     End Sector:  11430
53     Flag:35     Start Sector:   11430     End Sector:  1149d
54     Flag:36     Start Sector:   1149d     End Sector:  1150a
55     Flag:37     Start Sector:   1150a     End Sector:  11578
56     Flag:38     Start Sector:   11578     End Sector:  115e5
57     Flag:39     Start Sector:   115e5     End Sector:  11653
58     Flag:3a     Start Sector:   11653     End Sector:  116bf
59     Flag:3b     Start Sector:   116bf     End Sector:  1172a
60     Flag:3c     Start Sector:   1172a     End Sector:  11796
61     Flag:3d     Start Sector:   11796     End Sector:  11803
62     Flag:3e     Start Sector:   11803     End Sector:  11870

and thank you for everything in advance
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Re: [PSX/PC] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.40b)
« Reply #1402 on: 2018-11-17 13:28:31 »
@Kefka: So, you are definitely doing something wrong (or maybe there was a bug in a previous version of HW and I don't remember fixing it and you are still using that old version of HW).

In your .hws file, there was no script update at all. There was only an unconfigured "Abadon + Amdusias" battle and 4 unconfigured "Hecteyes + Ring Leader" battles. When I say "unconfigured", it means that there was no entry added for the new enemy and no change in the "Main_Init" function. The enemy's stats and attacks were properly copied to the new battle and the group was properly setup. However, there was no proper script for him and it lacked its battle animations for some reason.

So you need:
- To do the steps 6) and 7) described there. Maybe you did on your end but shared an old .hws because none of these steps were put in the file you provided (and it cannot just be a bug with the entry: even your "Main_Init" function was not modified).
- To add the animations required to cast spells. The Ring Leader only uses 3 animations: select him, click on "Edit Resources", then "Add Animation" x3 and change them to "Cast Init", "Cast Loop" and "Cast End". Alternatively, changing the enemy's model ID to something else and switching it back will reset the resources (and thus automatically add these 3 animations).

After this fix, it was all good on my end. However, the other battles were you added more enemies (you have battles with 4 Ring Leaders) are not working correctly because you didn't add any "InitObject" line in those battles' script either.

Sorry for the late reply, but it turned out that my hws file had somehow become corrupted, forcing me to redo most of my work from scratch. I certainly did follow all of the steps in your aformentioned post, and those battles with the 4 Ring Leaers have always worked flawlessly for me. Don't know at which point my hws file got screwed up, but after bringing my new one up to date again I took your advice for updating the animations by switching the enemy model to something else and back again. Along with a few tweaks to the AI, this seemed to do the trick, and now it works as it should. Anyway thanks again for your help.


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Re: [PSX/PC] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.40b)
« Reply #1403 on: 2018-11-22 06:45:07 »
Tirlititi I have a bug with the latest HW 0.4b. I cant change any line of code of the Evil Forest Exit (Where the moggle gives you the flute item) Function Main_Loop Field Script. Even a tiny change like adding more wait time to a command results in Zidane getting stuck in the middle of the ocean of the Mist Continent after the cutscene ends...


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Re: [PSX/PC] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.40b)
« Reply #1404 on: 2018-12-07 16:10:27 »
@Tirlititi hi there , i have a suggestion to make the modding less time consuming : it could take hours to mod every single field of every single page ( i speak for experience :D , it was totally worthy , but really long and boring to do ) , so my suggesion is that you can add another page to all the sections of the program , the only difference is that the new page will apply the value to all the respective fields of all the other pages of the same section ; an example : you add the "global page" to the section of the magics , if you set "255" as a value for the damage , that value for the damage will be applied to all the magics , the same will happen to all the other values to write or to select if the only choiche are the selectable values , and for all the other sections of the editor , particulary for the enemies , so in short , add something that i could call a "global page" to apply or select the same value\string to all the values in that section at once , it can be very helpful even when you edit the shops or distrubute the items , or when modifying the characters
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Re: [PSX/PC] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.40b)
« Reply #1405 on: 2018-12-07 16:43:20 »
I don't really know why you would want to set the power value of all the spells to 255 at once. That doesn't seem useful at all.
However, for field scripts, I completely agree with you; I would like to add the batch importation of scripts in the future.

But I'm on a break right now with HW so it's not coming anytime soon, sorry.


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Re: [PSX/PC] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.40b)
« Reply #1406 on: 2018-12-08 00:40:36 »
@Tirlititi  the reason for set 255 for all the power statistic is because i am exactly the opposite of a pro gamer , i play for fun , i don't treat a video game like some sort of purge , or an auto-punitive path in religious style , i want to be lethal , enemies aren't allowed to be crackerbox of better than the playable characters under my watch , also  if i like to have hard life i would do something different than play video games , i would find a job , or find a wife and so on , so at least i a video game i want to enjoy easy life , and clearly i don't accept the constant intrusive attitude of the nosy pro gamers that would like to feel entitled to establish for everyone how to play a video game , so yeah that's my point , of course i don't mind about how others play , so i expect the others to be equally respectful , after all the good thing of this program is that is suited both for pro gamers and for those that like me play a video game for the fun of it , but aside of this , the whole point of the "global buttons\fields\strings" is to just non waste hours :D , and of course i understand that you could have other things to care about
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