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Young Cloud
« on: 2013-09-01 22:48:36 »
This is a template mod. It contains files and scripts that will replace Young Cloud during flashbacks with a separate model, both field and battle. It will also swap sword wearing models with alternates that don't have the buster sword, so Clouds not wearing the sword during scenes he shouldn't be, like the Zack flashback and the Golden Saucer date scene. This will help with story depth and continuity. It will require some preparation on your part before you can use it, but I included very easy to follow instructions. I didn't include completed models because this mod is compatible with any available model of Cloud so you can choose which ever you like. In the directions and demo video I posted I had APZ Cloud with sword installed, and used this mod to swap in APZ Cloud with the black uniform for Young Cloud, but you can also use APZ adjusted for the main model or TA Cloud. Which ever combination you like. Also I'd need permission to repackage other peoples models like this. If I get it I can release ready to use mods down the line, but quite a few authors have already publicly said they don't like new mods with their work.   

This mod is compatible with any gameplay mod, so it wont effect anything else you already have installed. It does require Kimera and 7thHeaven though, and needs to have a higher priority than any iro that loads Clouds models. Total estimated time for completely new members with no experience to get this ready for use is about 10-15 minutes.   

Here are the affected scenes.

Young Cloud

-Kalm flashback (field and battle)

-Life Stream (When revisiting Nibelheim memory)


-Zack flashback

-Golden Saucer Date

-Life Stream

Demo video:
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