Author Topic: [FF7PC-98] Omzy's Field Pack - dramatically improved backgrounds! (2013-07-13)  (Read 230167 times)


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Hi all - I recently purchased the Steam version of the game and, probably like most of you, was horrified at how bad the background textures look. For the time being that's really all I have any interest in modding - I just want an experience as close to the original as possible (and with the old CRTs the game certainly didn't look this pixelated...).

A quick search led me here (to my great relief). After poking around the forums for a while I thought I figured out the process to install the textures.

I downloaded the game converter (FF7_GameConverter_0.11.exe) and patched the game successfully, then downloaded and unpacked the 3gb texture RAR, unpacked (moved FacePalmer folder directly from the RAR into the Mods folder of the game, so the path is now FF7/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VII/mods/FacePalmer/field/(ancnt1 -zz8). I modified the ff7_opengl.cfg file to set 'mod_path = FacePalmer/'.

When I run the game, though, I don't see any of the textures. Do I need any other mods like Aali's field background editor? To be clear, this is the Steam version and I haven't done ANY modding whatsoever except the Game Converter.

I apologize for the basic question - most of the stuff on the forums is way over my head, and I'm pretty lost here, since I'm pretty sure the path is correct.


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I am afraid that your line;
'mod_path = FacePalmer/'.
IS TO BE 'mod_path = FacePalmer'.



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Hi are there any screenshots for this mod?  Wanted to compare them to the field textures I already have before downloading. Thanks.


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Check on previous page.