Author Topic: [FF7PC-98/Steam] Lv.1 Challenge Mod (2014-04-18)  (Read 4325 times)

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[FF7PC-98/Steam] Lv.1 Challenge Mod (2014-04-18)
« on: 2014-04-18 16:33:40 »
Hey there, folks.

I cobbled together a Lv.1 mod for someone recently and figured I'd release it here too for anyone who's interested in running a Lv.1 challenge (without the headache of setting it up). Essentially, this mod sets all characters to start at Lv.1 and all enemies give 0EXP. It also covers Cait Sith and Vincent by setting their EXP charts high enough so that their starting EXP doesn't push them up to Lv.2 automatically when they join the party. For Cloud's Lv.1 stats, I've used the in-game stat tables (so rather than using Young Cloud's Lv.1 stats, I've used what I'm hoping is Cloud's 'natural' Lv.1 stats; if not, it's fairly consistent with the other character's Lv.1 stats in any case).

-Mod Link-

The installer is compatible with both the 1998 and Steam releases; you'd select the data folder for the 1998 installation or the lang-en folder for the Steam installation. If you have any questions or if you find a bug with this mod, then let me know. The installer is around 5MB in size.
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