Author Topic: [FF8PC-Steam2013] HorizonPack: Remastered - Custom World Texture Overhaul  (Read 142542 times)


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It's kinda as soon as we can. Some of them are easy because the remaster has the files and we just replace them. But some of them are harder. Thing with all 2013 mods have Tonberry to work with, and tonberry doesn't work in the remaster. So it'll take more time for the community to find workarounds. Once the community finds a way to load the textures it's a simple matter of porting the textures from one game to the other. Just need that new tool/hack to come along.

no problem, i always wanted to inject the modded textures directly in to the game,  so if it take more time to get that result in this remaster then is ok , i never liked the solution of tonberry , while i am enjoying very much the triple triad modded textures and the seed reborn modded textures quite because we can finally inject them in to the game , so the game doesn't have any choice but to load them correctly since after all those are the very only thing at disposal for that specific part of the game , but were are located the textures of the world map elements in the remastered version ? i am taking a look right now
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