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Qhimm Crawler
« on: 2014-08-12 19:14:19 »
Hi everyone,

i dont know where to post this, so i decided to post it here. correct me if i am wrong.

in the last few days i decided to gather some "cool" mods and ended up in the big list of mods thread. great so far, but i kinda thought, it lacks some easy management. i thought about the "mod listing" feature in bootleg and how we can put it to the next level.

at the moment, i started to program a little tool for myself which gets all relevant links. its still early in the development. just posting screens and wanted feedback.

it is planned as of now as a separate tool, but it might end up in bootleg, i don't know yet. it also depends on your feedback in general.

What is planned:

- Gather all releases (done)
- Save List ( for checking on updates of threads)
- export data to bbcode / html for managing the list of mods - thread

anything else isn't planned as of now.


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